Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Happy New Year to Everyone! As I write this I am getting ready for an 80's party! You know: big hair, scrunchie socks, jeans tucked into your socks, rockin T-shirts and glitzy jewerly (now they call it bling) Token pictures of that wild and crazy 10 yrs will be forth coming later. I was going to go pregnant but thought better of it since kids from church will be there and that might confuse some of them when they have me in class on Sunday.

This party brings back memories of the late 80's in Mesquite, Texas. Our SS class was having a party (our class had lots of parties) for New Year. Gary, a dear friend wanted to go as the New Year Baby....but his wife Deborah could not get his diaper fixed just right. All of our kids were standing around him as I strapped a cotton cloth around his waist and bathing suit.
I remember it well b/c Gary was a great laugher!!! Gary was a godly man who would witness about his Jesus anytime anywhere. He was a loud guy but when it came to him talking about his Lord, he was very humbled. Gary later died in the 90's from Aides due to blood transfusions when he was seriously wounded in Nam.
So today I remember with love and humbleness, the path of life that led us to meet and love on Gary!
And today, I am thankful again for the lives that I have blended with thru this media called "Blogging." I have met new friends and touched again w/old friends. I have met the adult friends of my daughters when they were growing up and now get to watch their childeren do the same. The girls who use to spend time in our home, picked up from activities, talked to on the phone and carpooled with their mothers.
As I have said before: This really is A Wonderful Life!

Joy for 09!

On The Nightstand...

The Rules!!!!
* Grab the nearest book.
* Open the book to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post the text of the next two to five sentences in your blog along with these instructions.
* Don’t dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.
* Tag five other people to do the same

My Book: With an Everlasting Love by Kay Arthur
Page 56: Eliezer proceeded, eyes still twinkling. He wouldn't of missed this for anything. "Also, there shall be paid to Massah and to Bernice one hundred silver coins each. Now for Christianna. First she shall receive unlimited funds, not to be abused, but to be used to provide her every need until the day of the consumation of the covenent agreement of marriage."

I bought this book when my girls were teens. Before they got married, I had them read this book. I give this book a 5 star rating!!!
Why is it on my nightstand? Because I want to be reminded of the meaning of everlasting love...the kind I receive from my Saviour and the kind I need to give my husband everyday!

I tag: Shana (b/c I know she has books by her bedside) Erin, Alexis (when she get settled in Japan), Brandy and my newest blogger friend-Laurie in CA

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What time is it????

She was soooo excited! KK was turning 7 on Dec 28th but we opened the present on Fri the 26th. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside Resort while Christmas-ing in Disney. This picture does not show her face as well as I would liked, but I think you can tell how excited she was to receive her very first
MICKEY MOUSE watch! A real watch w/his hands showing the time. May I brag on her alittle...she immediately could count by 5's, the hour was alittle hard....BUT in 6 hrs she was giving the correct time! It was funny to listen to everyone ask her "What time is it KK?" She would look at her watch and move those sweet lips as she counted. My how time has flown, first we were in Texas holding this tiny babe, (remember Kathy?) now we are bragging about her intellect over a watch! One day, we will be watching her graduate, go off to college, get married! And maybe just maybe have a great-grandchild to hold....but oh my, I am rushing time! It needs to slow down a bit! I don't want to go "back to the future" just yet.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What can I say, today is my birthday, celebration away!

How well I remember ages 6, 12 and 18. These were year’s filled w/lots of life to be seen.
At 20 years of age, 30 sounded so old, my memory so distinctly had me believe what I was told.
Then 21 came and I settled in. My heart was young and my mind was free. There were no worries to bother me.
I found the truest love at age 21 in Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior-hey I won! And if I look back to that decision, I never regret the life choice I lived in.
At 23 yrs and ever so fun, I found my second love, whom became a reflection of the Son.
My best friend I wed just days after 23, we started a life, and soon baby made three.
At age 25 I became a mother, something I wanted to be like no other!
Again God blessed me in the year 27 with another little girl, and all I could think of was this must be heaven.

The turns and twists of life on this earth, helped me to see the plan of Mary’s birth. This plan was so obvious, played out to each degree, I am thrilled to play a part in this miracle of me. Not to toot my own horn or cause attention to me, but to let God receive all the praise and glory.

Now I am 30, that age I would not ride. But something told me there was more life inside.
In my 30’s I recognized all the wonder of age, of children, broken cars, money problems and sage. Sage, you may ask? Why sage, b/c it rhymes? No, sage is a spice that clearly defines. Sage is a taste that delights your tongue in the smallest of ways, so the 30’s gave me quite memorable days.
My children were growing both physical and spiritual, my marriage continued on a course quite traditional.

Now 40 was the era of time I enjoyed b/c life gets better as it gets explored. My daughters were growing and doing what they should, and I knew very soon an empty nest was to be our ‘hood.’
At 43 my oldest daughter wed, and now 8 yrs later I sometimes find 3 little girls in our bed.
Number 50 came in with on a cool winters breeze. Had I known I needed surgery, I would of stopped the big tease. A party I wanted to ring in 5-Ooo but rest was all I needed to restart my mo-jo.
I see myself standing at age 52, in a green gown holding my shoes. My baby is married and I am so proud, she picked the man we prayed for, and they vowed.

Tonight I stare at a big 5-5 looking back on these years with gratefulness and wonder to my Lord whom I hold so dear. So Father in heaven, I stand again amazed at Your awesome glory and give You thundering praise!
That You have chosen to give ME this gift of 55, may I be ever so watchful of my chance to stay alive. May I stand alive in Your presence, alive in this orchestrated band, alive w/my husband, daughters, sons and grands. May I use my time wisely being held in Your hand and each day keep my focus on the grander plan.
I have no idea where You lead in my future but I am ever blessed to be living this venture.

I love you, Lord Jesus, Steve, Shana, Jill, Billie, Warren, KK, LB, AA (and soon to be EG & any other grands that may sit upon my knee)

Monday, December 15, 2008

I've been Erin

Number 4....

1. Choose the 4th picture folder on my computer 2. Choose the 4th picture
3. Explain the picture 4. Tag 4 people to do the same.

This is from Spring 2007. This pic shows how much fun a group of 'sista's' can have w/a random picnic! Erin and her friend from Hattiesburg were up for a Beth Moore conference and so Brandy (carrying the basket) and I (not in picture) met them for lunch at Union Station in downtown Nashville, TN. I remember ideally that we wanted to picnic in the park but decided that time was not on our side so we skipped (not really) over to Union Station where God so wonderfully gave us a vacant table out back w/real cushion chairs. (how was we to know that Union Station was redesigning their dinning hall?) The only thing that was missing was a tablecloth and candles....oh yeah and music but who were we to baulk at God's design that day. We had so much fun together and the rest of the pictures displayed that fun!
I tag....
1. Shana
2. Alexis
3. Ronnie
4. Brandy

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Peppermint, Swirls, PokaDots & Trees.....

Do you see hairbows?.... Do you see the handiwork.?... Do you see a little girl?...

She is there, in every bow! Her name is Ellagrace, she is our adopted granddaughter from Ethiopia!!

Actually, this is a FUNDRAISER for her Adoption! $5.00 per bow!!! (not bad)

They can be in your holiday hands and into the hair of a little girl before Christmas Day pictures are taken at a family near you!

Just contact me thru this blog or email me from my profile....OR get on my daughters blog titled : our daughter/son and grandchildren. Leave me all your information for mailing purposes....and Shana will get them out pronto!

We thank you for any proceeds you may give toward this awesome cause!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

That He answered.....

....Dreams are funny. They most certainly capture many things that happened through your day. Monday was a busy day. (like my sister said,
"I need 48 hrs w/o time to sleep to get everything I need done on time)
You know those days when you never sit down long enough before something else calls you to keep busy. Well that was my December 1st.

I finally get rested enough to go to sleep, I drift off into unconscienceness....till around 2am then 4am then 5:30am (my hand was banging painful throbs up my elbow) Somewhere between 5:30 and 7 I had a dream. Not the kind that Martin Luther had. I had a really bad nightmare, of which I will not go into. (honestly if I told you the dream ya'll would think I was wack-o) Nevertheless, a bad dream occured! What I noticed was half way through this BD, I called out the name of Jesus. Actually I started singing "Jesus Jesus Jesus, sweetiest name I know." And I immediately woke up!! I cannot describe how glad I was to wake up and know that it was just a dream.

As I lay there, b/c I can't go to sleep now, I immediately thought: How great it is to call out the name of Jesus and THAT HE ANSWERED!

My first email today came from Shana's best friend in Alabama. The verse she had on her email was: "Your words were found, and I ate them, and Your word was to me the rejoicing of my heart; for I am called by Your name, O Lord God of Hosts" Jeremiah 15:16. WOW! Just what I needed this morning.

Do you call out to God and know for certain that He will answer? If I am honest, I have to say that sometimes I do not! I do not call out b/c I do not know if He will answer me. This dream and the way I called out to Him, reinstilled in me that I can be certain God will answer my cries for help, my plea for others, my meek way of asking for things, my upset attitude when things are not going well. God hears them all and He does answer. We have all heard it said that God answers 3 ways: yes, no and wait a minute! Well this morning, December 2nd, God heard my cry for help (in a dream no less) and rescued me one more time! OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I know that I know that I know....

I am God ' s child (John 1:12) I am Christ ' s friend (John 15:15 ) I am united with the Lord (1 Cor. 6:17) I am bought with a price (1 Cor 6:19-20) I am a saint (set apart for God). (Eph. 1:1) I am a personal witness of Christ. (Acts 1:8) I am the salt & light of the earth (Matt 5:13-14) I am a member of the body of Christ (1 Cor 12:27) I am free forever from condemnation (Rom. 8: 1-2) I am a citizen of Heaven. I am significant (Phil 3:20) I am free from any charge against me (Rom. 8:31 -34) I am a minister of reconciliation for God (2 Cor 5:17-21) I have access to God through the Holy Spirit (Eph. 2:18) I am seated with Christ in the heavenly realms (Eph. 2:6) I cannot be separated from the love of God (Rom 8:35-39) I am established, anointed, sealed by God (2 Cor 1:21-22 ) I am assured all things work together for good (Rom. 8:28 ) I have been chosen and appointed to bear fruit (John 15:16 ) I may approach God with freedom and confidence (Eph. 3: 12 ) I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil. 4:13) I am the branch of the true vine, a channel of His life (John 15: 1-5) I am God 's temple (1 Cor. 3: 16). I am complete in Christ (Col. 2: 10) I am hidden with Christ in God (Col. 3:3). I have been justified (Romans 5:1)I am God ' s co-worker (1 Cor. 3:9; 2 Cor 6:1). I am God 's workmanship (Eph. 2:10) I am confident that the good works God has begun in me will be perfected. (Phil. 1: 5)I have been redeemed and forgiven ( Col 1:14). I have been adopted as God 's child (Eph 1:5)
I belong to God. Do you know Who you are!?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

A time to sigh....

...and pray that I did not break any bones in my left wrist! Tis the season to decorate, and that I did all day Saturday. The day started off w/decorating the church for the Christmas season. We had so much fun decorating, that when we got back to our apt. I decided "it's a small space, I can get it done in a snap!" I fixed lunch then started pulling out my "million-man snowman" collection. What joy! I handled the obvious fact that there was "no room in the inn" for my 10' tree so I pulled out my Northern pines (3 various stage trees of which I hang my snowmen ornaments) I put them on 3 stools behind the couch and it made a nice divide between the dinning/living area, put on some festive material to cover the stools and you've got :"TIS THE SEASON."

The living room was leaning toward a nativity theme, so I went w/it. Everything was looking good! The snap part came when I finished the top of the
TV cabinet w/a wooden nativity set and candles. I stepped back to look at the finished project but stepped back to far.... YOU SEE, I was on a 2-tiered step ladder and immediately fell! No, I did not hear a snap but the doctor at church said that I either stretched a tendon or broke some small bones in the wrist!

But our tiny abode looks good! Steve must of wanted to go for a ride around town b/c he offered to take me to the ER but I talked him out of it.

As I type or should I say peck out this blog (it has taken me nearly 45 mins. to do this) I am wearing a sturdy brace and must wait, per docs order, for 3 more days to see it the pain subsides. If it does, then a simple sprain occurred...if not, it's more serious. Pray for the simple sprain!

Ta-ta for now! Joy!

A Time for Advent...

...a time to reflect. This was the first Sunday of Advent, and for the first time anywhere, Steve & I lite the first candle in worship. We were to talk about the Traditions of Christmas starting w/the candy cane. It was first created in 1670 by a choirmaster. He had asked a local confectioner to make a candy that was in the shape of a sheperds crook, white in color (representing forgiveness), red stripes (representing the beating that Jesus took in our place), Minty flavoring (representing purification and cleansing) and a hard substance (representing the idea that Christ is the Rock that we stand upon)

Steve was asked to create a devotion for this Advent season so today's devotion was from Genesis 22:15-18.

It's about Abraham being obedient.(to the point of sacrificing his own son on the altar) This story is about God coming to man in love and compassion, desiring to have a friendship that would last. This is based on what God has done for us by sending Jesus and our obedience to God. When you read these verses, Why is it important to obey God? What are some ways your family shows that they obey God?

Worship today was not a formal affair, but rather a time set aside for families to discuss how they would give back to others this Christmas. Keeping Christ in Christmas! Hearing what God's words says about giving freely, and then taking 3-5 mins to talk openly w/your family about things you can do AS A FAMILY to keep Christ as their focus this year. Some ideas were: holding an open house for your neighborhood (b/c neighborhoods hardly connect anymore) going to a laundrymat and giving enough change to pay for someones laundry, making hot chocolate in an inexpensive mug for your garbage men...or leaving cookies in the mailbox for your mailman, buying a pack of gum for the WalMart cashier as you check out, babysitting as a family for a single parent and give them a giftcard to a coffee house.

I am sure your family can come up with one or two ideas on your own. Make that a discussion at the next dinnertable! What a gift this year, to understand the real meaning of giftgiving, and PLAY IT FORWARD!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Once upon a Time....

...THERE was a couple who migrated into a time that had been forgotten (at least to them). They had spent a short time being frustrated in The Land of Ungratefulness and Rude. The God above all gods, the one true God made a provision trail that led this couple to a place in time where fairy tales and goodness really do come true.

...THIS couple was sent by God back to their original roots in the great state of Ohio! Why, after 27 yrs away did God send them back to where they started? The answer was quite simple, it was a blessing that God never wanted them to forget.

...THIS land, called Ohio, was as far away from The Land of Ungratefulness and Rude as it possibly could be. Mind you, not everyone in this foreign land were unkind or rude, but when you are attacked from every angle, you feel like a stranger in the land of the living. The couple could not stop saying "It's so nice here." Although they only lived in the foreign land for 10 months, the culture shock was unmistakeably bold and refreshing. The man of this home once again had a sparkle in his eye to serve others again. The woman of same household was stress-free in watching her best friend enjoying life!

....THERE was a place who chose to call them out of the foreign land, called Grace Point. Grace Point was like a knight in shining armor, racing in to draw this couple out of the land of doom. They were rescued in such a way, Grace Point will never know, that their action of prayer and calling out for wisdom truly was an heroic deed called down from above.

....THEREFORE this couple would like to express their thankfulness during this holiday season for the generous love and devotion from this body called Grace Point. To it's staff and elders who govern and lead others to worship, to the community as a whole. They will always be indebted to the Holy God who reigns on high for His grace, mercy and blessings that led them to Grace Point.

All our love and thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving & 5 Kernels of Corn.....

..What is the Thanksgiving tradition at your house? When I was a child, I always got a turkey leg and then whoever got the wishbone got to choose someone to break it with. As parents, we have always had a huge dinner (enough food for 3 days) and either sat down to movie watching or went to the newest Christmas movie that season.

Today our pastor shared a tradition that the settlers did every year for their Thanksgiving feast. Each plate would hold 5 kernels of corn and each person had to be thankful for 5 things. Of course many of their first winters in the new land were so hard that many people only got 5 kernels of corn per meal.

So Terry continued on his quest to help us seek our 5 Kernels of Corn...PALMS 103 talks about the provisions of God.

Kernel #1...Forgiveness of all my sins (V3) In the book of Micah 7:19 it talks about how God throws our sin into the depths of the sea. Well, the sea, at it's deepest point is 6.5 miles. If the largest ocean liner was cast into this depth, and reached the very bottom, it would be CRUSHED in one mighty blow, kinda like we can crush an egg shell. SO if God throws our sin into this depth and the power of the sea can exhibit that much "crunch" then WHY DO I take some of those sins back? They are gone, forgiven!!! O SOUL ARE YOU WEIRED AND TROUBLED, NO LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS YOU SEE...

Kernel #2...Healing (V3) healing of all our diseases. What did David mean by this? B/C , you see, if healing is performed, then my dad, Craig, Jason, our 1st daughter, Frank and others would be healed and living among us. Could David be talking about his soul and the disease within it? Yeah. Disease of selfishness, sin, greed, pride (do I go on?) THERE'S LIGHT IN A LOOK AT THE SAVIOR....

Kernel #3...Redemption (V4) my soul has value in God's sight, so you are valued too. In God's sight as He sees Christ on the cross.,("the pit of eternity and the pit we create.") God choose to redeem us and save us from choosing the pits we create. AND LIFE MORE ABUNDANT AND FREE....

Kernel #4...Love and Compassion (V4) do not ever forget that God has crowned you! He crowned you b/c you are special b/c of His love for you, not for what you have done. TURN YOUR EYES UPON JESUS, LOOK FULL IN HIS WONDERFUL FACE......

Kernel #5...Satisfied and Renewed (V5) God wants to give us the best of the best, but we fill ourselves w/stuffing's that do not last. And when we give ourselves over to God completely (remembering that our sins are forgiven/crushed) we become renewed, youthful, more trusting and more willing to obey. AND THE THINGS OF EARTH WILL GROW STRANGELY DIM IN THE LIGHT OF HIS GLORY AND GRACE....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sad Face...Happy Face......

SAD FACE: b/c today is the last game of regular season college football. Now granted, bball is on the heels of football but it's just not the same.

HAPPY FACE: b/c our Ohio State Buckeyes won, actually they spanked Michigan Wolverines for the 5th straight season!! (a record)

SAD FACE: on lots of Michigan fans and on the face of Bob Greise (ABC Commentator) Dear Bob always gets to MC this game , maybe b/c his son use to play for Michigan. But today he was really puttin it on thick.

Let's see, after we were up 14-7 in the 2nd quarter, good ole Bob speaks up with this wonderful, amazing thought provoking line "If it wasn't for Beenie Wells and his touchdowns and the awesome run of their quarterback Pryor, Ohio State would have nothing!" Now that was profound! At the end of the game, Coach Tressel puts in the senior quarterback (Boeckman) who hasn't played much this year due to the amazing ability of a freshman QB.....Coach puts in the senior so he can say he played against Michigan and won! Great idea since we were ahead 35-7!

Dear ole Bob G. makes another profund statement....."I like and respect Coach Tressel but I don't like the fact that he didn't played his senior QB for the whole game." Duhhhh! Dear Bob....the purpose of any game is to win and you use your strongest players! I think dear Bob was upset that his team did not win-AGAIN!

My fav Buckeye, #33, wore a new verse on his eyes today....John17:1 which states (Jesus speaking right before He went to the cross) "Father, the time has come. Glorify Your Son, that Your Son may glorify You." Now that is real cool! The thing is he does practice what he puts on his game face.

"Hit them hard and see how they fall, never let that team get the ball. Hail, hail, the gangs all here, so let's send out a mighty cheer."

So in step w/this victory song, let's hit'em hard and watch'em fall.....(temptation/sin/ whatever snares you) Wake up, pay attention we are all here... (because we, as believers, are standing united and strong, lifting each other up) sending out a mighty cheer...(can you hear us?)

Football is great but life is much greater! I hope your Sunday is spent in a heartfelt worship to a Holy God. I hope you lift up others today, strangers, friends, family b/c we have no idea what others are going thru. And I hope you know that when you are going thru a storm in life that others around you...strangers, family, friends are supporting you in prayer whch should give you courage to go forward to VICTORY!

PS....we had a great time watching the game today w/my mother! Thanks mom, We love you!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Countdown to fun....
 is now 11:31pm Friday, November 21, 2008

There are only 11 hours and 29 minutes before the BDBITL from Ohio breaks out with, "HANG ON SLOOPY!" and if all goes just 15 hours you will hear screaming and celebrating coming from Ohio and Georgia and Misissippi (Shana/Bill, Jill/Warren, Erin/Chad) as we have just beaten that state to the north of us known as ....(shhhh)...michigan .

So many of us out here in blooger land are rooting for our Buckeyes! Buckeyes are everywhere and soon some Buckeyes I know will be transported to Japan....yeah Alexis!!!

I will end with a famous saying that Steve and I re-vamped for our granddaughters:

Michigan *stinks* (word changed to protect the innocent)

Gotta love football!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas memories past n present....

Welcome to the Christmas edition of getting to know your friends. Okay, here's what you're supposed to do, and try not to be a SCROOGE!!! Just copy (not forward) this entire email and paste into a new E-mail that you can send. Change all the answers so that they Apply to you. Then send this to a whole bunch of people you know, INCLUDING the person that sent it to you......Tis the Season to be NICE!
1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Paper, I love making a pretty package!
2. Real tree or Artificial? ARTIFICAL, as a child we always had a live tree, but then again, I always had bronchitius! In my mid-30's I found out I am severly allergic to PINE! yep!
3. When do you put up the tree? Always the day after Thanksgiving!
4. When do you take the tree down? New Year's...or soon after, yep me to MaryBea
5. Do you like eggnog? Kinda...I can take or leave it... me too MaryBea!

6. Favorite gift received as a child? My ice skates and bike
7. Hardest person to buy for? Steve b/c all he ever wants is golf stuff!

8. Easiest person to buy for? THE GRANDDAUGHTERS!!!!

9. Do you have a nativity scene? I have 14...I like to collect them... (ME TOO MaryBea)

10. Mail or email Christmas cards? The annual Christmas letter w/family photo attached....THE ONE TIME OF THE YEAR, where my family KNOWS momma wants it this way!!! So out comes the matching shirts, or perfect scene...of course, the scene has to be different every year!!! I love creating!!!!!!!

11.Worst Christmas gift you ever received? CAN'T remember but I can tell you that I dislike ANYTHING W/FRILLS OR LACE-yuck-o!

12. Favorite Christmas Movie? It's a Wonderful very favorite too MaryBea!

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? already started

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? yes, and I am not telling what it was or to whom received it! ;)
15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? everything on the table! I am so thankful that every year it has been a feast at our table, when so many are hungry. (this is not to say that we have not fed those in need b/c we have)

16. Lights on the tree? Are there people who like a naked tree? I certainly hope not answer is white lights- tons of white lights!!

17. Favorite Christmas song? White Christmas!
18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Having lived from Texas to Georgia, we have done both! Just don't care to drive on THE DAY! Did that once and there is nothing opened on the highway!

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer's? Gosh yes! Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixin, Comit, Cupid, Donder, and Blitzen. (Kim, you forgot the most famous reindeer of all...duh!!) DITTOS MB!

20. Angel on the tree top or a star? prefer a star, but have had trumpets before.
21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? We always drew names w/our girls for a family present and then opened that present on Christmas Eve after the Christmas Story from Luke (NT)

22. Most annoying thing about this time of the year? (Trying to find the aisle they moved all the regular stuff to in Walmart to make room for the Christmas decorations!) Good one, Kim...Kim, I do not know you but I have to agree! BUT #1 ON MY LIST IS: the rudeness/selfishness of people this time of year...I hate the hussle bussle of things when that stuff is not the important part of the season!
23. Favorite ornament theme or color? I have 2 trees...#1 is my snowman tree that ususally sits in my kitchen (but since apt life is our choosen abode, I have to figure space into this years decorations) #2 is my other theme is filled w/white lights, gold and crimson ornaments, one Ohio State ornament that always takes center stage every year and then the rest of the tree is filled w/the NAMES OF JESUS (MY FAVORITE ORNAMENTS-20 TOTAL)

24. Favorite for Christmas dinner? EVERYTHING except the gizzard!

25. What do you want for Christmas this year? World peace! (TEEHHEE) SERIOUSLY, an enjoyable time relaxing w/our 2 daughters, 2 sons 3 grands and Beth and Gene!
26. Who is most likely to respond to this? Shana or Ronnie

27. Who is most likely NOT to respond to this? whoever does not have time!

28. Fondest family tradition? Visiting family members on Christmas Eve, and then (when I was much younger) going to my DeeDee's house on Christmas day for dinner w/cousins as such.

You R seeing correctly....

....w/the economy becoming tighter and environmental concerns...please note this east holiday gift giving idea! (THANKS Denise)

These slippers are: soft and hygienic, non-slip grip strip soles, built-in deodorant feature keeping feet smelling fresh all day, no more bending over to "mop up spills", disposable and biodegradable, evironmentally safe, 3 convenient sizes: (SM) light, (Med) regular and (XLG) get out the sandbags.

Of course optional decorations for the top of slipper which makes this a great gift all year round!

Happy Holidays Everyone! (LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE)

Monday, November 17, 2008

I must be in....


B/C it certainly looked like it today! The first real snow of 2008/09 winter. My pastor said " Now that it has come, we can now move directly onto Spring." I love that idea!!!!!

The snow was beautiful. The flakes all made by God Himself, each one with it's unique shape and pattern fell to the ground and made a blanket covering the green green grass. All the autumn leaves were covered w/this white parchment frost of rain. They fell to the ground as if they were feather-like. They were the size of pennies gently and peacefully falling from heaven.

I had to take a walk in these glorious artworks of nature...stick out my tongue and catch as many as I could. My hair got wet from the white frosty 'cicles'....and my eyelashes caught as many flakes as the large black lapel on my coat. (glad I made all those scarves)
All in all, it was a wonderful day in central much as I love palm trees and beaches, today had to rate up there w/the best of the best!
Philippians 4:19 states "I have learned to be content in whatever state I am in." and I am content!
Yes, you read correctly, the girl who was born an raised in these parts, who lived in and loved warmer weather, who's blood is very pleased keeping cool on hot southern days...actually enjoyed looking out her patio window, taking the time to walk out in the middle of this huge snow globe.
Finding as I walked a new sense of wonder and excitement and when the winds would die down, desired that Jolly Green Giant to shake up the snow globe just one more time.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 Things/sayings I absolutely hate....

....I hate to use the h.a.t.e. word. (but sometimes there is no way else to describe things)
...I hate liver
...I hate the fact that people DO NOT place shopping carts ORDERLY in the cart stall in parking lots (I mean, how much time does it actually take? 3 sec.?)
...I hate cold weather (see journal note below)
...I hate the saying "Beat her like a red-headed stepchild" (for I AM one of the formentioned people)
...I hate the saying "Better to ask forgiveness than permission."
...I hate dirty hands and fingernails. (eeeck)
...I hate the saying "When momma's happy everyone's happy."
...I hate hearing husband, mother or father-in-law jokes (b/c my personal experience w/these people are great)
...I hate sit-coms that expound on the incompetent abilities of men.

NOW God hates..."6 things God hates, 7 are detestable to Him" Proverb 6:16
..arrogant eyes (thinking I am better than someone else)
..lying tongue (that was just alittle white lie)
..hands that shed innocent blood (calling someone a fool)
..a heart that plots wicked schemes (just trying to 'get back' at that person)
..feet that run to evil (going head-strong into a situtation where I should not go)
..a lying witness (lying for a friend who did wrong) who stirs up trouble against his brother (stirring the poo to cause conflict in another believers life)

Now to compare my "destestables" against Gods is not even close...mine are things that I can overlook or control as a believer, but God's are life-living styles that cannot be overcomed UNLESS we yield to His calling upon our life. I think I will overlook mine and try not to be so CONSUMED w/why things don't work out the way I like them too.....then depend on God to control me to the point that I stay away from the temptations that "His hate list" makes so attractive to me at times.. I TAG you to do the same! You're it!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1234..The last 2 wks went out the door...

...WOW~ they say time flys when you are having fun...and actually that is correct. The last 2 wks have been fast and fun. Let's see if I can wrap it all up in a pretty package.....
Fri, October 17,2008...Steve spent several hours w/his kindergarten (best friend for life) friend, John. My family would of been celebrating our parents 50th Wedding Anniversary, so to make the day special I emailed the older grandchildren to call their Grandma, got Jim (my brother) to meet my mom and I at our dad's graveside and we released balloons after a time of prayer. My brain pictured 4 balloons slowly drifting into the clouds as peaceful music played,kinda like a Lifetime movie presentation where all is right w/the world.... but you guessed it, NOT! A mighty wind came in and blew those balloons so fast into the atmosphere that I could not get a picture of all 4 balloons together!
Sat, October 18, 2008 we spent having breakfast w/my school friend Barb and her fiancee Glen, then onto a great day w/Steve's dad and Annie for a 4-s0me as we watched Ohio State take on another win!
Sun, October 19, 2008 was shared w/good friends over dinner at Max/Ermma's and a play titled, "Frost/Nixon" being shown in downtown Columbus. It was great to watch the reenactment of that famous interview right after Nixon had been pardoned. After all we were merely kids when the original interview took place and honestly I didn't care about politics then.
Mon, October 20th thru Thurs, 23rd kept us busy with "renter issues" on/our home in TN. Thru the turmoil of that week, we made it w/God's graces and hardly any hair loss. (although Steve did have a major headache on Thur) Locks were re-keyed and carpets cleaned and the house is ready for new renters! Yeah!
Fri, October 24, 2008 took us out to a party w/friends and the notice of COLD weather setting into central Ohio. (remember, I am a tried and true Buckeye and a fair weathered friend when it comes to 40 degrees anything! (burrrr)
Sat, October 25 was a slow day but the evening had us involved w/our youth dept at church. "REVOLT" took over the church for 3 nights in a row. We fed over 170 teens, 30 adults and 15-20 kids every night. It was great! Ryan, our youth pastor brought in a christian rock band from Nashville, "Salient" who were, well AWESOME! 4 finer band members you may never meet! The bass guitar player has played for 17 yrs and he's only 25 yrs young. I asked them what Salient meant and I was told that this word is used to describe an army who just passed over the line into enemy territory...great description of what their goal is w/teens today!
Sat night (after Revolt) took us to a party, but it was a sad one for us Buckeyes, nonetheless, we forge ahead b/c we are faithful fans of The Ohio State Buckeye Football Team!!!!Penn State usually wins by 45 pts per game so holding them to 13 pts was a win to us! So hats off PSU....we'll get you next year! Now we must focus on Michigan!
Mon-Tues October 26-27, 2008 had me sitting on the couch watching 44 degree weather (again) pass by my window, wrapped up in a furry blanket drinking hot tea and crocheting a neck scarf! Perfect day. When Steve got home, he laughed at my interruption of keeping warm when there is not a snowflake on the ground. Then I showed him the other 5 colors of yard I bought...he said " your making more than 1?" To which I replied "yes, if I'm staying warm I'm at least gonna GO OUT STYLIN!" He just grinned and walked away. (he loves it cold)
Wed, October 28, 2008 has our car trunk decorated and opened, full of candy for the annual Awana's trunk or treat night in the parking lot of our church. I will have the trunk decorated up in style, and be wearing my newest creation neck scarf (w/gloves to match-of course) handing out candy as Steve plays putt-putt w/the kids as they come by our car!
So till next time, stay warm (or cool to our friends down south), drink your tea hot or cold, enjoy your friends and family, get alittle loud watching football, be creative, serve others, and make your own "Revolt" in such a way that others see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
Joy for your days~

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ethiopia's Opus....

Our daughter and son-in-law are about halfway thru their adoption of a little girl named Ellagrace from Ethiopia. A friend thru bloggerworld, is also in this process but they have just recently adopted 3 from Ethiopia and are going back for their second process of 3 more children (brothers/sister) I wrote the following on her blog but realized that it needs to go on my blog in honor and in anticipation of Ellagrace. So thanks for reading the words of a Grandmothers heart......(I really cannot wait to hold her in my arms)

Imagine this journey a "Symphony of Gathering" God the conductor reveals the musical masterpiece (the adoption of this darlin from Ethiopia) and then starts putting together the orchestra (the money)....there is plenty of time for practice sessions (the wait) till opening night. (the day when you get your video of this kid-o) Opening night comes in full gala and people are taking their seats, (your family and friends and bloggers) anticipating the first note. (that airplane ride into Atlanta) Then comes the first bar of music (screams of joy, tears of happiness, and organized noise levels) and then the intermission happens to come way to fast. (the first day at home after everyone has left)

Second part of the opus starts with challenging melodies/harmonies. ( the first month of "getting use to's") Finally the ending, dramatic as it may sound, is the best part of the whole masterpiece! The timpani pounds, the trumpets blast, the flutes are soft but fluttering all over the pages of script.(a normal day in your home) You can feel it in your chest, and then the conductor holds that last note for forever!(a family blessed and resting after a busy day bows their heads in thanks and praise to God Almighty)

And it's over! (this journey come to an end, children are given opportunities that were never afforded them in their homeland and eternity is freely given thru a relationship w/God) But is a masterpiece ever over, you ask? Not by any means, b/c others who heard it have to share it with those who have not heard (adoption is available for so many more who love this kind of music) the masterpiece keeps the music alive. (children in Ethiopia who await parents whom will lovingly give them what their birth parents cannot.)Bravo! Bravo!(PRAISE GOD , PRAISE GOD)

Well, I did not intend to write so much but since my daughter is in the middle of adoption from Ethiopia, I feel like it needed to be said...SO, this is titled "Ethiopia's Opus"

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(AND VOTE OFTEN) Thank you ever so much!
I am DeeDee and I approve this message!

Unlike is legal to vote more than once for my pic.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

We honor you....

Today...our second blessing was born.
Today...our gift from God took her first breath (well, actually at 8:48pm today)
Today...our Pollyanna was named Shana Lynn

She was 6.8 and 19 inches tall.
She had a perfectly round porportional face.
She scared the liven daylights out of us.
She calmed our every fear.
She took our hearts and never gave them back.
She made us proud to own the title of parents.
She was born on her Aunt Dawn's birthday.
She owned her first pair of Nikes when she was 6 months old.
She awoke at the first crack of dawn always with a smile on her face.

Uncles and Aunts said she was a 'catalog baby' ... they wanted one just like her.
Grandma PokaDot was the first to hold her.
Great Uncle Rodney was the second family member to hold her.
Grandma Presley made her the angel of their Christmas tree in 78.
Grandma Ogle bought so many clothes for her first visit in Jan 79.
Grandpa's just held her and smiled from ear to ear. (my dad was giddy!)

We starting praying for her salvation the day she was born.
We prayed for wisdom to bend her toward a relationship w/Christ.
We failed many times in doing the right thing for her.
We loved her more with each passing day.
We started praying for a goldy man to be her husband.

Shana, you continue to make us proud that we own the title of parents.
Shana, you continue to wake up w/a smile on that pretty face.
Shana, you continue to follow Christ daily and lead by example to your 3 girls.
Shana, you continue to WOW people w/your vocals and your serving spirit.
Shana, you are a unique individual who loves life, enjoys creating, loves to read ANYTHING, is devoted as a wife and mother and still calls to say "Morning Mama". (don't ever stop)

So we celebrate these 30 yrs w/you today. May God grant you 60 more birthdays that are filled w/happiness, love, sorrow, rewards from your children's hearts, passion from your adorable husband and the continued love from your parents....hey that's us!(maybe not 60 yrs of us b/c that would make me 115-teehee)
May you become closer to your God who has called you for a purpose! Keep reaching for that purpose and never content to be satisfied with anything less. Thank you for following your dreams of adopting! For that is also our blessing to enjoy. When some days make you feel like it's not worth it all...remember what God has called you to and just do it!

When our first daughter (who was going to be named Shana Lynn) died, I thought I would never love again...then God brought you into our lives! Never say never to God...He always proves us wrong! You are and will always be our SUNSHINE! That ray of hope when life was so sorrowful. Our first daughter brought us to God and you were the reason to keep on following Him!

We are thankful that you have been a respectful daughter. Through good and bad times you have always honored us. So now WE HONOR YOU!

We love you, and know that God truely honored us to be the ones picked to become your parents in this life on earth. WOW!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just blogging along and....

....came across this blog

OMGoodness! By happen-chance I walked into this's the actual diary of this girls Grandmother from the 1940's. I didn't read much but what I read was from June-July 1945. She has a boyfriend....this really takes you back in time..and if you are a hopeless romantic (like me) ya'll, just gotta go there!

(Shana, Erin and Bran ....I know you 3 will check this out for sure)

This makes me wonder what my grandchildren will be doing w/my journals I write. I have dedicated each grandchild one book so far. Then I wonder how will they translate my journaling? Will blogging be a thing of the past? I'm sure! Maybe they will communicate like The Jetson's OR better yet Star Wars!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tag...Your It.....

I've Been Tagged...
Okay...I've never done one of these before. I was tagged by Shana to make a list of 7 things that people may not know about me.

1) My mom's relatives are in a couple of chapters of an accurate historical book of the Civil War. (research was done by a friend of mine who lives in Hattiesburg,Ms)

2) I have written 6 short children's books based on experiences of my granddaughters.

3) My mom tells me that I ate a whole jar of Vicks Vapor Rub when I was 2!

4) I have lived in 3 states within a 11 month period of time.

5) The friend I have known the longest, and still stay in touch with is Mike F. (from kindergarten)

6) I secretly have always wanted to be a singer/songwriter.

7) I am a raccoon, when it comes to handwashing! Oh, it drives me up the wall to have anything on my hands! (eeebie-geebies)

Now I pass this onto Bran, Ronnie and Alexis.....go girls, you've been tagged!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Meet Our 4 Grands....


...JennahKay, Lorahbeth, AudreyAnn and Ellagrace....
No, your eyes are not fooling you~ No, I am not going senile~ There are 4, count them, four granddaughters in this picture. Of course you also see Shana and Bill!

The square UPS envelope is the paperwork for Ellagrace! It has been sent off to Washington state and will be in Africa by the first of next week. Now we all wait till we hear the news.....receive the picture of our sweet granddaughter #4....and then wait patiently till we are given permission to share that photo.

I can already imagine those big brown eyes and maple brown skin on the cuties granddaughter around! Ellagrace, we are so anxious to see your face, (hey, that's a rhyme) to hold you in our arms, to love and spoil you just like your sisters are spoiled.

Grandma PokaDot will giggle, Grannie Annie will kiss you and Grandma Presley will hug you to pieces. Auntie Jill will shower you w/cute clothes, Uncle Warren will tease you, I will adore you and Sir will sit quietly w/you on his lap and smile from ear to ear. KK, LB and AA can hardly wait to have you in their care, they will be the best sisters, the exact ones that God designed for you.

So go paperwork, fly to Ethiopia and find our granddaughter. When society tells you that this will not work out. When finances tells you that there is no way. So a big thank you to your momma and daddy, b/c of their prayers and faith in the Lord, God is preparing a home for you to live in. A home where you will be protected, loved, taught to obey, given opportunities and shown WWJD!

And in the meantime, we wait joyfully~

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


....just received a call from Jill telling me that she had called her neices this morning. She adores her neices and had to tell me a part of her conversation w/KK....

KK....Auntie? Do you know what homesick means?
Auntie....yes, KK.
KK....well I think I am DeeDee-sick!
KK.....what about you and Uncle Warren?
AUNTIE.... I think we are both DeeDee and Sir-sick KK.
KK....yeah, I think I am both too!

TOUCH MY HEART! Tears to overflowing! Out of the mouth of babes!
How I miss those girls, how I miss my daughters and sons! Now after I journaled about 'desires of my heart'....I pray that my heart will be pliable to God and that maybe, one day, my hearts desire will be fulfilled....for us to all live closer one day.

DeeDee & Sir loves you KK, LB,AA!

Psalm 37:4

says....."Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."
A few years ago I read a book titled I Surrender by Author, Patrick Morley.
The subtitle: "Submitting to Christ in the Details of Life"
In Chapter 33 he talks about Expectations: surrendering to scripture....The author said the words of this verse stalked him for 10 years, then it hit him..
"He had always delighted in God, believed by faith, but never got the desires of his heart." Till he understood the Hebrew word for DELIGHT... "pliable or soft." Like clay in a potters hand, our hearts need to be pliable. To come to God humbly w/o heavy demands, eager to know the God WHO IS instead of the God WE WANT. That is when Patrick Morley's heart changed. His desires were not the same as before. God began granting these desires b/c they were actually His will for Patrick.
I pray that we start focusing on God's hand working on our very soft and pliable hearts. Surrender your expectations, then He will give you the desires of your heart.


R U FIREPROOF? Not insurance wise, not strictly salvation either....although many people take salvation as some sort of 'fireproof' insurance.

FIREPROOF THE MOVIE... please read the comments below from a dear friend who has seen this movie.

This movie is something we can all relate to and be challenged and reminded of God's plan for our marriages. There is so much trash out there, and to have a Godly film to support is such a gift!
According to
Box Office Mojo, Fireproof finished 4th for the weekend, showing on 839 screens. The top three were on over 2400 screens! Wow! I think we have communicated to Hollywood what we want to see.
Here is what USA Today said, “The surprise of the weekend, though, was the Christian-themed Fireproof. Made for $500,000 and released on 839 screens, the Kirk Cameron drama did $6.5 million and took fourth place.
“Most analysts did not expect the film to crack the top 10, yet it enjoyed the second-largest debut this year for a film opening on fewer than 1,000 screens; the biggest was Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour, which debuted to $31 million on 683 screens.”

It is however a wonderful movie made by Sherwood Bapt Church in Albany, Ga. This church also brought to the screen "Facing the Giants." We are going this weekend. If your marriage is in great shape or crumbling or just in a "funky" way...take time, spend the money, get a sitter and go see this movie! You will not be dissappointed! Joy~

What is ACORN??

Well the article is long but very interesting, expecially with the financial crisis we are in right now. You may think that this is non-essential to your life BUT it is essential. Check out ...

Then draw your own conclusion. This election year is very important. I heard Pelosi yesterday blaming the Republician party and this administration for the problems we are facing but just read the article above from the New York Post.

Fannie and Freddie started a long time ago, and yes even under republican controlled House and Senate. But who knows what is under the table, so to speak, when bills are pushed thru these government agencies...this has got to stop. I mean they all act like schoolyard bullies in DC. Even Barney Franks and his "show me the names of the Republicians who didn't like Pelosi's speech and I will go talk to them nicely." He and others of his party were told BY Pelosi that they could vote NO...why? So it looked like they were being bi-partisian? Give me a break.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

IF You Could...

...have dinner w/anyone, who would it be and why? (you can pick up to 3 people)

My answer.....
* Margaret Thatcher~ b/c she was and still is one of the most influential people in the world. I would love to hear her talk about her family life growing up and her years in the world of politics. Imagine her insight!

* Newt Gringrich~ b/c he is one history buff. I could listen to him all day long talk about the events that caused people to do remarkable things. When he talks about history, he inspires people!

* Ruth Graham~ b/c of her stick-to-of-ness in anything that was presented to her in her lifetime. How she saw so many things God was doing thru the eyes of her remarkable husband. Her earthy-ness and frankness of living. Her wisdom is like Proverb 8. I am sure she messed up many times, just like we all do, but think about it.....dinner w/Ruth!

Who would you choose to have dinner with? And here's another question? Would your dinner get cold b/c you didn't have time to eat it, mine would! JOY!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Laughter is the Best Medicine....

It turns out that LAUGHTER is actually better than can help you loose weight also!


And watch the video....

What is Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a unique concept developed by Indian physician, Dr. Madan Kataria. It is fast sweeping the world and is truly a life changing experience. It combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing which brings more oxygen to the body and brain making one feel more energetic and healthy. The concept is based on a scientific fact that the body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter. One gets the same physiological and psychological benefits. Safe, easy and scientifically proven, Laughter Yoga is a lot of fun. Started with just five people in 1995, today it is a global phenomenon with over 6000 clubs in 60 countries.

So no matter if you stand in front of a mirror OR do it with some friends...laugh the pounds away. Maybe this will be hotter than Richard Simons "Dancing the pounds away."

I know some of you ladies out there will be trying this in the comfort of your own home.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Heaven's 11...continues (pastor Terry's sermon)

#2 Who is your Jonathan?? (#1 Who is your Nathan? 4th one down)

A best friend, usually the same gender, a person who will sacrifice for you. Jonathan's can raise us up.They stand beside you and at some point, they will stand in the shadow so you can shine! (think movie: Lord of the Rings)
Look into 1 Samuel 18:1-4 (better yet go back into chapter 17)
Saul was King of Israel but his heart turned away from God. Young David appears on the scene to take on Goliath, Saul takes notice. Jonathan, the son of the King takes notice also. J & D become best of friends. 2 Samuel 1:26 talks about how Jonathan loved David like he loved himself. They became one in spirit. Jonathan gives David his royal robe and sword, showing that he valued David's friendship. David longed for a real friendship and found it w/Jonathan. Remember how Jonathan protected David after the King's anger got so bad that King Saul wanted to kill David?
Jonathan's help us to be the best. They are true friends that our souls are designed for. Jonathan's encourage us to take risks and they stand in the gap supporting us....thru prayer or physical needs.(go back to sacrifice)
If we are to multiple in this mission called life then we must become a Jonathan in order to have one as our very own. You see, this then becomes contagious! (see multiply mission called life)
Who was King Saul's Jonathan? David of course! He protected him as King and always stood in the gap for him. His sacrifices proved his dedication to the King.
My Jonathan, would have to be Kathy D. in Mississippi. She has always stood in the gap for me...encouraging me when things got tough. Being the friend I so desperately needed when even family members were not there. So thanks Kathy D. (funny, her husbands name is John) I am proud to name you as my Jonathan!


....what a great way to spend a weekend w/your dearest friend!

Saturday was spent munching on cheesball & tortilla chips~my food of choice with Steve loving every bite of his (Ohio made) Conn's Potato Chips and cream we watched The Ohio State Buckeyes win another game...w/a first time ever freshman quarterback and center...and w/o Beenie Wells.
Score 28-10! The sweet smell of victory!

We also was rooting for Univ of TN against those Gators, and inside I was rooting for LSU against Auburn! Two out of 3 games weren't bad...and since we loved living in Tennessee, we will continue pulling for the Vols! (oh, and our son in law is an alumn from UT- that's a biggie)

Of course we can not leave out golf~ The Ryder Cup! The tourney between USA and the rest of the world (well, almost) Sunday was "game face day" for the golfing fanantics in our home (Steve and I) We enjoyed watching USA win The Ryder Cup for the first time since 1999!!!! Sweet Victory again, and they did it w/ 3 younger players and w/o Tiger Woods!!!

Steve played Jr high football and has played golf since he was 8, but Me??? I am an avid sports watcher!!! I was born w/2 left feet and no athletic skills...but I love sports-watching!

So much so that I consider "SPORTS-WATCHING" a sport all to it's own! I mean, I prepare for the event w/great food, I am energized for the competition at hand and I am the best ever cheerleader! Ask anyone in my family, they would agree w/me. Or ask anyone sitting to my right at any sporting event. Warning: I am dangerous to those on my right!

Friday is a comin, and then another fun filled Saturday! This week I am making my sisters baked bean dip for game day.....AND we are going to the Skull Session at 10am for The Buckeyes!! Maybe I'll paint my face for that event. ;)


Monday, September 15, 2008

Be careful b/c someone may just....

...drop a house on your head, says the good witch of the north to the wicked witch of the east!

Well, we didn't experience a tornado Sunday afternoon...but the after effects of Hurricane IKE! In Columbus, Ohio no less, 75 mph gusts w/65 mph sustained winds. Costal folks know that 75 mph is a Cat 1 Hurricane and most of us have handled at least a Cat 3 once in our lives...but Buckeyes had no idea what was hitting them Sunday.

(of course The Buckeyes had no idea what hit them Saturday night either, but that's another story) Erin, I agree w/you...leave the freshman quarterback in Tressel!!!!

Back to the Ike-thingy.....Schools were out today, all over mid-Ohio. Steve went to work but came back home at 9:30am to work from home-no electric and roof damage at church. We sat and watched shingles peel off of rooftops at our apt complex like it was sunburn skin pealing off your back! At one point I walked out to see the sky situtation...and about got hit by flying shingles!

The Canadian geese and Mallard ducks at the pond here, finally decided to fly south...or was that north, no maybe east!!!! They were having a hard time deciding!

Our electric went out at 4pm and came on sometime in the wee hours of morning, but many are still w/o electric tonight. You see.....most of mid-Ohio's eletric company trucks are in ~ YOU GUESSED IT...Houston tending to Hurricane Ike! So we heard today that they were calling them back home to fix things.

Of course many people were doing crazy things while this was going on...just like those on the coastal part of our country always do when a hurricane is approaching. Which just proves, people are nuts!

Funny thing is...we never got hard rain, just a few sprinkles here in Columbus.

"Someone lef my cake out inthe rain, and I don't think that I can take it
b/c it took so long to bake it and I'll never have that
receipe again."
That song was for my daughters and their friend Andrea H. (who just had a baby girl named Sophie.) I remember being on vacation w/these teenagers and they laughted at the lyrics of this song! Memories, like the corners of my mind....OK I'll stop!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Memory Lane...

..Can you walk down Memory Lane? Answer this question.....What song inspires you back to a place in time where you can remember EVERYTHING you were doing when that song was being played?

My daughters blog caught me in tears when she remembered her and her little sister dancing to "The Rainbow Connection" by The Muppets.(mid 1980's)

I can remember lipsinging w/motions (and my brown go-go boots) with my little sister to the Nancy Sinatra record (yes, a 78, not a CD) "These Boots are Made for Walkin".
Brenda and I would listen to this song over and over in front of the stero that sat in the dinning room....while mom and dad took a motorcycle ride. (late 1960's)

Last Friday, I spend the night w/my mother and while out at dinner I heard "Tiny Dancer" by Elton took me back to my days before Christ, at The Stein! Peanut shells on the floor and a small crowded bar. A place where (just like the song) everyone knew your name. (mid 1970's)

Right after I started dating Steve, Peter Phramton sang "Show Me The Way" (1976)

Then there will always be the song that was played at our wedding..."Color My World" which was sang by a couple guys on guitar from my high school. (1976)

So CHALLENGE! Your turn now! Have fun going down that "long and winding road, that leads to your door" (Beatles 1960's) Sorry I regressed! Can you tell I love music?

Where is Your Nathan?

Nathan?..who is Nathan, you ask? Nathan was the subject of our sermon today at Grace Point. After hearing the description of this guy, I know you have a Nathan too.

2Samuel 12:1-13
Whenever I need to accomplish a task, I can always count on Nathan to assist. Of course his name could be Nathan, Paul, Jonathan, Debra, Matthew, Mark or Luke....or his name could be Shana, Jill, Terry, Morgan, Tiffany or Jenni.
In 2 Samuel, Nathan, a good friend of King David's tells him a story in order to show King David how displeased God was toward him after he slept w/Bathsheba and then had her husband killed. Nathan tells David, "your the man." (Not like we say in 2008 "your the man" w/a cocky shake of the head) Your the man, meaning, you are the man in this story David, listen up.
In v-13 David then sees his sin and repents w/a broken heart. (also see Psalm 51) Nothing is hidden from God in as much as we think else wise. God loves us and often sends a Nathan into our lives to reveal our weaknesses/sin/selfishness/and pity. These Nathans encourage us to walk close w/God.
1Chronicles 17..shows us that Nathan once again shares w/David what God desires. David wants to build an awesome temple for God, but God tells Nathan to tell the King "DO NOT go there, I will raise up your son to build a is no for you to do."
A Nathan helps us to be better. Nathan's also can get "under our skin", irritating us. Their words sting, but to the one who understands the job of these Nathan's, he is a welcomed intruder. A Nathan asks questions that challenge, convict. Intrusive questions that get to the core of the matter. MOST OF ALL A NATHAN TELLS THE TRUTH, EVEN IF IT HURTS.
So by now are you thinking about your Nathan? I had to do the same. My biggest Nathan is my husband of 32 yrs...but along the pathway of this life that is my book...I have had a few Nathan's: Lisa from Texas has to be my #1 Nathan, Ann H. from Arkansas has to be my #2. Sue L. from always ready to give me scripture advise and calm my fears. MaryBea from TN. always makes me smile and my sister Beth is the one who intercedes in my behalf. I would be amis if I did not add my daughters to this list...Shana and Jill, they are always encouraging my heart and soul but will be honest enough to talk straight w/me, their mother.
When you do figure out who your Nathan is, respect them! God has given them into your life for a purpose or for a season. Whatever the reason or time of space, respect them as prophets from God, sent to stir in your heart...reasoning, compassion, healing, encouragement or service.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh-io!!!! Part 2 (see Part 1 below)

After we got thru Atlanta, the rain was no more and no more was I aching! About 7 hrs into this first day drive another tune ran thru my head. You all know this one, sing it with me...."Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle w/you.” ….as we waited for a guy to come along I-75 to fix our broken moving truck! (It just slowly stopped on Steve.) Of course his first thought was the fuel filter, and he was right! If it had been anything else, they would of repacked us into another truck and 2 days later we would of been on our way! The next day as we pulled into Ohio, I start humming “Across The Field.” (For those of you who do not know, that is a fight song for The Ohio State Buckeyes)….OH-IO!

God is amazing in his infinite wisdom. We are now being healed emotionally, physically, spiritually, and relationally and that is b/c There is a God!

Thanks for hanging in there on this blog entry….next one will not be as long!

ps....I have tried to put up 2 cute pictures but for some reason (after getting a new printer) it keeps kicking me maybe I will try later, until then picture this:

stuck on the side of the interstate, the truck in front of me. I look over to the left side of the hwy and notice a McDonald sign. ('clowns to the left of me' tune started playing in my head at that point) Why? I have no idea, haven't heard that song in ages. I immediatly looked to the right side as I was humming this song and saw a FIREWORKS sign ('jokers to the right') I started laughing my fool head Steve sat w/a courious look on his picture this....he is on hold w/the Budget Rental Emergency line for 25 mins at this point. Then I said outloud "stuck in the middle w/you."

Sunday as we are driving thru Ohio, Steve calls me, put your radio on (such-n-such channel) and there was my song Stuck in the middle w/you! It was amazing that just one day ago, I was bawling my eyes out and Steve was forever asking my forgiveness in putting me thru the last 3 yrs. Now we are both laughing and loving this life that God has choosen for us. So here we are still not knowing what is down the road, we just know we are suppose to go!

And to question God as to why we are not stationary at this time in our lives is really not ours to question. His way is best...He knows the plans He has for us. All we have to do is follow. And I honestly would do it all over again with Steve by my side! Joy for your tomorrow!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hurrican Hits Georgia and my heart....Part 1

Time has passed so quickly since August 23rd, the day we pulled out of Albany. I will never forget the scene on Warren & Jill’s front porch. It had been raining since Friday afternoon from the rings of Hurrican Fay and now rings are forming around my heart forming a heavy storm of tears. I can’t seem to turn them off! Where are they coming from? There they are, our family standing….all our children, preparing to wave goodbye as Steve reaves up the large moving truck in the torrents of rain. I am sitting off to the side in the car, boo-hooing. Because on one hand, I know we are following God, yet I will miss – no- terribly ache over – being so far from the ones who matter the most to me: Shana, Billie, Jill, Warren, JennahKay, Lorahbeth and AudreyAnn.

We leave, not knowing what is down the road for us. Most people our age are stationary in life, how many times have I asked God, “Why not us?” So now I am trying to drive in hard rain & for 15 mins. I think it is actually raining harder INSIDE the car than outside. I recognize that I am mad at Byne for hindering a ministry that we felt was the right place to be. I am mad at Byne b/c I watched my husband bang his head against brick walls way to long…only to watch him shut down. It scared me b/c I have never seen him react this way before. Although I am mad that it broke up our time as family, it will never break our family. I prayed fervently for God to keep bitterness from my heart and He has! Victory! Just when I thought I was ok, that I could go on, the cycle started all over again…..Snapshots of the grands, hearing their voices. Oh my- once I was in another room that Friday night and stopped to the sound of all of them talking, laughing, playing in the front room. I thanked God for the sense of hearing…what a wonderful sound. Kind of like a “Mary took all these things and pondered them in her heart” moment!

After 15 mins of this round & round I decided to stop & focus on God, so I put in my 33Mile CD. The first song started like this: “I’ve heard it said today is all we’re given. Tomorrow may not come so you’d better start livin. I guess it all depends on your point of view. Pardon me if I don’t listen to everything the world says I’m missin. Cause I’m living in the days ahead. I’m already dancing on the streets of gold and I can’t stop celebratin in my soul. When I see Jesus face to face, tell me what could be better?”

Hummm! That started putting things into perspective. However my tears, my sob story did not stop but I kept listening. “There’s a beauty in the dawn, a rhythm to the rain, a silence in the soul that I just can’t explain. There’s a breath of life I breathe, a beating in my heart. A scary sense of what lies past the stars. Behind the mystery I know it could only be…There is a God, this is the proof. That all around the evidence is speaking the truth. From the center of my soul to the edge of the universe, creation is crying out. Believe it or not, There is a God.”

As we rolled slowly down US-300 God was w/me. The creator of the universe helping to dry my tears, guiding my path, holding my torn heart, mending my hurt, protecting me from bitterness. He was encouraging me thru song of His constant and abiding love, joy, peace and understanding. I had also been praying for no more tears once we got onto I-75 to Atlanta when the next song played….."What if in the morning when I wake up, before I fill my coffee cup I say Thank You. What if I looked at the day and the hours ahead & before I moved forward, I bowed my head to say Thank you.” In the middle of this very bouncy song, I changed! My tears stopped, I remembered to say Thank you Lord & as the lyrics go “ I know it would change all the moments in between.” Well, hey! This is what I do everyday but today w/the forever rain in front & back of me I was NOT-SO-ENJOYING-A-PRIVATE- PITY-PARTY.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


...TILL GAME DAY. Eight...8.....4+4.....ocho! And Steve, my Steve will be one of 105,000 on game day in the Horseshoe! GO BUCKS!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The last Sunday....

....for this....THE LAST TIE! Kinda like "The Last Supper" but not as serious... Like eating the last slice of chocolate cake.... Like sitting thru the movie until the last roll of the credits....Like paying the last payment on your mortgage ( does anyone know what that is like?) ....Like waiting in line at The Cheesecake Factory....Like the first snow of the season....Like, oh well, maybe you get it by now!

This past Sunday was the last time Steve had to wear a tie to we choose his Veggie Tale tie!! Fun and colorful, like going out with a BANG! Steve has always said that IF you have to wear ties then make them fun! He has tons of fun ones.

We move this Friday/Saturday to Columbus, Ohio. Grace Point Community Church has a non-formal fashion attire for worship ...which is so what Christ would prefer. "Just come as you are"....with a willing heart who desires to worship & praise the God of Creation.

1 Samuel 16:7 states...But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart."

I hope you are not held to worship w/a criteria of do's and don'ts, whether it be clothes or songs or raising of the hands, suits or hats, organ music or drums. God clearly states in His word what is important and what is not. IF clothing was important, then where does that put all those 3rd world Uganda? How much room do we leave for God to work out His perfect will in so many lives when WE put pressure on folks to act a certain way or wear certain clothes.

I just taught my 4th graders last Sunday on the scripture that tells us to NOT WORRY about what you may wear or eat. So if we believe that the scripture is truth then why do we make such a big deal out of what we wear to worship?? God said that worry can not add even one more hour to your life, so why worry?

This new ministry endeavor God has placed before us is exciting but humbling. Challenges @ GPCC (positive growing ones) will come but those challenges only bring us closer to Him & closer to one another. I don't ever want to stop growing and I don't ever want to get back into that "comfort zone"again. That way I have to depend more on God than on my own abilities. He is good all the time!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Uganda Childrens Choir...

Margaret, Julie,Brenda....Sharon and Me!

..visited our church in Albany last night. OMGoodness, my heart so worshipped with theirs. Our spirits were one in the Lord. Shana and the girls came down to worship w/us and we were all in agreement that God was invited into our family's hearts.

I wrote down some of the songs which gave way to worship...although these words do not do the night justice. You really had to be there! These children are all orphans. And when a love offering was giving my heart and Steve's were on the same page as the Lords! So was Shana and Jill's.

Songs were sung both in their native language and english. They danced thru every song! At one point AudreyAnn thought they were saying "Lorahbeth." After a video presentation of how they lived before the orphanage took them in, they sang:
"When I come into His presence I humble myself and I begin to worship Him. Remembering Him and every victory He's done, I humble myself and worship Him."

"I am yours, grow me up to be like you." and "My hope is in the Lord forever"

The staff was invited to get on stage w/them and just give hugs! I got so many more than I had time to girl hugged me so hard and long-twice, my heart was blessed to running over!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Urgent...please go to...

.....the right side of this on Mike Madaris & rock n roll....the read his journal entry dated Thursday, August 14, 2008...

What an encouraging message to all of us living in the future. Hear what he is saying and IF you answers bother your definition of LIVING!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Really good news and a laugh...

First of all the really good news is....ta-dah! After a endoscopy was done in July and meeting my doctor yesterday. I have the following: 2" Hiatial Hernia, terrible reflux and Barretts Esophagus. Now the first 2 are treatable-sigh! But the Barretts, although treatable is basically pre-cancerous cells...BUT (another sigh and praise) I have what is known as metaplasia esophagus...which means pre-pre cancerous cells. Further knowledge tells me that if you are to be diagnosed w/B.E. then you want it to be metaplasia!!!! (another long sigh and cheer toward heaven)

So I have given up drinking...cokes that is! (3 wks now)...watching my acid intake w/foods and takes Prilsec which is an acid pump blocker, twice daily. I do have to option of surgery to take care of the H.hernia but that will be discussed at a later date w/Steve. Right now I am thankful for the peace God has given me over hearing the inital news of Barretts 2 wks ago and trusting Him to call the shots! I am going to protect myself like it all depends on me BUT PRAY b/c it all depends on GOD! AMEN.

Now R U ready for a laugh???? At Walmart today, I found the perfect gift bag for our granddaughters 5th birthday gift...Ariel from The Little Mermaid! Then I found the perfect card for her. Don't you just love those music cards? Well, I saw Ariel and opened up the card...not realizing that it was a music card...and completely scared me and the lady I was standing beside!!! We both laughed our fool heads off!

And for a minute the laughter helped me forget that in exactally 10 days we will say goodbye to 3 granddaughters, 2 daughters and 2 sons! I wonder what that laughter made the lady I scared in WalMart forget??? Joy~

Monday, August 11, 2008

Time in a bottle...

....the first thing that I 'd like to to save everyday like a treasure and then again I would spend them w/you...Jim Crocce
That is what I told a friend today...well not these exact words and no I did not sing it to her....but I said "In this life God has given Steve & I to live out, there has been so many people that I miss so much. That if I could I would buy a huge house so everyone who has touched my life would be w/me forever. " There are those who have always encouraged me in my faith walk and there are those who ministered to me thru service. Some have been the best friend I really needed at that moment in time, they must of been an angel sent from heaven to mend my wounds.
On a dusty mid July. Country summer evening a weepin willow shard its lullaby and shared it’s secrets. But now and then I find myself thinking of the days. When we were walkin in the Alabama rain....Trisha Yearwood
It was mid July when we received a call from a church in Ohio. They had searched thru many resumes and picked Steve as their first choice to fly up for a weekend interview. Ohio really tickled Steve's ears....Lewis Center is a unincorporated city outside of Columbus. The church is 8 yrs old and has over 500 in attendance. They are fresh, eager to grow, eager to reach into their communities and make it a point to tell you that it is not about them but rather about the God of Creation. Abba Father! We went up on a Friday and voluntarily participated in their last night of VBS. The kids were amazing, they were so comfortable being around us. Their theme for VBS was Cars....and Friday night they advertised that car clubs could bring their cars to the church for others to see. Steve & I got to sit in a Lotus....OMGoodness! And I sat in a Lamborgini (spell) WOW! I love cars so natural I was googooing over them all.
He’s brought me here where things are clear and trials turned to gold He shared w/me his victory He won in days of old. O Lord forgve the times , I tried to read your mind. Cause you said if I be still, then I would hear your voice....Keith Green
After our visit w/these believers, we got quiet, we prayed for God to direct them in the decision they needed to make. When the phone call came, we then knew that our "trials were turning to gold" Of course turning trials to gold only happens when we see Jesus face to face, laying our crowns of gold at His feet. Wherever you are planted, you must choose to grow, will yourself to dig deep roots so you can receive the richest soil for best nurishment. Steve & I have grown here in Georgia. We have searched God for answers. And we finally realized that although we felt God calling us here 10 months ago, Steve is not the right fit that this church in Georgia wants. ('want' being the operative word)
Am I ready to lay down my life for a breathern and to take of up my cross.
Have I surrendered to the will of God, or am I still the boss?.....Bob Dylan

Before July, the question remained for a few months, did we miss God's calling to come to Georgia in the first place? The answer, after much prayer, is no! We were ready to do what was needed to work, serve and pray w/believers who want to make a difference. We are called as believers to step aside and allow God to take control! So in essence that is what we did in this situtation...we are allowing God to be the boss. Leaving our family here in Georgia will be hard but God said that in order to serve Him, we must forsake family for the cause. Our family is a close knit group of 9. (for the time being~smiling as I type) We are positive that our lives will stay connected, our love, support and enjoyment for each other will continue to be strong!
So all this said.....I guess I could end this journal entry with a final song lyric....
On the road again. Going places that I’ve never been. Seeing things that I make never see again. I can’t wait to get on the road again.....Willie Nelson

Joy for your day~