Tuesday, December 22, 2009

33 yrs ago tonight...

..I married my husband! This day is almost over for another year....another year to start off w/my true best friend. WOOHOO! It took me a long time to find him but finally we met...kissed and that's when I melted like butter. I tried for months to talk MYSELF out of love w/this guy but I kept coming back to my gut feeling that this was the right one for me. After all the other upsets in this area of love n trust....I didn't want to get hurt again....but something kept pulling at my heart.

I didn't know then but 1.5 yrs later I figured out that GOD was tugging at me to follow my heart this time. I am so very glad I did. Steve is simply the best for me, not for anyone else...but for me he is the best. I am so thankful for his desire to keep God first in his life, thankful that he always treats me as a fine princess at the ball. When we are in a room of people, I only have to see his face and he makes me feel like I am the only one there. It was wonderful to have children with this man of God. We parented as a team and many times he took duties of the household from me so I could "just rest." We have never had lots of money but we are so rich in the areas of trust, love, confidence, family and now a couple w/adult children and being grandparents together. What a blessing!

The bumps of life along the way has only given us more of the together-strength. Loosing a child, 7 straight yrs of schooling for him, raising teens, a couple back surgeries for me, making sure we were there for every grandchilds birth, every dance recital of our own girls and now granddaughters. Cars, jobs, moves to the many states we have lived in...I could go on and on.

It is a blessing to be able (in this era of marriage life) to look into your spouses eyes and honestly say "You have always been the one. I have always been true to you."

God if You sees fit, please give us 33 more yrs together! And may all the glory go back to You. For You are the reason we are together. We will keep that triangle tight w/You at the helm.

I love you Lord and I love you Steve.

Monday, December 21, 2009

A favorite part .....

..of the Christmas Story for me is located in Luke 2:25-35

NIV starts out like this " There was a man in Jerusalem whose name was Simeon. This man was righteous and devout, looking forward to Israel's consolation, and the Holy Spirit was upon him."

All we really know about this man was that he was a "man of God" and possibly up in years. We also know that he listened to God quite often b/c he could quote the prophets of old. He was a man "in touch" w/God so much that God's Holy Spirit told him that he would not die until he saw the Messiah.

In my imagination, I think that he was a gentle man, rough large hands, maybe tall and lanky, but carried himself in such a way that others gave their respect and their listening ears. Some may have always looked at him as a crazy old man who never stopped talking about the coming Messiah....but he always knew better!

I like to think that he loved children. I don't know why but when I read V28 "Simeon took Him up in his arms, praised God" I can see the love in his eyes for this child he was holding. How he carefully handed this child back to His mother, letting her know that she was the mother of The Messiah. Smiling at Joseph with tears streaming down his face, knodding his head b/c he was so grateful to have held The Messiah!

V30-32 states "For my eyes have seen Your salvation. You have prepared it in the presence of all people, a light of revelation to the Gentiles and glory to Your people Israel."
V34-35 Simeon blessed them all and told Mary "Indeed this child is destined to cause the fall and rise of many in Israel and to be a sign that will be opposed! A sword will pierce your own soul, that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed."

I love to think of being a shepherd seeing the tiny babe...I admire the patience and travel time the Magi took to lay gifts at the feet of a small child....I so respect 2 young people in love for facing the insurmountable odds of 9 mos when they did nothing wrong in that situation all b/c they knew God was working thru them.

So when I read about Simeon, I am amazed! He had been waiting for this Messiah, this Savior for many years. No doubt many parents went in and out of the temple to perform what was customary to Jewish law...but Simeon knew the child at first glance! He scooped Him up into his arms and praised God for the Messiah revealed! He knew that his life could end that very minute b/c he finally got to see what God had promised all along!

What I can take from this? Well, I love babies, I love to give gifts (small or large), I admire anyone who perserviers thru trials and hard times....I understand the shepherds, Magi and being a couple in love-facing trials....BUT I CAN ONLY HOPE TO ONE DAY BE A SIMEON!

The true hope is: I don't have to one day be a Simeon, I have the Word in front of me, I have seen the child! I see Him in the kids we help at the schools near our church, the trailer court we support w/food, my small group of 4th-5th graders, my mother and Steve's father who both are ailing in their older years. The cashier at WalMart or a single mother trying to handle life w/an autistic child. I don't want to fail to mention our military. All these lay under the cross of The Messiah , including me.

Am I Simeon? Never will be but I am a believer of The Messiah, and have the Holy Spirit within me so may I never stop seeking and telling and helping others to know of the hope of the light of revelation for salvation giving all the glory to God.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


are such memory-keepers aren't they?

Our daughters told us their memories of Christmas: putting the manager scene together one piece per night, then finding Baby Jesus somewhere in the living room on Christmas morning & putting Him in His proper place...reading the Christmas story from Luke on Christmas Eve...buying a small family present for each other and opening them on Christmas Eve....knowing that daddy alway enjoyed buying the stocking stuffers...Christmas stocks....Happy Birthday Jesus cake for b'fast BEFORE opening presents.....watching all of the old Christmas movies starting 2 wks prior to Christmas.

Tonight Stve n I watched a memorable movie "The Charlie Brown Christmas". How much better does it get when (My fav character) Linus takes his thumb out of his mouth, hangs onto his blankee and says "Lights Please" then he starts to recite the real Christmas story. I love his lyspe!

Our first Christmas tree as a married couple was a "fuller brush" artifical tree from a grocery store(Piggley Wiggley) in southern Texas. BECAUSE to get real trees to southern Texas, they were shipped in refrigerated train cars and they cost A MINT~! The only one we could afford (real that is) really did look like the Charlie Brown tree, really! So we purchased our artifical tree for a whopping $10. (and kept it for at least 5 yrs) So $2 per/yr was a great deal!

While stationed in Va.Bch, Va....I was taking this tree down and one of the "fuller brush" branches was stuck, so I sat my sweet toddler on the couch and proceeded to pull, I got it unstuck but it went into my left eye!OUCH~!

But really, I would never take any of that back for a bigger, better tree or gifts or home. The laughter Steve n I went thru trying to pick out the perfect tree on an E2 paycheck, we were so proud of our little 5' tree.

Now we have a 10 footer but while living in an apt, can not put it up. And w/my vertigo, not much is going up anyway! The neat thing is: CHRISTMAS WILL STILL COME, we will celebrate w/family memories of yrs past, gifts that didn't work,Operation Christmas Child, batteries that were forgotten, knowing we helped needy families in our town, blessed w/lots of food to eat, and most importantly: the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus!

PS...I may not get all the decorations up that I want this yr, but I promise I will take down the harvest wreath and take "the sure to be ripe" pumpkins off of the patio table!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Lord our Protector...

V1-I raise my eyes unto the hills, where does my help come from? V2-My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.

My "be still" moment today was in the 2nd step of the Psalm of the Accents-Palm 121. I pondered on the parts where it states that God is our Protector. He never slumbers not sleep. He is a shelter for my right side, the sun does not strike me by day nor the moon by night. He will protect me from all harm. He will protect my coming and my going.

That kept me still for most of the afternoon. I facilitated the Psalms of the Ascents by Beth Moore, I tried to find my study guide but it's to high up in the closet for me to read what we discussed. Protector by definition means: to cover, to keep from harm. Yet I know of many who believe in the great God of Creation and have suffered loss, was not protected, was struck down by the sun. I have even experience the same things in this life. So what does it mean? Then I took time to read a blog of a mother who lost her son to cancer this past spring. It does rain on the just and unjust ....so what about this protection thing? After I read her comments today I thought differently on the subject of protection.

I know His protection is not always around us yet He is always around. The verses talk of Hm never slumbering or sleeping. Meaning He is ever awake and watching us. We want to think of protection as the exact definition but I think God wants us to know His protection is that He is ever present, ever awake, knowing and walking thru ever minute of our lives.

Read this Psalm and tell me what you think it means.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

No Letter...

this year!! Every year I write out a letter of events from that awesome year God allowed us to share together. All the good, bad and the ugly of life. But this year I am not do that. Now one thing my family has to put up with is the "Olan Mills Mother" that comes out of me when I know we will be together.. It may be a theme picture or color coordinated and every person has a smile on their faces! Now the guys of my family usually smile on cue b/c they are so NOT into standing around in strange areas for "just one more picture.' However for me, this is a treasure!

This year was a clarion call to wear fall colors. (easy right?) We tried indoors then went outside and those pics looks more "normal & relaxing" for us. We do have a wonderful family photographer, namely Shana....so we made sure that we got some of their family.
I already have next years theme thought out in my mind,but it's a secret, a good plan never fails!

Thanksgiving feast, which we are all blessed w/in this country was filling, so filling that we forgot to bake the Mrs. Smith Pumpkin pie! (we never even missed it) the guys watched football on a 52" screen while we girls prepared all sorts of good stuff. A sweet family came over b/c they lived states away from their family...we had so much food and I came away w/a great Corn Casserole Mexican style!

The grands made gingerbread teddy bear cookies, and also some sugar cookies. Sir n I was able to watch them put up their Christmas tree. Funny thing is their Christmas list wasn't very large this year, just onething "American Girl". We brought Christmas to them so I know that each day they see those presents, they are really itching to peek.

Shana took a wonderful picture of Marley that could win a contest! We went to Turtle Park in Albany, Ga and took some rustic pics in an alley and by the rail road station. Had to bribe Marley and the grands w/snacks n gum....teehee!

After doing all things the holiday traditions have required, the pastor at Jill and Warren's church made this statement....Jesus responds to us in the middle of our busy-ness and says "Be Still & Know that I am God." Jesus wants to spend UNHURRIED TIME w/us on a regular basis.

Throughout the week together w/our family I thought often of Jesus and what He desires of us...and then the pastor spoke it: UNHURRIED TIME.
So may I encourage you to spend some unhurried time w/Christ before we celebrate His birth. IF the last holly does not get up in time or the wrapping paper doesn't match or you run out of bows..or you don't have enough money to spend, or our home doesn't have that "martha stewart" look, so what! Our relationship w/Christ, family and friends is what really matters during the most stressful time of the year.

These are the things that will be remembered!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

When we say we have everything...

...we need, but Jesus is not at the top of the list. He is deeply offended.Self-sufficienct disracts us from prusuing the things we really need that only He can give us.

IF YOU'D rather have cash than character
IF YOUR credit cards are maxed
IF YOUR righteousness is mininized
IF YOU'VE become smart but not wise....

Then you have been shopping in all the wrong places. Jesus offers commodies that are far better. He knocks at our heart, let Him in and He will give you all that you need.

REVELATION 3:14-22 (The Daily Bread-Oct/Nov09)

As the country song repeats: Looking for love in all the wrong places, looking for love into many faces.......I blessed the day I discovered of what I was dreamin of... JESUS~

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ohio State Buckeyes....

...are going to the Rose Bowl~ Close game today, Iowa played an amazing game, great competition and no one was hurt. We are the Big Ten Champs-5th year in a row! woohoo!
LAURIE..wish we could come out to the game b/c I woul love to see you...

Friday, November 13, 2009

As of Wedneday, November 11, 2009....

we officially became grandparents AGAIN!~ The courts in Etheopia made it legal...our granddaughter is now Ellegrace Hiwot (Hay-wot) Dantzler! Hiwot means life, how awesome, b/c we have been praying for her life for 3 yrs now! I can now share a picture of this little brown eyed gem. She is going to walk into such a loving family and extended family. Her sisters are beside themselves, Steve n I are beside ourselves....everytime I look at her face on my table, I have such a feeling of love, joy and just want to kiss her cute cheeks! I know Mom n Dad get first kisses and I know that I will be overjoyed, tears will cloud her face from me but I will get my turn.

Our natural born children are nothing less than a miracle to us as parents. Having babysat a few adopted children in the past, I have always rocked them to sleep, praying that One Day they would understand how special they are. Now I get to hold my own adopted granddaughter and pray that prayer over her. Our family has now forever changed b/c Shana n Bill decided to take that leap of faith, that tug of their hearts and become obedient to God as He placed everything in order.

More on this sweet child later, like January later....b/c we will be there waiting for that plane to bring her into our lives! Until then we celebrate....Christmas presents to be bought, the bed is in place, she has her own dresser and a most of all a place in our lives!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today I cried...

The Bible says that tears are cleansing to the soul....today I cried but it didn't cleanse my soul. After 13 days with acute vertigo I am at the end of that rope that is hanging off of the cliff. My legs are giving out on me, I am dangerous w/a knife and tomato, can't fill the dishwasher w/o doing a 2-step.

Part of me is anguished b/c I am plain tired of feeling like I am in a drunken stooper, not in control of my body, my head still feels like it is a helium balloon that if I left go, it will never come back down to earth.

Another part of me feels so ashamed to be complaining over such a minor thing as vertigo when I know of so many who are struggling w/ more serious illnesses or financial issues. So I continue to cry. Is it desperation b/c I have so much I want to be involved in? I miss my kids at small group, I missed adul small group last night. I haven't enjoyed an evening w/my husband for 13 days now, even the Buckeye game last week was no fun. I really miss not taking care of my mother who has been so ill lately. I have Christmas to buy for before Thanksgiving, and Operation Shoe Boxes to complete before Nov 15th. So I cry!

But I just finished reading Luke 4:1-13, it talks about the temptations of Christ. After 40 days of fasting, satan revealed that He as Christ could turn the very stones into bread.....the answer: "Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word of God."

HUMMMM, satan thinks again. taking Jesus to the highest point to show Him the kingdoms of the world and assures Jesus that all of this will be His if only He would bow to him....the answer: "Worship the Lord your God ,and serve Him only."

Well than , satan thinks again. Just jump off of this temple and surely God's angels will not allow your feet to hit a stone.....the answer: "Do not tempt the Lord your God."

Finally satan in V13 "had finished every temptation , he departed from Him for a time."

So I stopped my crying. I must live by the Word of God DAILY. I will WORSHIP God and SERVE Him only and I want to keep my eyes OPEN to temptations of satan. V13 warns us that he (satan) will return to tempt us.

BTW: my sweet husband came home when he heard my cries, fixed me lunch, and then told me that tomorrow he was taking me out to get my hair washed and styled!!!! Now that dried my tears. Also, I got a phone call from Peggy, a dear friend, who is bringing over fru-fru coffee (that's what Kelly calls it) at 4pm today! I look terrible but coffee w/a friend , who cares what I look like! ( I mean I have enough oil in my hair to fill a frying pan.)

God answers prayers in the most unusual ways. And I am so glad He does! Well I gotta get off of here b/c my turtle caramel coffee w/whip cream is on it's way! Thanks for listening blogworld.

Can this be called Coffee for the Soul?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Growing Up Ogle...

Our pastor asked Steve n I to help lead a discussion w/him and his wife directed toward our youth parents while their teens were in group session called EPIC. One of the things he wanted us to do was to talk to our daughters about what they took away from "Growing Up Ogle."

So Steve emailed them both and within 2 days their responses came back. What we were shocked about was that they both had the same list, maybe worded differently but still the same. I had to make a family crest from these 4 items: Compassion, Integrity, Obedience and Trust. It really wowed us to know that our daughters felt the same way.
They always heard the defination of Integrity: doing what is right even when no one is watching. Did they always practice that, no, but they heard it and saw it in action thru their parents.
Obedience/the Word, they said was something they saw us diving into and praying about and reading it to them when they were in a decision making situtation. Giving our obedience to God first.
Trust was something that was earned in our home....and if was stolen then it took a long time to get it back. We would take many positions on different situtations but lying was a deal breaker.
Compassion was acting out LOVE and the neat thing is to see them w/their children acting out love in service toward others...just like they did as children. Jill n Warren volunteer so much of their time in their community and that does my heart good.
Did we do many thing wrong, yes we did. If we could have do-overs that would be great. I tell my daughter who is a mother that she is a GOOD MOM never GREAT b/c we all have room for improvement. Maybe to you that sounds harsh but it's the truth, we are good moms who love our children unconditionally.


no this is not a real man but it sure looked like it, hair folicals and all

this was titled The Blue Lady

Monet, my favorite artist

the beach in Honduros and Pastor Deago and wife Sandra

Family again! (Can't get to much of a good thing)

Steve, his dad and Annie and a best friend Mary Lou
GIGI buttoning up AA's sweater w/frail hands- my fav photo....

Mothers Day 09 and the guys going into Barnes n Noble with the girls


Dance Recital 09

Pick up our grands! People just looked and looked! WE HAD ALOT OF FUN!

my baby brother and my sister!

Golfing w/Steve's mom! That was so much fun!

Great times w/Family n friends...

Steve, his sister Beth and Neice Aprille...
Old schoolmates of mine Mike/Sandy..it's been since 1972..omgoodness, we look so good! :)

Patty and I after 24 yrs...we started our husbands into college at the same time n were neighbors....great connections.

Our small group-woohooo! looking up and eating!

The first tomato..Pirates, friends and laughter!

Steve told me that IF the lonely tomato plant on our patio would produce red tomatoes then I could have a garden when we buy a house...well here's proof of the very first one!
I had to be a pirate for larger group in KidsQuest, things I do for my sweetie...I love it! Dinner out w/friends at Cheescake Factory- blessings and a night of laughs w/friends at a John Panette comedy gig. Yes, I saw him outside taking a break and asked to take a pic. He was so nice! Notice the Leggo Store at the mall...so cool!

More Candid Shots....

It was Veterns Day/Senior Citizens Day at the Deleware County Fair, Steve got in for free an I had to pay 2$. Not so southern sweet tea, great friends, a friend who's goat took a prize and a ribbon for her sunflower, home of the Little Brown Jug races and watching a good friend triple roll his truck in a dirt race (he had 1st place till that accident)...never again will I watch him do that again. But we had some Fun!

Smile, your on Candid Camera..

Amish Country Mini Vacation 09

Just Forget It....

It is now November and I am still not caught up. In 3 wks Thanksgiving will be here and then Christmas. I refuse to add more stress into an already stressful life called: "It's a Wonderful Life."
So I will start anew. Starting fresh is very stress-less. Starting fresh is freeing! So here I go.

After dealing w/my mother's health thru the months of Sept and Oct, including a wk stay in the hospital, things got better. My mom is slowly healing and is at this very minute (Just got off the phone w/her) much better. I am so thankful to God for answered prayer.

Reading in James 1:3-4, the Bible states, "Knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. But endurance must do it's complete work so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing."

So many times we say we are enduring but are we really? Then to read that endurance must do it's complete work so that we can be mature, complete, lacking in nothing! WOW~ my Lord wants me to lack for nothing. Lack for nothing in every situtation I may find myself in. I felt that way one morning in the hospital at 3am....sitting in the chapel on the CCU floor, reading and listening.

For the past 12 days I have found myself reading and listening again...but this time it is in my own bed struggling through an acute bout of vertigo. Another test? Maybe...so I pray and wait w/endurance for this to be over.

My life is a cup running over w/love. I am so very blessed to be right where I am at this moment in time. I have a loving husband who is faithful n every way. I have grown children who desire to be faithful and walk w/God. I have grandchildren who call me "just b/c they got out of dance class." I wait for the phone call to drive to Atlanta to meet our newest granddaughter, whom we prayed for an loved for over 2 yrs. I have a mother who is healing from a scary situtation. My inlaws are the joy of my heart. I have reconnected w/cousins and close christian friends from over 24 yrs ago. I am watching my husband's dream come true. (more on that later) I have the privlege to learn from teaching my 4th/5th graders at church. It is a wonderful life! SO I WAIT W/ENDURANCE b/c I want the blessing of maturing to completion so I lack nothing this world will place before me.

I hope the same for you.

Monday, September 14, 2009

We Pause for a Commercial Break!

Today, an email went out to an adoption agency that will start the process w/the court system in Ethiopia for a 'little gem' of a girl to start living life to it's fullest w/all rights given to her as she becomes the 4TH GRANDDAUGHTER of ours. Shana & Billie and their 3 daughters will welcome daughter #4..sister #3 to their home IN THE NEAR FUTURE!!!!!

We actually have a picture to go w/the name of Ellagrace. For every grandchild we have prayed...for this grandchild we have prayed for 2 yrs now. For wisdom in the right agency, for the exact time God had for her to be born, for paperwork connections from one country to the other.

I wish I could show you her eyes, how they sparkle when she smiles. So if you are reading this plse pray for the court hearing to finalize everything on the first try. Pray for her ability to adjust to so much new-way of life. Pray for our granddaughers, her sisters, to adjust. Everyone has been waiting and praying for this divine appointment..AND IT'S ALMOST HERE!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

What is today?

Well although today is September 12, 2009 I am only on the month of June in blog world time! So I will start w/June and hope to get to July tomorrow. If not, I will be posting September in November…aughhh, pressure on!

June saw me rarely. I mean rarely ! My sweetness of a husband asked me to do just 2 things for the upcoming VBS09. Just 2 things, I can do that. What are my job descriptions for this year of VBS dear? Decorations and Registration said the Minister of Children, my husband. I was in charge of decorating the whole church for VBS and then chair the registration ladies, who knew very well the ins and outs of this job…they didn’t need me! Decorations however took on a life of its own. Our theme was Museum @ 12627. Not in Night at the Museum, but a real museum.
I do have pics on these from my facebook, so I will post them. It was the best of times and the worst of times. I had some awesome help by 4 great teenage girls and one very talented mother.

The vision started in the entry area w/ Insects of South America which included spiders, large brown ants, stinger less bees, and silk caterpillars.

Walking into the huge area outside the worship area you found a Dinosaur hanging from the ceiling, dinosaur bones in a dig area of sand, a knight from Medieval times, an ancient Bible area, Egypt which included Pharaoh, pyramids, ancient jars/pottery and mummy in tact.

Down the preschool hall you traveled back in time to see a 6’ steam locomotive, airplane parts, a mini antique gas tank, etc.

On the far hallway you find yourself entering the art section of the museum. We had Monet, a Jr. Picasso, pop art and other famous artist of centuries past.

Every area of the museum was roped off, had docents and had information cards for your personal leisure. VBS ended up w/an average of 152+ in attendance and our total numbers for the week had us at 192 children enrolled.

For 3-5 wks my sweet husband put up w/frozen dinners or deli sandwiches (which we never eat) we had to have dessert so it consisted of Toaster Strudels.

I was also helping my mother in the month of June w/a civil law suit (furnace guy not the cable guy) Just doing all the paper trail and filing papers kept us busy for a few days.

This ends June in a nutshell… love nuts but I really love this ‘nutshell’ of a bible verse:
2 Timothy 1:7…For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love, and sound judgment. (HCS)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I am never gonna get updated..

...if I don't get busy! My time in Georgia in May 09 was even more fun when Steve got down for a week's vacation. Of course, we were not going to miss the biggest event of the season...Dance Recital! I mean, as long as we have breath in us and enough gas for the car and no elderly parent in the hospital...WE WILL NEVER MISS OUR GRANDDAUGHTERS DANCE RECITALS.

This year was themed as Aladdin and our little grands were part of the fruit stand scene and also in the ballet. They were so excited. This was KK's 2nd recital so she was the pro..but LB...well now, she was so very excited! We were quite impressed by LB's love of the stage (well, ok not that surprised, she loves acting, singing anything that has to do with the arts) Both grands held their head, hands and position of feet exactly the way they were taught. Now (Sept 09) the new year of dance has started and KK goes into her 3rd yr of dance but our LB really wanted to take on gymnastics. Again we are not surprised! That's our LB...always trying new stuff. Well if I am allowed to brag...both girls have been promoted in their classes already!

I so wish I had the pictures of the recital and the day event...but sad to say...I don't . The camera of my mind has it embedded in my memory though. That's the neat thing about living life w/your children and grands....memories- WOW!~

After the recital, that family took a quick vacation to Mississippi to see their other grandparents...and we headed back to Jill n Warren's for a few more days.

What fun we had, just the 4 of us. Playing Uker, Wii and just talking about everything and anything was such a pleasure. We also worked on a new cushion set including pillows for Jill's front porch wicker set. Even Steve got into the sewing details..(small problem, I forgot to bring my sewing machine and although Shana gave me hers, we all forgot to get bobbins) It was way to late for a trip to Wal Mart so I did what I love to do best....sew by hand! Yes, and the cushions look great! Steve did pretty good on his hand sewing venture, I was proud!

It became time to leave Georgia for Ohio all the while knowing that the next time we would be together would be Thanksgiving. And I am already counting down the weeks till November...and guess what? It's already September.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A New Week in a Different Place...

Time was going by way to quickly, I missed Steve more and more but yet I hurt knowing that I had to leave Jill, and I still don’t know why I felt that way. Did you ever feel like you were suppose to be somewhere at a certain time in your life? That’s what I felt at Jill’s.

(“Holy holy is the Lord Almighty holy holy”, Chris Tomlin) I was allowed to spend so much time w/the ones I love…how awesome is that. He is Holy, we serve a mighty God!
“How great is our God, sing w/me how great is our God. And all will see how great how great is our God”

For the next nine days I was going to be in what I will call ‘GRAND HEAVEN.” Of course I would be amiss if I did not report that I was looking forward to some mother /daughter time w/Shana as well. I love my girls, they are women I really want to emulate! (Typing w/tears is not an easy thing to do; the water tends to distort the keys)

The month of May was half over; I missed my husband so much and was thankful to a loving God that I had this opportunity. I just thought days went fast at Jill’s! I was in DeeDee overload and LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

The first full day was spent just “getting use to DeeDee being there”. We read every book, colored and taught her (DeeDee) how to play more Wii!

Excuse me, had to stop and sing (Chris Tomlin)….”Everyone around the world, hear the joyful sound, see the heavens open up and hear the music comin down.. Nothings gonna separate us from the Fathers love. If God is on our side, who can be against us, If God is on our side we won’t be afraid, though the mountains may fall and the sky will crumble there ain’t nothing gonna stand in our way.”

Back to my time w/Shana n Bill n the girls. It was a week filled w/all things fun! We gave mommy and daddy a night out for their 9th anniversary. And after dinner we created a cake just for them! Of course I already recorded that activity, but may I remind myself, we had a blast and Shana/Bill was really surprised! On Thursday I gave Shana a day off. Once time on the phone she had told me that she really would love a day to JUST PLAY. You know, a day to not be mommy! So she got it! I did my housemaid routine and loved it…while she played all day w/her girls. I enjoyed listening to the music of chatter in the playroom so much. This is one thing I will always remember from this trip to Grand Heaven. Shana and I got a movie date also and enjoyed some ice cream together. Now my Billie-D of a son always gets my giggle going! He is the sweetest dad and loving husband! I am so glad God blessed us with great men for our daughters!

We took a trip to a strawberry farm and picked those little scrumptious delectable berries till 3 baskets were full. The girls even remembered my motto from picking berries a few years back “pick me, pick me says the red ones, No no no don’t pick me I’m not ready yet, says the green ones.” So we chanted for awhile as we laughed and remembered. We took some crazy pictures as strawberries for all to see, played on the playground that was close by and left for home. Another ending to a busy, memorable day…still missing Steve-o…talking to him everyday but it doesn’t help the loneliness from setting in especially at night.

A New Addition....

Well, Marley became a member of the Gorman family that week. She is such a well mannered dog. It is amazing that someone would leave her behind. I heard from a dog kennel friend that in Albany over the past year (all the plant closings-economics) there were around 3500 pets left on the streets. How sad! Marley seemed to attach herself to Warren and would jump at loud sounds. She started tugging at my heart strings. The vet check up was good and she got shots needed for the moment. We figured that she had just had babies for obvious reasons and the vet agreed.

We played Wii and cards a lot! I stepped into the bedroom, every Tuesday as they entertained teenagers at a weekly Bible study in their home. I worked on my quilt, enjoyed loving on my kids and continued to be a housemaid out of pure enjoyment! Jill and I did a few mother/daughter things like: a movie, cooking at "A Pinch of Thyme", and taking the granddaughters to a pottery place to make things for Father’s Day.

Yes we babysat the grands while Shana had a photo shoot for a wedding on a beach in Florida. It was a busy weekend…and as everyone knows, I always have lots of stuff to do while babysitting. We even took the girls to a friend’s house that had children the same age and played in the huge waterworks they had set up in the backyard. We had Boy scout pancakes for b’fast and root beer floats for dessert that night. Mommy was back on Mother’s Day so after church we had a nice lunch presented to us and crowns from the grands and Auntie Jill.

Marley didn’t know what to think of all these people but I have to say she continued to be so well mannered.

First Stop in May.....

My first location was Albany w/Jill & Warren. Saturday started off well and I found out we were going to a fashion show for a charity event in town. Another sweet couple w/their sweetness of a baby girl came over and w/the guys babysitting, we three girls got dressed up and went downtown for the event. I was so glad Jill wanted me to go along w/her and Ashley. We got back home and “little sweetness’ was still up, although wanting to go to sleep. I asked permission to take her back to the bedroom and rocked her gently to sleep…oh I was in heaven! How wonderful to remember the smell, panting breath and small hand on your chest as a baby sleeps in warm soft pajamas. I rocked and prayed for about an hour…the best time w/God was always w/my babies in the rocking chair.
I know “little sweetness” and myself worked out all the problems of the world that hour.

Sunday was filled w/church, good dinner and afternoon naps. It was good to see some faithful friends at church. Great to worship w/my children and enjoyed a sermon from the new pastor. Monday came and I was destined to surprise Jill by preparing dinner so she did not have to when she got home from her stressful job. So I cleaned (which is one of the things I love to do) did laundry and prepared dinner. End of another day…still missing Steve! The week went fast I was going to have 9 days w/Jill n Warren then moved onto Shana n Bill’s.

On Wednesday we went to church and supported Warren as he spoke to the youth. He can really get the message of Christ out to teens in a way that really makes them think. Then after church we went to a friend’s house that just happened to have a white lab show up on their doorstep. He had hung around for a few weeks and since J&W was thinking of a dog, well we got to meet Marley. Though not it’s real name but that’s who she looked like, Marley, from the movie a very gentle, calmer version of the movie dog I should add. We get back home and start convincing Jill that she would be a good dog to have, as long as no one has claimed her. Warren and I did a very good job of putting on the Ritz for Marley’s case!

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I had lunch w/dear friends. Let me introduce you to Roxanne, Karen, and Denise, great women of faith, encouragers, and strong ladies whom you can turn to in times of storms. I had so much fun with you all…thanks for the cherished memories!

Just finished listening to “Believe Me Now” by Steven Curtis Chapman. That’s all that God wants from us, a relationship that calls us to just believe…believe that God is in control, that God truly has out best interest at heart. Some days these are hard to comprehend…but we must listen to that still small voice that calls our hearts to His side.

Ready Set Go~

I am just sitting here listening to Selah singing “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus,” and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.” Such a calm assurance isn’t it?

I look at what I need to do to get self back on track w/my blogging and the task seems daunting enough but this music should sooth my soul and allow me to journal my thoughts once again. So I start with the last week of April 09… The biggest issue is NO PICTURES, our computer had a near miss w/a Trojan horse virus so when we cleared everything off of the computer, we thought we got every last picture off before we wiped it clean....well, that didn't happen so all of my 09 pictures are gone into cyberspace...eternal! I will not faint, OR get mad at technology!

Taking a trip w/Steve is always a pleasurable thing for me, so driving to Atlanta was refreshing. As Steve took of for his myriad of meetings at Orange Conference, I stayed put in the hotel room, secluded w/my Bible, current novel, journal/pen and the T.V. remote I started basking in quiet! Now this is vacating!

Two days of solitude and evenings w/my best friend, then Friday came! Our daughters were driving up to Atlanta so we could go shopping at IKEA. Never been there so I was looking forward to just window shopping, or so I thought. It is a huge store, w/greater prices on nice things. (Vern Kipp, gets all of his stuff for home d├ęcor there.) I bought drapes for our living room window, a bamboo plant, things for the grands and had a great lunch w/my girls. We had so much fun together!!! We came out of the store with 2 big palm trees for the girls and other sundry items they needed. I really needed that time w/them. We spent the day there (yes, it’s that big) then headed back to a Crackle Barrel to meet Steve for dinner.

I made a big deal of the picture b/c it was the first time in a long time that we ate just with our daughters. Now grown, married women, Steve and I are so proud of what they have become. After dinner, I kissed my dearest friend goodbye and started off for southern Georgia w/my girls! Jill and I arrived in Albany around 11pm and I was greeted by my sweet son, Warren, only 3 more wks till I see Steve again.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Starting Fresh...n catching up!

I have needed to get back into my journaling for months now..so my first goal was to get a FRESH background! I love this background for a few reasons, it fills the theme of what I will be doing over the next week ~ filling you in on life over the past few months. (I think I left off the first of May) I also love me some college football so with my favorite colors being scarlet/gray well, this was the best choice. And finally I will post photo's from the past so I have a journal entry of all that has happened.

I will start with the most recent "dates of happenings" and that way IF you are interested, all you have to do is log in and understand why I have not blogged of late.

Today is Saturday and a very relaxed one at that. Steve was in Honduras this time last week so I was really missin my BBF, my companion, my sweetie. The trip for the team was filled w/tons of work (up n down hillsides) worship times, serving times, a day of relaxation at the beach, times of sorrow and times of blessings. I don't think I have yet heard all the stories and experiences but of what I do know, the momma in me wants to go there and fill all the needs of these children. The woman in me wants to go and help these women in their homes, their spirutal lives and their own interests. We have it so great in America. Although I cannot do "all these things," I can pray fervently for the people of LeCeiba, Honduras. God was good to our team as all were safely brought home to those of us who waited w/our signs at 11:30 pm for them to walk or run into our arms again.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Words 4 thought...

Empty me of the selfishness inside.

Every vain ambition and the poision of my pride.

Any foolish thing my heart holds to.

Lord empty me of me so I can be..FILLED W/YOU.

(Chris Sligh)

I remember the first time I heard this song, it captivated me so that I was crying out loud. WOW! After explaining this chorus to my oldest granddaughter today, the words once again helps me to keep focused on what is pure and right and godly. Selfishness is so powerful and empty and useless. Joy!~

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FYI..Ace of Cakes, MaryAlice and Duff

We call ourselves the Kids of Cakes! Established May 18, 2009

Yo Duff,

We had fun making this cake for our parents 9th anniversary. This cake is really cool! It's about all these bears that are having a swimming party. We used gum for surf boards and the diving board with white icing as the glue. I wish your people were on the cake (the people that you make for your cakes) We hope you write back to us and when you write back I hope to see a picture of you and your crew. If we come to Boston, can you call and give us directions. See you later. From Kids of Cakes, Chef JennahKay (age 7)
This cake was fun to make and it has beach balls that are made from blow pops.Teddy Grahams were very hard to make their bathing suits but it was so much fun making it. How do you make your cakes? Do you have fun like we did. We are sending pictures and you would have fun looking at the pictures. We hope you write back and we hope to see you. From Kids of Cakes, Chef Lorahbeth (age 5 1/2)
I liked to decorate the cake. I love you. I want to go with you. I want my DeeDee to come with me. I liked the people on there. I want you to get some glasses. Goodby, I like you.
From Kids of Cakes, Chef AudreyAnn (age3 1/2)
Mary Alice, Chef Duff and crew...(above notes were typed as they recited them to me, the fingers at the computer)This email and pictures were from the fun memories we made today while my granddaughters parents were celebrating their 9th anniversary. My grands love your show and so we thought you would love to see their version of your fantastic cakes. I only get to see these great girls a few times a year since they live in southern Georgia and I in Ohio. Thanks for being a positive role model for young children thru the avenue of television.
Joy, DeeDee , JennahKay, Lorahbeth & AudreyAnn

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I will seek your good....

Deciding to read once again The Psalms of Ascents (chap 121-132) I read Psalm 122 today:

IT IS a song done as a prayer for Jerusalem . So to me, my Jerusalem is Columbus , Ohio . So I prayed over Columbus , that she will hear the call of God. That churches who name the name of Jesus will 'get out' of their comfortable boxes. Reach toward the lost, poor, broken spirits that live in this city.

THERE is a family in Columbus who has done just that: sold their suburban home, moved to the inner city and lives Jesus to broken spirits-wow! Amazed after few years the crime rate has drastically reduced in that neighborhood.

Anyway back to my thought....V3-4 talks about a city who is solidly built so people can go and give thanks to the Lord. Pray for your city to be built like this!

V6-8 TALKS about praying for peace to envelope your city, my city, Jerusalem . Peace for your walk, prosperity within the protection of your city.
V9 is what stuck my heart today...."because of the house of the Lord our God, I WILL SEEK YOUR GOOD."

As I live and breathe everyday, do I seek the good of others? I say I do, my actions show I do...but do I breathe it everyday? Do I breathe it BECAUSE of the Lord my God?

What would happen to our cities if we did what this family in Columbus did?? Not necessarily move into the inner city but live like we are in the inner city...REACHING OUT OF OUR WELL PLANNED, DESIGNED BOXES OF WHAT WE THINK GOD DIRECTS US TO DO AND REACH INTO A LIFE (or 2 or 3) "because of the house of the Lord our God, I WILL SEEK YOUR GOOD."

Okay then..food for thought (at least for me)

Last Monday, as I was walking out of WalMart I saw a mother w/her infant and a huge cart of groceries plus a giant package of TP under her arm. We giggled about growing another arm when a baby comes and walked to our cars. After I emptied my cart I went over to her and told her that I wanted to take her cart back to the corral for her. She looked shocked but said thank you, I really shocked her, by giving her $2 to buy a coke or milkshake as a treat from me. She refused kindly, I told her that I had to give it to her b/c if I didn't I would not be obeying the Lord. So I said "Please, enjoy on me." She shyly said "ok, thank you" and I walked away.

I did not share this to brag on self...but after reading Psalm 122 and remembering this family's life change, I thought that maybe that is ONE WAY I can reach into another life.

Let's see if any of you out there in blog land can come up w/other ideas to REACH INTO A LIFE..."b/c of the house of the Lord our God."(V9)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Calling all Prayer Warriors...time to fight

PRAY FOR...(see my blog favs on right side)

Laurel-mom of 13...flying to Ghana w/an adoptive mother to pick up her daughter..Comfort, age 6, in desperate need of medical attention for her heart...PRAY THEY GET HER BACK TO SEATTLE FOR SURGERY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. God's timing is everything and He always meets us at our point of need.

(not on blog favs yet) A dear friends grandson (twin- boy and girl, girl is doing remarkable well)....Ethan age 2.5 wks old...need of heart surgery to fix many a complicated issues surrounding his heart. Again God's timing.. for weight gain, health, wisdom.

Thank you so much!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We spent Tuesday night w/close friends in TN. (please see my entry below on home) Thanks so much MaryB and Ken for opening your home to us. Thanks for taking timeout of your weeknight Dennis, Beth, Raye, Becky (almost mother w/baby #5) Haliegh, Abby, Levi, Emma (sweet cheeks). Thank you McKenna for giving us your princess bed for the night. Bailey thank you for all the hugs- I will require more the next time we get together...and James Russell, you are an awesome teen, I am so proud to call you my friend.
From top to bottom:
Becky (mom of soon to be #5) being mom.... to Abby and Bailey (Missed you Jimmy-sorry you had to work)
The mark of true friendship....a Vol, a Buckeye and a Tiger all in the same room (Steve, Dennis and Ken watching sports)
Me & McKenna .....posing in her princess bed w/our PJ's on!(a promise is a promise)
4 Amegios.... MaryBea-the talented one, Beth-the social butterfly, Me and Becky-a mother of 5 need I say more! I can always count on these 3 ladies for anything)
Haleigh and baby sister Emma....or other wise known as sweetcheeks
Raye, Hailegh an MaryB....what's a little burgers and dogs among friends!