Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Leviticus Chap 3....PEACE....

...Peace offering background goes as follows:
*could be a male or female animal (except for birds)   *Offering from any herd had to be w/o defect  *animal was to be slain by laying the hand upon the head of said animal, in front of the doorway of the Tent of Meetings   * the blood was sprinkled around the altar by Aaron or one of his sons.   * the fat around the entrails (or inners) of animal was to be smoked by fire   *must include within the fire offering, 2 kidneys...lobe of liver and all the fat surrounding these organs  IF offerer used a lamb then the only exception was the lambs tail and all the fat around it was to be offered up as well. *IF a bird was to be offered, it had to be a male and a female w/o defect.

This offering was to be offered up in smoke for a "soothing aroma to the Lord."

V7 "It shall b e a perpetual statue (or law) that throughout all your generations, you shall not eat fat or blood."

This offering was the only offering that could be eaten by both the priests and the offerer.  The priest received the breasts and right thigh, the remaining meat went to the offerer.  BUT this had to be eaten by the 2nd day...if left to eat on the 3rd day, this offerer would be cut off by his people. Every time a person wanted to eat meat , they had to offer a Peace Offering.

Peace Offering was for one of three reasons....1-Thanksgiving  2-a special vow  3-freewill (you had to be specific with your animal sacrifice in order to participate in a Peace Offering. What was your motive for offering?
NOTE:  Before Moses, Israel was offering peace offerings as a form of heathen worship b/c before Moses came down from Mt Sinai w/God's instructions people were giving  this offering as a way to (simple stated) party! NOTHING WAS DONE OUT OF SACRIFICE. The meaning of peace is WHOLENESS. Israel became one  w/God and was complete. They became (thru this offering)  accepted by God. Unlike the Burnt and Grain Offerings, the Peace Offering brings the offerer closer to God and he receives something in return. (meat to eat) 

For ME? it's Christ.  He is my Peace Offering.  being born apart from God I needed my own peace offering so I could connect w/God. In 1974 I first committed myself to Christ for the forgiveness of my sins.  You could say that it was my Special Vow part of the Peace Offering. I then became complete, whole for the first time w/God and with myself.

Before Christ, I was no different that Israel waiting for Moses to come down from the mountain. I went thru the actions of "church" and really loved it, I tried to do the right thing (make wisdom decisions) I ate and I partied.
Since Christ I worship w/a true heart, I struggle with my old nature and I am complete thru the sacrifice of blood of Christ. Once and for all times. I don't have to "offer" anything again, it is done, on the cross. BUT I DON'T TAKE this cross offering for granted. I treasure it. I come to Him anew many times with a Peace Offering of Thanksgiving or a Freewill spirit.