Wednesday, September 26, 2007


....arrived in the arms of God at 5:35 pm today. Please pray for her family as they get through the hard days that lay ahead. Thank you!

Here's a RIDDLE for ya...

What does a steeple, a map, a peach, a sign and a flag
have in common?

( see answer below)

The Answer.....

Answer: Moving!

to Albany, Georgia

When? October 11, 2007

Why? God's call

I call this "My cup runneth over w/happiness"

attitude. B/c our daughters will be living within travel distance, we will be able to watch soccer games, sit thru dance recitals, enjoy a hotdog at the t-ball field, have sleepovers, play cards, enjoy the holidays any time we want to make it a holiday!
We are excited to see how God is going to use us in southern Georgia...peach julp tea....valdaila onions, hot days and warm nights, lots of southern charm and just a few hours from the beach.
Also, my sister and family might be moving to a place just east of Montgomery, to think that I might get to enjoy being close to her family is above the blessing God has already bestowed upon us. May we be worthy of His call.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A new Link...and prayer request

Please check out a new Link I added today. It is titled 'The Bakers'. The Baker's are ministery friends of ours from Hattiesburg, MS.

Eddie is the Rec Minister at Temple Baptist, our old stompin grounds. Eddie needs our prayers as he is facing a brain tumor and waiting the diagnosis.

Eddie is a 'jolly guy' who is the father of 3 sons, who are amazing young Christian men. I worked with Carol, his wife, at Wm Carey University. (used to be college)

Please check his link often and pray for this family. I would really appreciate it!

Joy for your day, Debi

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good Friends are like Good Coffee....

(above pics are from a weekend in Atlanta last spring)
Just wanted to write a few words about dear friends of ours. John, Stephanie, Justin and Josh. They started a 30 day trip back on August 30, 2007. It is hard to believe that it is about to come to an end.
Steph homeschools Justin (and does a great job if it I might add) and last fall they studied The Oregon Trail. John started a discussion about taking vacation out west and the trip-tick was born.
They are seeing this beautiful country by way of camping in national parks. The boys are earning Jr Ranger badges and having so much fun watching Ole Faithful, Mt Rushmore, slipping into the Pacific ocean..riding trolly cars in San Fran. The memories they have invested in with their children will never be erased. WOW~! what a schoolroom.
Steph if you are near internet and check me out...I miss ya friend! Even if our lives gets busy and time seems short throughout the week...I know I can always count on seeing your smiling face on Sunday. When you get back we have got to go for coffee and talk, oh, plan on at least 2-3 hrs...lots to catch up on.
Good friends are like good coffee, when the pot starts to get empty you just put on another pot!(or you pick up where you left off) Either way, a good friend is like good coffee, and I love coffee! Nothing fancy, just fresh and warm!
(Steph...remember my phone call from Dr Phil while we were out having coffee one night...hahaha! :) I am glad I got to share that with you.) really was The Dr Phil Show.
Take care and get back safe!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lifting up Copeland

Dear Conor and Boothe,
Although we have never met and I was given this blog from a friend in MS...(I live in Spring Hill, TN) I feel my heart is beating along side your family. I know the power of a mighty God in times like these. Our first daughter was a stillborn but we found that she had no immunity system so it was best she leave us. Her life however short had purpose for it brought a young mother and father to the throne of Grace! Romans 10:13
For you, to know, hug, kiss and love Copeland may be only for a season, but her life has purpose! And b/c she has purpose, you can look at her w/joy. (as I know you do) Proverb 19:21 “Many are the plans in a man’s heart but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”
Our baby girl would have been 30 yrs old this Christmas and I still cry over our loss. But she is perfectly loved with the Father. She was blessed b/c she did not have to endure life here on earth. She was blessed b/c she fulfilled her purpose and therefore was allowed to go straight to heavens doors. And to think it a shame that I just figured that out after 30 yrs. I really knew it all along but everytime you say it, it brings new meaning to God's plan. Does that make any sense? It does to me! Shortly after we ran to God, her father surrendered to the ministry and felt called into children's work. We continued living a life of service and FAITH - Romans 10:17, raising 2 more daughters. God later gave us 3 more daughters …in the form of grandchildren!
That pain.... that never goes away? Well, it does evidentually. But when you hear about someone else going thru the separation and pain as you are now. the pain rears it's head once tears tonight are not of sadness for me but for you, that some young mother and father is passing into the same pain. I wish I could take it from you but God has chosen you and Conor to endure, run the race, and be the light, round off those sharp edges. You pick the words; any that the Lord gives you will fit. Proverbs 30:5 “Every word of God is flawless, He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.”
Continue to share what God has done. May you minister and encourage others b/c of this story. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 “Our weaknesses w/God can become our ministry.
You are doing well. God is being seen as your strength. God who loves Copeland even more than you ever could, also loves you thru this journey. 2Corinthians 4:7 “But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.”

All my prayers to your family. Dee Dee

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Sista's are sista's forever...

Allow me to introduce you...Brandy (sista on bottom) just moved to my part of the world last year...Jodi (my newest sista to the left) is a member at my church in MS.....Erin (sista on top of Brandy) is a dear friend/staff wife from Hattiesburg ....and then there's me.

Deeper Still w/Beth Moore was in Nashville so Brandy and I drove into town to have lunch w/ the sista's from Hattiesburg. Brandy made a great picnic lunch, fit for the 4 of us! We were going to eat at the plaza at LifeWay but the plaza was blocked for the we went across the street to Union Station. I took them to the back side of the station where we found an old table and lots of gold plated chairs...we took Brandy's picnic blanket and had a private bistro in an alcove of Union Station. Erin brought gifts for us and the chicken/pasta salad, biscuits and water was refreshing...then we had chocolate!!!! (Thanks Brandy- you're the best) After lunch we got goofy w/our much fun!! We said our goodbyes, and headed back to Franklin and Spring Hill.

Time w/friends is a valued treasure. My mother just called to tell me that her friend of many years has been hospitalized and we are fearful that she may not make it out. Cancer has quickly taken over her body. So today's lunch with dear friends was just made more special (was that sentence correct?) b/c of the phone call I just received. are a gift to me, make me smile, Jodi....I love making new friends, thanks for being there for Erin. Mothers, friends, wives, confidants! That's what friends (or sista's) are for!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Today my dad...

...would of turned 74 years old! I just want to celebrate that life that was my dads. He was a hard worker but always had time to listen when you needed him to.
I can recall Sunday dinners like they were yesterday. Mom always made a huge dinner (it was like Christmas every Sunday) We would all sit around the table and eat to our hearts content. You could never find an empty place on dad's plate, he loved food! And his short stature and large belly told everyone he enjoyed eating. His laugh was contagious! If you happen to ask dad to 'pass the bread or rolls' he would literally pass them to you had better catch quick. I remember that my one uncle and aunt w/their 3 kids would always manger to show up just as we were finishing dinner most Sundays...and there always seemed to be enough food to sit them down to eat. Dad (nor mom for that matter) never let others go hungry or without...even when we didn't have enough for ourselves...there was always something to give to someone in need.

After dinner dad would most times take all us kids down to Lawsons store to get popcicles...then mom would have to bath the neices and nephew b/c of their sticky situtation. Afterwards I would hear mom and dad talking about how that was a good idea b/c it was an opportunity to feed and bath those
poor kid-os.

You know we didn't have alot of STUFF growing up but we did have love! So when I think about my dad and how I miss him still, I quickly remember love...a commodity that contains an endless amount of exchange for each other. My dad had a lot of faults (as we all do) and he may not have accepted Christ on his death bed....but I am trusting in a GIANT God who loved my dad w/an everlasting love. I am trusting that the words of hope I (and my siblings)shared w/him helped him to reflect on Abba Father, and the love on the cross .

In the meantime, I continue to cry, laugh, and remember my earthly father.
Happy Birthday Dad! We love you and we miss you alot!!! (kisses and hugs)

In the USA Conference ....Go Eagles...

Southern Miss won their game 35-13 against Tennessee-Martin ...Go Eagles!(kaw-kaw) If you have been to their games the eagle always cries out on every touchdown...THE ROCK!

And the winner is....

Boy that Tennessee game was great! I am sorry that The Vols lost, they should hold their heads high..they played a great game against Cal State.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Let the Games Begin...

Gotta Raise the flag.....(yeah, I know it was only a win over the Youngstown penguins-ha)
38-6 victory!
and Michigan lost