Thursday, December 28, 2006

Get Ready!

R U Ready for some Football? Mark your calendar for January 8, 2007 Ohio State Buckeyes play the Florida Gators~!
Yes, I know 'gators' are dangerous But a buckeye is a posionous nut and when that gator chomps down....he dies!
Go Bucks!

Explaining a few things...

Please allow me to explain how we got our grandparents names.
"Sir" started b/c a few older ladies at church wanted to know what his grandfather name was going to be. If you know Steve well, you know that his dry humor can be perfect for settings such as his answer was "Grandfather or Sir." These same ladies came to me and wanted to make sure that he was NOT going to have his grandchildren call his Sir. I played along with it b/c I knew that Steve was going to answer to anything they chose to call him. The day of KK's birth, Shana's MIL handed this tiny babe to Steve saying "Here Sir, hold your granddaughter." Well it stuck! You ought to hear these darlings call for their Sir! It is sweet music!
"DeeDee" was my choosen name b/c that was what I called my grandmothers. My DeeDee Wood loved me unconditionally and I knew it from an early age. Besides that, it's an easy name for a 1 yr old to say.

So now you know the history behind DeeDee and Sir.

Teaching old dogs new tricks..blogging

My very first blog @ age 53! Shana is encouraging me to try new things!
My first trick will be to post a picture. If I do well, a Starbucks coffee is waiting! That's well worth the try. (boy that coffee is good to the last drop)
This picture was taken at Jill's wedding this past July in Knoxville, TN.
Steve, Lorahbeth Jillian (age 3), Me, JennahKay Elaine (age 4.5), Jill, Warren, Shana, Billie and AudreyAnn Nichole (age almost 1 yr)