Thursday, December 27, 2007

It was purposed for this TIME....

This year was the quietest Christmas we have ever had! Our kids spent Christmas with their other families. Parents of married children must share these great holidays....Next year we will all be together in a special place already reserved for us. (it's a surprise) Steve and I watched movies all day and munched on Shrimp cocktail, crabmeat cheeseball and for dessert....the ever popular BUCKEYES! We opened up 2 small presents to each other and thanked God for all He has done in 2007.

This year the Christmas story brought a new (well, maybe not new) concept into my life.....TIME! Luke 2:1-7 starts the story of Jesus' birth and well...
V1 says that "there came about a decree" (a decree to be counted) For the first time ever, the King wanted a census to be taken, so off everyone goes back to their own towns to be counted. It was purposed for this TIME.
V4 states that Joseph and Mary had to go back to Bethlehem b/c he was of the lineage of David (it was fortold that the King of Glory would be from the line of David) It was purposed for this TIME.
V6 says that the days were completed for her to delivery her son. Imagine having to travel at such an important time as this. (my doctor would not allow me to travel long distance right before the birth of my daughters) It was purposed, proving once again that God is still in control, for this TIME.
V7 tells us that there was no room for them in the inn. Such a busy town, everyone was pre-occupied, to busy to notice this humble birth. It was purposed for this TIME.

This story this year reminds me of TIME...a precious valued commodity. I pray that you take TIME in 2008 to walk the walk, reach out of your comfort zone to someone that makes you uncomfortable. Do not just "go to church"....BE the church." I am building bridges w/the lady upstairs. I am uncomfortable w/the language barrier most of all...but prayfully thru crafts, quilting and with TIME I can earn the right to share Jesus with her.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

It just gets better w/age....

As I try to sleep, a reflux problem hit my throat, so I am up at 11pm drinking 7-up to try and get the last of a great dinner to stay down so I can sleep.

Today, we celebrated 31 years of marriage! I thought last year was a big one but as I ponder on 31, I find myself thinking that "IT JUST GETS BETTER WITH AGE."

I wrote a life letter to my husband as a gift. It took me the better part of 2 wks to get it right. I am known to give every detail, so I shortened 31 yrs down to 3 pages (single space of course) We were so young then, and now after just celebrating 54 yrs of age and 31 yrs w/my best friend, life tends to make you stop and absorb it all. When you are in the midst of raising children, broken cars, finances, jobs, building homes, higher education, sicknesses in do not take the time to 'drink it all in.' So I did that for a couple weeks. And here is my 2 cents on life.......IT'S GREAT, every bad day, every crying baby, every finance problem, every work solution, every troubled teen, everything! It's great because of ONE person-Jesus Christ!!!

I asked the young waitress at the steak house tonight to take our picture for our 31st anniversary, she obliged. She came back later and asked how we did it? She is a mother of 3. (7,4 & 4mos) Steve told her that our secret is keeping God in the middle of our relationship. I am so glad he gave her that piece of advise. He is so right!

I ended my letter to my husband with this: May we continue to climb this life together, getting stronger with each passing year. May we continue to lift each other up for God to use as a vessel for His honor, and may our children continue to grow in His grace and goodness. May our legacy to others be our love for each other and our love for our Savior.

Kenny Chesney's new song titled "Don't Blink" .....Don’t blink, just like that your 6 yrs old and you take a nap, wake up at 25 and your high school sweetheart becomes your wife, don’t blink you just might miss your babies growing up, mine did. Turning into mom’s and dad’s next thing you know your better have of 50 yrs is there in bed, you’re praying God takes you instead. Trust me friend a 100 yrs goes faster than you think…so don’t blink.

Well I am not at 100 yet but 31 years have gone faster than I ever thought.
For those of you in 'blogger-land' who are younger than 20 yrs of marriage, raising babies, etc....please don't blink. Try to absorb every detail of your life together. And if I may advise.....31 yrs down that road you do not remember the fancy cars, homes, clothes or all the high school remember faces, smiles, sweet thoughts, actions of love toward yourself and others. You remember God, and verses that held you together when it seemed like nothing else would. You remember scarifices made out of love and the smallest of surprises that warmed you heart. You remember finger smudges on your glass coffee table of those grandchildren who just visited...and all the hugs and kisses you gave your kids. Believe me, it is not about status, it's about giving!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

A trip worth taking...PART 3 FINALE!

(Please start at Part 1 & read in sequence, I promise I am almost done)
.....Tuesday morning, it's raining it's pouring, the old man is snooring! All day it poured! We saw 3 accidents and was held up for one hour for just one accident alone. Again the 3 little girls 5,4,2 were great! We were planning a stop in TN again, this time at Stephanie & John's house...Thanks Steph for putting up some worn weary travelers! We finally pulled into the driveway at 6pm, w/warm pancakes to fill our bellies! The girls were a little frazzled by then and had to vent some frustrations out. I am sure Josh (age 4) has decided that he doesn't want to be around girls anytime soon. (sorry bud or I mean Spot!)....
.....Wednesday is D-day, Victory day, holi-day...whatever you want to call it! Shana & I were frazzled by then and could not wait to get home, she to her own bed and me to the couch for at least one more night! ah! We both missed our husbands alot and maybe our beds a little more!!!! (hahaha)

In retrospect, I am so glad God blessed us w/travel mercies, kept anyone from getting sick, gave us time w/our parents and grandparents, helped us to appreciate this world He created for us to enjoy, experienced a wedding and holding your nephew for the 1st time. In the age we live in, we are all so scattered across this beautiful country. What a privlege to move around it so freely! What a responsibility too! I noticed how I was allowed to see things I don't ever want to take for granted...autumn colors, my granddaughters eyes, my mother. I realize that I got to expound on things that I value most w/my granddaughters i.e. my God and my family. I got to laugh with my daughter so hard one time that both of us were crying...thanks Shana! I realized once again just how much I love my husband!! I got to love on my inlaws (you too Gene, thanks for all you do to help Grandma Poka Dot )appeciating who they are and what they stand for.

I am so blessed not with material things or a notable name. I am not highly intellegient nor stupid. But I do know who's I am and what He has given me. I never want to take any of it for granted. A trip worth taking-YOU BETCHA....a trip worth taking again....well, not anytime soon!!! (I'm not old I'm not old)


A trip worth taking...PART 2

.....Sunday afternoon we drove from the park to great grandparents #3. It was so good to see Ho and Annie again. The first time I met Ho, he was 50 yrs old, the age of my husband now. 32 yrs and some health issues later has taken a toll on him but I love him more now than 32 yrs ago. It was wonderful seeing his eyes smile at these great grandchildren. My niece was also there to see us w/her 14 month old son! (who is a doll may I add) I was delighted to hold my great nephew in my arms. Of course anytime you are at Grandma Ogle's house she never lets you leave w/o a surprise and she had one for each of the girls. When KK opened up her gift (a Ohio State Cheerleading uniform) and then saw the candy and coloring book in the bottom of the sack she immediately hugs her and says "I think you are spoiling us!" (say that sentence out loud w/a gleeful vocal reflection b/c that what KK sounds like) Many pictures were taken w/Ho and his greats and less I forget his 2 oldest grandaughters! The mac and cheese was a hit for the girls and we left there full and happy! After this trip I think the girls can spot anything 'Buckeye' from 75 yds away!!! (they are use to Georgia Bulldogs Red)......
.....Sunday night was a real surprise for KK. See Great Aunt Beth managed to have one of their friends daughters come down for a visit w/KK. Becca (who has performed in The Nutcracker since she was 5) will be Claira in The Nutcracker this year. This 13 yr old took time out to inspire a 5 yr old who is just starting ballet. The Nutcracker is KK's favorite story so Becca brought her point shoes and her tutu. She also gave KK a poster of a ballerina on point walking 3 dogs in the park. KK was speechless!!! (and KK is never at a loss for words, like mother and grandmother before her) Finally she agreed to try on her tutu, looking into the large bay window, she saw her reflection and spun around! Taking one look at her great aunt, she fell into her arms, hugging her! I was standing at the right place to see her eyes, I am so grateful that I got to see those eyes. I will never forget them! She was welled up in tears, as if to say "Aunt Beth, you just gave me a million dollar and I will never be able to say thank you enough." It was if she was transposed into that ballerina/princess world that most little girls live in. I will never forget those eyes! WOW~ BUT THAT'S NOT ALL, Becca continued to pour out an offering. Would KK like to watch her practice the next night? The head started nodding hard and fast!...
.......Monday morning we got ready for the Pumpkin Farm. Grandma Poka Dot came w/us and we had a ball. I about twisted my back out of shape trying to get into position to take AA down a huge slide, but we made it down! (I'm not getting old, I'm not getting old) All 3 girls loved the Corn Box (instead of sand there was corn) AA loved feeding the goats and was not the least bit scared of them. Then there was the camels. AA liked then until one of them sneezed so loud her and I jumped....that did it, not interested anymore! We picked out our pumpkins, bought some pumpkin honey and left for lunch and a nap. After all, KK and LB had an appointment with Claira and The Nutcracker later in the evening. I went back into town to take my mom to lunch one more time and got more hugs! That evening I stayed home and put AA down for bed and when they all returned home, Becca's mom took them to the costume room to see all the outfits for the ballet. WOW times 2!! Thanks so much Becca!....Tomorrow we start our trip back to Georgia.....

A trip worth taking..PART 1

I love blogging so much but it has taken me awhile to finally sit down to add to this book called "My Life." So please allow me to pen some things that have been happening lately.

It seems like I have been traveling alot and really need to journal it to some extent. After the move to Georgia, just days after, I picked up our oldest daughter and her 3 girls for a trip to Ohio. We were excited and KK was noted saying that 'this is a girl trip, yeah, no boys." We laughed alot, sang alot and stopped the first night in Tn. Choosing to stay with Beth-n-Dennis....Thanks so much Beth for putting us up! Next morning we were on the road by 8:30 am and finally made it to our destination by 6pm that evening. (what usually takes 7 hrs to accomplish took us 10 b/c we were traveling w/children. Every few hours we would get out of the van , have a snack and 'get the wiggles out.' (starting w/our fingers and ending w/our toes) We took in the paintings of God while moving thru KY and Ohio. Autumn is a wonderful design! I am so glad God allowed us to see in COLOR! I noticed on the road that I had really good traveling grandchildren, just like our daughters. (of course a movie helped out a time or two)
We made it to Uncle Gene's and Aunt Beth's ...the girls were wired and the adults were tired but we managed to get them to bed and relax alittle. That was Thursday....
.....Friday came and we decided to take it easy for at least 12 hrs. So after lunch and a race between KK and LB to the 'back 40", we sat on the porch enjoying the fall view. Then KK got to experience driving for the first time, driving a lawn mower that is!! She loved the open spaces the back yard afforded and w/Uncle Gene sitting behind her, she was king of the road. (or yard)
Friday night both older girls wanted to sleep w/me at Great-Grandma's house, so off we go in our pj's and our flashlights, cross the 'back 40' again to grandma's. As we were sitting w/grandma, LB wanted to know what her name was. My MIL has a long last name so, I told her that they could call her Grandma Dorothy. My MIL spoke up and said "some people call me Dot!" LB looks into my eyes and said "like a poka dot?" I said "yes," and that was how Grandma Poka Dot got her name! I absolutely love it and so does Grandma Poka Dot!.....
........Saturday morning was spent getting ready for my neice's wedding. The girls behaved beautifully. My brothers oldest daughter was walking down the isle. I can remember changing her diapers! (I'm not getting old, I'm not getting old) The grands really loved the real live gold fish on the reception tables and the chocolate fountain for strawberries. Getting to see my sister and her family was great. (I'm not getting old, I'm not getting old) After the wedding mom took us to visit her close friend...Bob. Bob has a full grown, feathers fanned out stuffed turkey....the girls thought that was great stuff!.....
.....Sunday, mom had arranged us to meet at the park in town for lunch. We had a blast watching my brothers kids and my grandchildren playing together. Shana took some great pictures of them all in this natural setting and as I think back, the only person really missing was Dad. There use to be 5 in our family pictures but now there are only 4 and every time I see us together, I miss our dad!! He would of enjoyed watching those children play in the park, actually he would of been right out there in the midst of them playing too. We had told the girls that they were meeting their great grandparents that KK was counting Grandma Poka Dot and Grandma Presley....then we told her that we were going to visit her other great grandparents (The Ogle's) well that confused her. "I have 3 great grandparents?" "Yes," said Shana, "you are blessed to have 3 who love you." It's been a long day already but dinner at Grandpa & Grandma Ogle's was next on our list of things to do that day.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Our Grands are growing up....

Above....JK , Center....AA ,On the bottom.....LB

Only 7 more days till we land in southern Georgia....only 10 more days till we see The Grands! Only 15 more days till I see my momma! And only 25 more days till my sister and her family move to Alabama! My cup really is running over with happiness!! Thank you Jesus! Now make me trustworthy of what You are about to give me.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


....arrived in the arms of God at 5:35 pm today. Please pray for her family as they get through the hard days that lay ahead. Thank you!

Here's a RIDDLE for ya...

What does a steeple, a map, a peach, a sign and a flag
have in common?

( see answer below)

The Answer.....

Answer: Moving!

to Albany, Georgia

When? October 11, 2007

Why? God's call

I call this "My cup runneth over w/happiness"

attitude. B/c our daughters will be living within travel distance, we will be able to watch soccer games, sit thru dance recitals, enjoy a hotdog at the t-ball field, have sleepovers, play cards, enjoy the holidays any time we want to make it a holiday!
We are excited to see how God is going to use us in southern Georgia...peach julp tea....valdaila onions, hot days and warm nights, lots of southern charm and just a few hours from the beach.
Also, my sister and family might be moving to a place just east of Montgomery, to think that I might get to enjoy being close to her family is above the blessing God has already bestowed upon us. May we be worthy of His call.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A new Link...and prayer request

Please check out a new Link I added today. It is titled 'The Bakers'. The Baker's are ministery friends of ours from Hattiesburg, MS.

Eddie is the Rec Minister at Temple Baptist, our old stompin grounds. Eddie needs our prayers as he is facing a brain tumor and waiting the diagnosis.

Eddie is a 'jolly guy' who is the father of 3 sons, who are amazing young Christian men. I worked with Carol, his wife, at Wm Carey University. (used to be college)

Please check his link often and pray for this family. I would really appreciate it!

Joy for your day, Debi

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good Friends are like Good Coffee....

(above pics are from a weekend in Atlanta last spring)
Just wanted to write a few words about dear friends of ours. John, Stephanie, Justin and Josh. They started a 30 day trip back on August 30, 2007. It is hard to believe that it is about to come to an end.
Steph homeschools Justin (and does a great job if it I might add) and last fall they studied The Oregon Trail. John started a discussion about taking vacation out west and the trip-tick was born.
They are seeing this beautiful country by way of camping in national parks. The boys are earning Jr Ranger badges and having so much fun watching Ole Faithful, Mt Rushmore, slipping into the Pacific ocean..riding trolly cars in San Fran. The memories they have invested in with their children will never be erased. WOW~! what a schoolroom.
Steph if you are near internet and check me out...I miss ya friend! Even if our lives gets busy and time seems short throughout the week...I know I can always count on seeing your smiling face on Sunday. When you get back we have got to go for coffee and talk, oh, plan on at least 2-3 hrs...lots to catch up on.
Good friends are like good coffee, when the pot starts to get empty you just put on another pot!(or you pick up where you left off) Either way, a good friend is like good coffee, and I love coffee! Nothing fancy, just fresh and warm!
(Steph...remember my phone call from Dr Phil while we were out having coffee one night...hahaha! :) I am glad I got to share that with you.) really was The Dr Phil Show.
Take care and get back safe!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lifting up Copeland

Dear Conor and Boothe,
Although we have never met and I was given this blog from a friend in MS...(I live in Spring Hill, TN) I feel my heart is beating along side your family. I know the power of a mighty God in times like these. Our first daughter was a stillborn but we found that she had no immunity system so it was best she leave us. Her life however short had purpose for it brought a young mother and father to the throne of Grace! Romans 10:13
For you, to know, hug, kiss and love Copeland may be only for a season, but her life has purpose! And b/c she has purpose, you can look at her w/joy. (as I know you do) Proverb 19:21 “Many are the plans in a man’s heart but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”
Our baby girl would have been 30 yrs old this Christmas and I still cry over our loss. But she is perfectly loved with the Father. She was blessed b/c she did not have to endure life here on earth. She was blessed b/c she fulfilled her purpose and therefore was allowed to go straight to heavens doors. And to think it a shame that I just figured that out after 30 yrs. I really knew it all along but everytime you say it, it brings new meaning to God's plan. Does that make any sense? It does to me! Shortly after we ran to God, her father surrendered to the ministry and felt called into children's work. We continued living a life of service and FAITH - Romans 10:17, raising 2 more daughters. God later gave us 3 more daughters …in the form of grandchildren!
That pain.... that never goes away? Well, it does evidentually. But when you hear about someone else going thru the separation and pain as you are now. the pain rears it's head once tears tonight are not of sadness for me but for you, that some young mother and father is passing into the same pain. I wish I could take it from you but God has chosen you and Conor to endure, run the race, and be the light, round off those sharp edges. You pick the words; any that the Lord gives you will fit. Proverbs 30:5 “Every word of God is flawless, He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.”
Continue to share what God has done. May you minister and encourage others b/c of this story. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 “Our weaknesses w/God can become our ministry.
You are doing well. God is being seen as your strength. God who loves Copeland even more than you ever could, also loves you thru this journey. 2Corinthians 4:7 “But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.”

All my prayers to your family. Dee Dee

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Sista's are sista's forever...

Allow me to introduce you...Brandy (sista on bottom) just moved to my part of the world last year...Jodi (my newest sista to the left) is a member at my church in MS.....Erin (sista on top of Brandy) is a dear friend/staff wife from Hattiesburg ....and then there's me.

Deeper Still w/Beth Moore was in Nashville so Brandy and I drove into town to have lunch w/ the sista's from Hattiesburg. Brandy made a great picnic lunch, fit for the 4 of us! We were going to eat at the plaza at LifeWay but the plaza was blocked for the we went across the street to Union Station. I took them to the back side of the station where we found an old table and lots of gold plated chairs...we took Brandy's picnic blanket and had a private bistro in an alcove of Union Station. Erin brought gifts for us and the chicken/pasta salad, biscuits and water was refreshing...then we had chocolate!!!! (Thanks Brandy- you're the best) After lunch we got goofy w/our much fun!! We said our goodbyes, and headed back to Franklin and Spring Hill.

Time w/friends is a valued treasure. My mother just called to tell me that her friend of many years has been hospitalized and we are fearful that she may not make it out. Cancer has quickly taken over her body. So today's lunch with dear friends was just made more special (was that sentence correct?) b/c of the phone call I just received. are a gift to me, make me smile, Jodi....I love making new friends, thanks for being there for Erin. Mothers, friends, wives, confidants! That's what friends (or sista's) are for!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Today my dad...

...would of turned 74 years old! I just want to celebrate that life that was my dads. He was a hard worker but always had time to listen when you needed him to.
I can recall Sunday dinners like they were yesterday. Mom always made a huge dinner (it was like Christmas every Sunday) We would all sit around the table and eat to our hearts content. You could never find an empty place on dad's plate, he loved food! And his short stature and large belly told everyone he enjoyed eating. His laugh was contagious! If you happen to ask dad to 'pass the bread or rolls' he would literally pass them to you had better catch quick. I remember that my one uncle and aunt w/their 3 kids would always manger to show up just as we were finishing dinner most Sundays...and there always seemed to be enough food to sit them down to eat. Dad (nor mom for that matter) never let others go hungry or without...even when we didn't have enough for ourselves...there was always something to give to someone in need.

After dinner dad would most times take all us kids down to Lawsons store to get popcicles...then mom would have to bath the neices and nephew b/c of their sticky situtation. Afterwards I would hear mom and dad talking about how that was a good idea b/c it was an opportunity to feed and bath those
poor kid-os.

You know we didn't have alot of STUFF growing up but we did have love! So when I think about my dad and how I miss him still, I quickly remember love...a commodity that contains an endless amount of exchange for each other. My dad had a lot of faults (as we all do) and he may not have accepted Christ on his death bed....but I am trusting in a GIANT God who loved my dad w/an everlasting love. I am trusting that the words of hope I (and my siblings)shared w/him helped him to reflect on Abba Father, and the love on the cross .

In the meantime, I continue to cry, laugh, and remember my earthly father.
Happy Birthday Dad! We love you and we miss you alot!!! (kisses and hugs)

In the USA Conference ....Go Eagles...

Southern Miss won their game 35-13 against Tennessee-Martin ...Go Eagles!(kaw-kaw) If you have been to their games the eagle always cries out on every touchdown...THE ROCK!

And the winner is....

Boy that Tennessee game was great! I am sorry that The Vols lost, they should hold their heads high..they played a great game against Cal State.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Let the Games Begin...

Gotta Raise the flag.....(yeah, I know it was only a win over the Youngstown penguins-ha)
38-6 victory!
and Michigan lost

Friday, August 31, 2007

Nashville, TN...July 23, 2007... One of the most successful and best-selling new Christian artists in 2007, INO Records’ 33Miles, crossed the U.S. on a jam-packed promotional tour filled with television appearances, radio station visits, concerts, festivals and more. Now in follow-up to their smash top-10 debut single “What Could Be Better” 33Miles has released “There Is A God” to radio on July 20. Reflecting on “There Is A God” lead singer Jason Barton says, “In a world full of unbelief and confusion, this song offers an anthem for Christians to sing aloud the undeniable evidence that we did not just appear from nowhere, that we are wonderfully made by the Creator of the universe and that He calls us ‘friend.’” Since their self-titled album released on April 10, 33Miles has logged over 33,000 miles touring the country in a whirl-wind of press

Friends...this group was in chapel today...I decided to buy one of their CD's for a b-day present.
As I was standing there to get it autographed, I starting talking to Chris Lockwood(member of the 3 guy group), asking him where he is from. He said Mobile, Alabama! I told him that we served in a church there for 4 yrs. As we talked, we figured out that he went to high school with our daughters. He did not remember Shana but remembered Jill b/c of cheerleading. HOW COOL IS THAT? So I went back and bought 2 more CD's (1 for each daughter) Chris also is on staff at North Mobile Baptist cool again!

If you have not heard this group....listen up, they are very good! Their songs have a distinct message of the Gospel. For those of you who do not like 'rock'..they are not! Their song "SALVATION HAS A NAME" is wonderful.....'salvation has a name, mercy has a face, holiness was scraficed on the cross' WOW!

Justin, if you are reading will love this group! Joy to you all!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monday, August 27, 2007

Not/Knots...and what to do about'em

John 2 : On the 3rd day a wedding took place in Cana. Jesus’mother was there and Jesus and His disciples were invited to the wedding as well. When the wine ran out, Jesus’ mother told Him, “They don’t have any wine.” V4-Jesus asks her “What has this concern of yours to do with Me, woman? My hour has not yet come.” V5- “Do whatever He tells you,” His mother told the servants.

I was in charge of devotion today at work….I love God’s word but freeze when I am in front of a crowd…nevertheless, I took my turn and tried to encourage a busy group of people who work best at providing encouragement for others.

I started with a piece of ribbon. Tie it in a knot, as many knots as you have to handle today. Then I expounded on the verses above. Pointing out that Mary was in the middle of a social knot (so to speak) and what she did was interesting…She did NOT go into a frantic state, she did NOT make a list of who was to blame…she simply and quickly went to Jesus and stated the problem. When life hands us KNOTS how do we handle them? Most times, we do NOT use Mary as our example…we try to figure it out on our own. Kind of like when we use to get our shoes in a knot….b/c we were in to big a hurry to untie them. In our lives it is so much easier to have that pity-party, anything else but the solution. Mary went to Jesus “I have a knot, fix it Jesus.” Moral of this story…give all your knots to Jesus. You still have to untie them but you will untie them in a calmer manner.

And remember this….the Bible states 365 “Do Not Fear’s” ..that is one for each day of the year!!! How cool is our Lord that He provided His word to give us power every day of the year.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Tag You're IT....

4 things about me you may not have known:1. I can touch my nose w/my tongue. 2. I would love to own a small bookstore (like in You've Got Mail) 3. I want to retire from work and read to children at the library. 4. I would love to volunteer at a PICU ward

4 Jobs I've Had:1. 14 yrs old-Bingo worker at the American Legion 2. 17 yrs old- worked a dried flower bouquet shop entirely by myself. 3. 32 yrs old- owned my own home cleaning business. 4. 43 yr old -Assistant Manager of a college bookstore

4 Movies I can watch over and over again:1. It's a Wonderful Life 2. While you were Sleeping. 3. You've Got Mail 4. Independence Day

4 Favorite TV shows:1. HGTV 2. Food Network 3. Miami Ink 4. Survivor or Amazing Race

Favorite Hobbies:1. Painting 2. Photography 3. Blogging 4. Hand Quilting

4 Places I have lived:1. Va Beach, Va 2. Fort Worth, TX 3. Mobile, AL 4. Beeville.TX,

4 Favorite Foods:1. Mexican 2. Italian 3. Shepherds Pie 4. Macaroni & Cheese (my comfort food…)

4 Places I would rather be right now:1. On a Beach 2. Key West 3. home 4. With my grown children and grandchildren

4 Websites I check daily:1. My blog and Friends’ blogs 2. Yahoo 3. 4.

4 People I tag:1. Shana 2. Jill 3. Kathy D. 4. Nancy S. (NHS)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vine and Branches...

(me at 2 yrs old..God knew then that He had a plan for my life that included YOU)

Today, John 15 really spoke to my heart. The chapter talks about me being the branch and Jesus as the vine. It says I am to produce fruit....I suddenly thought about grapes...sweet, juicy but sometimes sour!!! God please keep me from producing sour grapes in my life.
V2 states that God, the vineyard keeper, prunes His branches so it will continue producing good fruit. Keep pruning me Lord! B/c my ultimate desire is to be pleasing in your sight.
V8.."My Father is glorified by this, that you produce much fruit and prove to me My disciples." I am to produce fruit (share, witness about Christ) in my life. (If I confess Him before man , He will confess me before the Father)

Many days I so disappoint Him...I am glad He never gives up on me. God sees my worth even when I don't ! It has taken me a long time to figure this one out, so keep pruning me Lord, help me to see growth in the smallest of things.

Writing to Beth Moore...

I love going into Beth Moore's blog that she does with her daughter. Blogging is a great way to keep in touch w/those long distance friends and family. I am a self-confessed blog-a-holic after only 9 months.

I wrote the short story below on Beth's blog and thought I would share it with ya'll.

DeeDee said...
Beth, here is my HOTTER THAN 3 DIGITS story! We have 3 darling granddaughters and had the privledge to 'baysit' while mom and dad took a long needed vaction. Well, we went to a friends house to swim but waited till 6pm to splash in the pool b/c of the heat index. We played for 1.5 hrs then headed home. Not having to do this in a gazillion years, we had to bath, wash hair, dry hair, fix dinner, do bible story time and get them all bedded by midnight (just kidding at least to bed by 9) At dinner our oldest "georgia peach" in that thick accent said "DeeDee did you see me pole dancing w/Sir?" (her grandfather name for my husband) I am tring to think quick...pole? was there a pole in the pool and if there was, why was she poledancing. My dear sweet husband looks at me and said "POOL DANCING HONEY, WE WERE POOL DANCING!" "Oh Pool dancing, yes sweetie, DeeDee saw you dancing w/Sir." (Whew!)Now that is one for the books! Joy,Debi

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Now why would I choose to miss out on this?

If we were not playing, crafting, cooking, napping, singing, swimming, or watching Dora/Deigo/Animal Channel...the girls were positioned in our laps!
Thanks Shana and Bill for allowing us the privledge of babysitting your daughters. God is going to do a wonderful thing for His kingdom with the lives that these girls will lead. We are richly blessed to be their DeeDee and Sir.

Also note the baby belly picture, I could not resist! and what I call The Return Home!

Grands times Three

We swam all weekend but only in the has been in the triple digits here. it did not matter where we swam , just as long as we were in water! AndreyAnn made a new friend, McKenna, both girls did not like being in the big pool.

JennahKay spent her time jumping into Sir's arms and then decided that she could go all the way under but ONLY IF Sir would hold (of all things) her ears! So on went the goggles, ears were plugged up and she held her breath, touched bottom and came back up. After Sir explained that God made wax in our ears to protect them for such an occassion, she decided that she didn't need to have them held anymore! Oh, yeah, she also danced in the pool with her Sir!
Lorahbeth loved just floating in the big that is the way to relax!Sir was never to far away.

Time w/The Grands..... #2

When I looked at my refrigerator door (the side of the frig) I remembered the song by Michael W. Smith titled "Water Colored Ponies" It talks about the 'water color ponies on my refrigerator door, something that I could barely recognize.' But " Those water color ponies will one day run away." p.s. Lorahbeth is our artistic one!

pictures of Our Fun...

Jumping up and down and never getting tired! Except AudreyAnn did not want to get inside the jumping rooms!

Decision Time....

I had to make a decision, take vacation days to babysit our darling grands OR take vacation days to enjoy my 35th high school reunion. My daughter was sweet and said she would make other arrangements if I decided to go back home for my class reunion. Since these two occasions were only days apart, I decided to be a grandmother and enjoy the sounds of fun coming from the young eyes of our granddaughters. I would of so enjoyed connections with old friends from school but did not want to pass up a MEMORY MAKER!!!

You know the kind of memories? Ones that you talk about for years! Like the time my parents came for a surprise visit when we lived in Arkansas. Our girls were the coolest kids at school that day b/c my dad gave the girls turns on riding his motocycle to school and back that day! What a memory maker that was.

Or how about the time we let our daugthers choose having presents for Christmas or going to Disneyworld that year....they choose Disneyworld! Or the Christmas they got to spend traveling to Kitty Hawk,NC w/their Aunt Beth and Uncle Gene....then met us in Williamsburg,Va for a wonderful, sweet smelling, sight-seeing authentic colony days holiday!

Steve and I had a blast with the Grands! I had forgotten how many times you wipe faces and hands, kiss boo-boos, clean the table, fix meals, wash clothes, step over toys, read books, NOT watch the news, tell stories, say prayers, kiss goodnight with little children! (We have several styles of kisses we have to give each girl before bedtime...i.e. butterfly, eskimo, the famous chin kiss, sorberts, etc.)

We played at a indoor play area with big blow-up slides and jumping rooms. Went shopping for a birthday present. We swam all weekend, crafted, and pretended to be on the Food Network. Waited for Sir to make his famous fried bananas and topped the time off with creating an ice cream cake in honor of Lorahbeth's upcoming birthday! JennahKay thinks, "Sir should be on Food Network but making the friend bananas didn't take long so he would have to come up with other things to cook") My compliments to the cheif! I love you Steve!!!

Steve called me this morning and said that he was so glad we had the long weekend with the girls! I totally agree. Two songs came into my mind during the weekend and when you see the pictures, you will know what I mean...

After everyone left Monday morning, I got busy and cleaned the house for a finance meeting later on, I found myself singing and recalling the memories we made. And once again, I could not bring myself to Windex the fingerprints off of my glass coffee table just yet! Maybe next week!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

R U ????

Countdown ...28 days till collegiate football begins a new season! I absolutely love college football. The Big 10 starts on Saturday, September 1st. That means, lots of finger foods, cheers and jeers, phone calls to my momma and high-5's with my best friend---Steve. And I almost forgot, I have to start making and freezing Buckeyes for the dessert portion of the games and also sharing them w/our neighbor Wes. "Go Bucks, Michigan Stinks, Phee-uu!"

Friday, August 3, 2007


Family is great! There is nothing better on earth than to have your family around any table, laughing! In the fifth picture, we are all laughing b/c Steve NEVER shows teeth when he smiles, so he over-stating the issue a bit..haha!

And may I add.... other son in law! He has only been in this family for a year BUT it feels like he has always been apart of us. This past weekend we spent with Jill and Warren (and Shana n Bill) having a blast! Warren has such a quiet servants heart. He has been given a great opportunity to start a new ministry in a church and I can already see his abilities and gifts coming into view. God is going to use him in many ways! Once again I thank my God for the men in our daughters lives...they are EXACTLY who we prayed for!

We always enjoy time with our adult children...but this weekend was nice having that time w/Warren. Steve and I did teach J&W how to play Ucker (pronounce:long U-ker)and of course Steve came out on the winning team 3 times. We also enjoyed 9 holes of golf but none of us liked the 'swatting of the knats' (Georgia is bad for knats and humidity) Stir fry was dinner that Saturday night and another game of cards till midnight!

Thanks so much for a wonderful weekend guys!

Playing the Waiting Game....

Phil 3:10-4:9
We all play the waiting game. Wait in traffic, wait in line –anywhere! Wait for results of medical tests, Wait for someone on the other end of the phone line. The Church also plays the waiting game…this life is not about this life! It’s about waiting effectively until the next life starts, if we do not wait effectively, it will make for a bad experience while here on earth.

*Who first invented waiting? Look into Psalms Chap 27:14 “Be strong and take heart, wait on the Lord.” 130:5-6 states, “I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His word I put my hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than a watchman waits for the morning.”

Isaiah 30:18 “For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for Him.”

Romans 8:23b “Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.”

Romans 8:25 “But if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with patience.”

*HOW TO WAIT EFFECTIVELY….Know Christ and the power of His resurrection(3:10-11)….fellowship in the sharing of His suffering(v10-11)…..Become like Him in His death…..attain the resurrection from the dead….Don’t get caught up in what HAS BEEN…..Press on with the right focus…(v10-11).

*HOW TO HANDLE SATAN'S DISTRACTIONS…End disagreements (4:2-3)…Praise God during the hard times (v4-7)…Have Godly thoughts, resist the negative (v8-9).

ENDURE THIS LIFE WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN…..Galatians 6:9-10, “Let us not be weary in well doing, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.”

James 1:12 gives us a promise..."Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him."

How well are WE playing the waiting game?

(this was the sermon notes from my son in law on Sunday evening) Right now in our life, we are playing the waiting game and I must say that I am not doing so well. I constantly have to remind myself that whining is not acceptable. It will not get me to my goal any faster, it will hinder God's work in my life and how He wants to use me in the lives of others. Billie really spoke to me that night. I was so proud of his delivery of the Word, but he would be the first to say that it was not him but rather God! Billie has a real passion for reaching the lost and I am glad that God chose him to be apart of our family.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pax the Horse

Pax was born on July 28, 2007. We borrowed a friends trailer and brought Pax to our youngest granddaughters 2nd birthday party. Yes, every little girl wants a pony. I did! Pax was truly born out of love. He was conceived on July 16, 2007 and finally was presented to AudreyAnn in celebration of her birthday. Pax was nameless until JennahKay and Lorahbeth came up with his name from a baseball hat that had a "P" (for Pittsburg) as it's logo. So Pax became the name of this horse, of course! Lucky for us, he has a huge backyard to play in. He will enjoy his days pretending to win races, chase a herd of cattle, or just be happy to graze in the grass under the pine trees.

We are glad all 3 of the grands love him already. I cradled him for 2 weeks, making sure every little detail was taken care of. Well, Pax is a little to big for AudreyAnn right now, she will have to 'grow into him'. His size scared her at first, but in time she will learn to love him as I have. Besides that she absolutely loved her Sit-n-Spin from mommy and daddy and all the books Aunti Jill and Uncle Warren gave her!

I have to thank Sir and Uncle Warren for helping me harness him to his post, THANK YOU GUYS, you were a big help.

Enjoy looking at Pax, he is a sight!

Pax the Horse

Isn't He cute!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vacating together (phase 2)

Secret gardens!

The Honorable John!

Me and Barbara

Jim-the baby

Me and Marty

Steve and parents

Me w/family and Mom

Beth and Mom

Golfing Buds: Steve, mom and Beth
We love you all!