Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Daughter Calls Me....

Daughter...."Mom, did you know that you are published in HomeLife Magazine?"
ME...."What are you talking about? What page, what month?"
Daughter..."May issue, page 6."
ME..."O my goodness, there's my name!" Title of article, Two Men in My Life.

Having had the privilege to work at LifeWay Corporate in Nashville, I remember seeing a draft deposit in our account back a month or two ago....but never connected the dots...ha! Now the dots have been connected.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Southern Georgia Sunset...

This is the view from my front porch! Pretty cool, huh? Just thought I would share it! May tomorrow gives you joy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've been Tagged...

Erin tagged me first tag here goes! (BTW: I typed this all out last night around 11pm and went to post it but lost it-aughh!) Mind you, you asked a person who graduated in 1972. So here is my second try at my first tag...

List 5 classes that you wish were available in high school:
(I would change the title)
List 5 classes that you would be willing to go back and teach yourself
#1...Glimps into the Future Skills 101...b/c it would of been great to know that the huge room at State Farm Insurance Ohio Office, which held the HARD DRIVE was going to be condensed into something similar to my laptop. B/C knowing how much easier communication would be when Email, Instant Messages and Texting came into our world. Of course this class would be bombarded w/students thinking it would be an easy A.
#2...Marriage Skills 101-909....B/C we must first understand that this marriage deal is a vow we take in front of a holy God. It would have been great to know that marriage is not 50/50, sometimes it 10/90, 25/75 or 85/15. How to understand the complications of compromising and the skill of using "I feel" in a heated debate unstead of U! A whole year needs to be spent on: the mountains/valleys in marriage....all the good, bad and the ugly times that we spend together. To learn the nack of service to your mate..IS NOT just a womans job...and that if you treat your spouse like they are the only person, in a room filled w/people, and they know it.... will pay back multiple times over. Unfornutantly, these things have to be learned as we walk thru marriage.
#3...Parenting Skills 101-1801...yes, it takes a lifetime to understand this class.
First of all we need to understand that there is no manual for this job, despite what Dr Spock says in his book. Every child is different.Secondly this is the most rewarding , difficult , stressful job anyone does and that it is not for everyone! The ole saying "children should be seen and not heard" is the first saying to have alot to say and they are important...The other saying that I would banish is "Do what I say not what I do." Well, kids watch our actions just as much as our words to see if they match up. Give me a semester to teach on the heartbreaks of parenting....many accidents, hurt feelings, ignorant speech that come from both parent an child. And oh yea, forgiveness....learn to say "I'm sorry" as the parent! Swallow your pride and allow your kids to know that although you are the parent and should be respected, you too make mistakes.
#4...Financial Peace Skills (no course # just schedule it like-forever) First rule in the book would be to know, know that you buy nothing unless you pay cash! Second rule, stuff does not buy happiness! Thirdly, life may never 'save' enough money for that first baby, or house, or in these cases only, skip 1st rule. With all the ups and downs your life will give you, finances is just a small fraction of what is important. Remember that as you live this life, it's not about what you have but what you give that really, friends, a relationship w/Jesus, good work ethics, a untarnished integrity, your name! When you figure these out, then you will have true peace. Of course this peace is that same pece that passes all understanding....coming from God Himself.
#5... Life Happens Skills..101-eternity...why you ask? b/c it never ends....all the good days, bad days, sickness, phone calls from your teens "mom I just had an accident" days, "Dad, I'm getting married" days, moving and transferring days, buys houses days...etc. Life happens and we are truely never prepared for it, as much as we like to think. And when it does my only thought (as I look back over 32 yrs) is to enjoy them all. The life and the death of these days on earth. We were created for a purpose and as we seek God He will show us that purpose...maybe it is in politics, business, teaching, parenting or wherever your talents take you. But just b/c you didn't go to college, or write a book or hob-knob w/ noble people...doesn't mean that your life is not valued. Life happens-enjoy every minute of it!
Now the tag rule is to pass it I pass it onto my BLOGGER friends: daughter Shana, her college roommate Jeni, my high school friend Marty, and my friend in the ministry Ronnie...GO GIRLS!

Monday, April 21, 2008

TBall Season....

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Jonah and ME....

I have been reading Jonah this past week. Chapter 2 is his cry out to God. After reading this prayer of Jonah, I think about the BIG fish. Imagine Jonah falling deep into the "heart of the sea." A fish swallows him whole. He is tossed and turned and bound w/seaweed. As all this was happening, I would of freaked out!!!
But Jonah continued w/his prayer. He is not bitter toward God, he keeps his vows to God, He lifts up his voice in thanksgiving. (IN THE BELLY OF A FISH) Jonah admits that he needs to pay what was due b/c of his disobedience. He clearly states -Salvation comes from God.
As he lays in this yucky belly, God hears his crys and makes the fish to SPIT him out on dry LAND.
I may never see what Jonah saw, never feel that much helplessness....BUT did that fish come along at the exact time for PROTECTION?
Don't we sometimes find ourselves in this exact spot. My trials/storms ususally come from my making. (Just like Jonah)
I believe that the fish came as a purpose...a protection..a place where Jonah had time to think about his disobedience and the love he still had for his GOD!

WOW, I am always amazed at the depth of love God has for us!
I sat on my front porch, basking in the sun as I journaled today. I enjoy the warmth it brings but God once again showed me that basking in the Son brings so much more enjoyment.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another Opportunity.....

....happened Sunday night at church. Invitation time came and the pastor was urging people to come down front to pray. Sometimes I go, not b/c the pastor is urging me but rather the Holy Spirit. This night was something different.
A young man (visitor) has been sitting behind or in front of us each Sunday for the past 3 wks. His girlfriend came w/him once. I could feel the tug of the Holy Spirit to turn around and pray w/this couple.
Now starts the conversation I had w/God...."God, are you sure I am to turn around, right here in the pew, and pray w/them?" 'YES", was the reply! "But God, what do I pray for? I mean, I don't know them from Adam and I would feel so stupid if I ask to pray w/them and they say no. What if, it makes them feel embarassed? Are you sure God?"
Again the reply was YES, in an even louder almost rushed tone.

So I turned around, looked them in the eye and said "God wants me to pray for you, will you join hands w/me in prayer? I have no idea what I am to pray for but if I don't, I will be disobeying God." Their reply...YES!
At the end of my prayer for them (note: I can't even remember what I said in my prayer) the girlfriend looked at me with big tears welling in her eyes, and said "Thank you."

ARE YOU MISSING OPPORTUNITIES? I sure hope not! Grace and peace to you today!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Open Opportunities...

...I just finished watching a "Chefography" show on Julia Child. She was one persistant lady back in the 1920'. She hated the kitchen! She desired to do something that would influence the world. She signed up for the Navy as a Wave, but soon found out that she was to tall at just over 6'. SO she started working at the OSS (precurser to the FBI) When a request for transfers to India came across her desk, she India, then onto China. This is where she met her husband. Although they were just friends, Julia found the way to his heart was food. (remember she hated kitchen work) Her opportunities took them to France and school, then her first book at age 49! Her life was filled with open opportunities.....

Yesterday, my life was opened to opportunities. I spoke to a group of our SBC associational secretaries at a luncheon. I have spoken before to groups but only to help in Bible Studies or talk about Acteens. Once I was the "first lady" (so to speak-wink) president of our choir in Arkansas. I have done solo's in church and worked hard in a city PTA council, been interviewed for the Mobile Register newspaper and been on TV. But nothing like this has ever been open to me.

I emailed my daughters, my sister Brenda, friends Donna & Denise and my dearest friend Lisa, who have done this alot....thanks sweethearts for praying. I was scared, but the open opportunity that was presented .....strengthened my resolve to look for more open doors, anywhere and anything that God has for me.

Revelation 3:20-21"Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me. To him who overcomes , I will give the right to sit with me on My throne, just as I overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne."

Know this, that "coming in and eating" means relationship. So imagine Jesus knocking (not breaking the door down) EVERYDAY to give you open opportunities!! He gives us the opportunity to choose. And in giving us opportunities, He is showing us that He wants to live with us, sup w/us, enjoy life with us! How many times do we NOT ANSWER the door? How many missed opportunities? God is our Father. And like a father, he wants to share in our lives.

My mother-in-law (Dorothy) has choosen an opportunity to partake in a 4 day/night shut in of Bible study ..AT AGE 79! She even postponed back surgery to be apart of this indepth study weekend. She, like Julia, continues to make a difference in the lives of others. She mentors a high school girl, co-teaches a high school SS class. My other MIL, Annie, choose the opportunity at age 68 to receive a degree in gardening, something that she is already very good in. My mother, taught me by sight, that opportunities are nothing less that ways to strengthen youself as a person. She is about the strongest woman I know of and still going strong at age 77!

Don't miss open opportunities.....I am glad that I didn't yesterday. These ladies and their smiles gave this scared child of God courage to go on. The prayers of faithful family and friends, prepared me for the opportunity.

Below you will see the boxes I used as my theme for yesterday. Thank you honey, for making my vision come together. I am your biggest cheerleader! I am so glad that I didn't miss the open opportunity to be your wife! Kisses,Hugs,Joy

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Story Lines

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Erin, this pic is for you! Although I am NOT a shoe person...lately I have been making some shoe-perfect purchases! For me and the grands....(the balloons are to decorate the flip-flops on our next visit to Shana's)
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