Thursday, September 29, 2011

Role Reversal....It does a soul good!

As you know, I spend time each week with my mother in another town.  She is up in age and suffering from a myriad of organ dysfunctions.   My momma will be 81 in just a few short months, and we have had the best times together.   As our church goes thru The Story (an NIV orderly version of the Bible) I am reminded that The Upper Story (God) placed us here in Ohio (the Lower Story) just for our parents. Getting the chance to spend time with Steve's dad before he passed away and enjoying Steve's mom as she continues good health was and is a blessing.  Being here for my momma is a personal blessing for me. Watching her go down hill these past 4 yrs has not been the blessing any child would wish upon another.

I just came back home after spending Wed/Thur with my momma and we had a ball, from watching TV court shows together to going out to get the perfect hair cut from her favorite hair stylist, we live each day together laughing and hugging.   

Last night we were watching TLC Extreme Couponing marathon when she had a spell of sickness that took the wind out of her sails. She felt best laying on the dinning room floor (close to the bathroom) so  realizing that this would be a loosing battle to get her into her bed I sat there. I started running my fingers thru her beautiful silver hair and prayed for Jesus to stop the sickness in her stomach. I realized that the role had reversed.  So many times she sat with my head on her lap and took care of me.  So many times she went without so I could have what I needed. So many times she loved me thru bad times so I could feel encouraged.  Now I am doing the same for her...WHAT A PRIVILEGE!  It is so worth time away from my husband or the countless gallons of expensive gas, or mileage on an already older model car to be there for her.

Above my relationship with God and my husbands, she is next in line for ALL  of my attention. My memory continues to fill with all sorts of funny things and fun times and jokes and patience as these prayerfully years with my momma  continue.   I watched her do the same with her parents and her in laws.  She is my example of a loving daughter. 

Today on the morning news they asked for people to Facebook, Tweet or email who they would love to have morning coffee with.. The top 2 answers were: President Obama and Bill Clinton.  I was shredding papers for my momma and thought answer would have to be my mom. And God has granted me that opportunity every  week! If having coffee with a famous historical person is good for you, then having one more cup of coffee with your parent has to be BEST.  So if you have parents still alive ...take them out for coffee...bring it to their home..add a donut to the date and just laugh! It does a soul good!