Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Words 4 thought...

Empty me of the selfishness inside.

Every vain ambition and the poision of my pride.

Any foolish thing my heart holds to.

Lord empty me of me so I can be..FILLED W/YOU.

(Chris Sligh)

I remember the first time I heard this song, it captivated me so that I was crying out loud. WOW! After explaining this chorus to my oldest granddaughter today, the words once again helps me to keep focused on what is pure and right and godly. Selfishness is so powerful and empty and useless. Joy!~

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FYI..Ace of Cakes, MaryAlice and Duff

We call ourselves the Kids of Cakes! Established May 18, 2009

Yo Duff,

We had fun making this cake for our parents 9th anniversary. This cake is really cool! It's about all these bears that are having a swimming party. We used gum for surf boards and the diving board with white icing as the glue. I wish your people were on the cake (the people that you make for your cakes) We hope you write back to us and when you write back I hope to see a picture of you and your crew. If we come to Boston, can you call and give us directions. See you later. From Kids of Cakes, Chef JennahKay (age 7)
This cake was fun to make and it has beach balls that are made from blow pops.Teddy Grahams were very hard to make their bathing suits but it was so much fun making it. How do you make your cakes? Do you have fun like we did. We are sending pictures and you would have fun looking at the pictures. We hope you write back and we hope to see you. From Kids of Cakes, Chef Lorahbeth (age 5 1/2)
I liked to decorate the cake. I love you. I want to go with you. I want my DeeDee to come with me. I liked the people on there. I want you to get some glasses. Goodby, I like you.
From Kids of Cakes, Chef AudreyAnn (age3 1/2)
Mary Alice, Chef Duff and crew...(above notes were typed as they recited them to me, the fingers at the computer)This email and pictures were from the fun memories we made today while my granddaughters parents were celebrating their 9th anniversary. My grands love your show and so we thought you would love to see their version of your fantastic cakes. I only get to see these great girls a few times a year since they live in southern Georgia and I in Ohio. Thanks for being a positive role model for young children thru the avenue of television.
Joy, DeeDee , JennahKay, Lorahbeth & AudreyAnn

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I will seek your good....

Deciding to read once again The Psalms of Ascents (chap 121-132) I read Psalm 122 today:

IT IS a song done as a prayer for Jerusalem . So to me, my Jerusalem is Columbus , Ohio . So I prayed over Columbus , that she will hear the call of God. That churches who name the name of Jesus will 'get out' of their comfortable boxes. Reach toward the lost, poor, broken spirits that live in this city.

THERE is a family in Columbus who has done just that: sold their suburban home, moved to the inner city and lives Jesus to broken spirits-wow! Amazed after few years the crime rate has drastically reduced in that neighborhood.

Anyway back to my thought....V3-4 talks about a city who is solidly built so people can go and give thanks to the Lord. Pray for your city to be built like this!

V6-8 TALKS about praying for peace to envelope your city, my city, Jerusalem . Peace for your walk, prosperity within the protection of your city.
V9 is what stuck my heart today...."because of the house of the Lord our God, I WILL SEEK YOUR GOOD."

As I live and breathe everyday, do I seek the good of others? I say I do, my actions show I do...but do I breathe it everyday? Do I breathe it BECAUSE of the Lord my God?

What would happen to our cities if we did what this family in Columbus did?? Not necessarily move into the inner city but live like we are in the inner city...REACHING OUT OF OUR WELL PLANNED, DESIGNED BOXES OF WHAT WE THINK GOD DIRECTS US TO DO AND REACH INTO A LIFE (or 2 or 3) "because of the house of the Lord our God, I WILL SEEK YOUR GOOD."

Okay for thought (at least for me)

Last Monday, as I was walking out of WalMart I saw a mother w/her infant and a huge cart of groceries plus a giant package of TP under her arm. We giggled about growing another arm when a baby comes and walked to our cars. After I emptied my cart I went over to her and told her that I wanted to take her cart back to the corral for her. She looked shocked but said thank you, I really shocked her, by giving her $2 to buy a coke or milkshake as a treat from me. She refused kindly, I told her that I had to give it to her b/c if I didn't I would not be obeying the Lord. So I said "Please, enjoy on me." She shyly said "ok, thank you" and I walked away.

I did not share this to brag on self...but after reading Psalm 122 and remembering this family's life change, I thought that maybe that is ONE WAY I can reach into another life.

Let's see if any of you out there in blog land can come up w/other ideas to REACH INTO A LIFE..."b/c of the house of the Lord our God."(V9)