Thursday, December 27, 2007

It was purposed for this TIME....

This year was the quietest Christmas we have ever had! Our kids spent Christmas with their other families. Parents of married children must share these great holidays....Next year we will all be together in a special place already reserved for us. (it's a surprise) Steve and I watched movies all day and munched on Shrimp cocktail, crabmeat cheeseball and for dessert....the ever popular BUCKEYES! We opened up 2 small presents to each other and thanked God for all He has done in 2007.

This year the Christmas story brought a new (well, maybe not new) concept into my life.....TIME! Luke 2:1-7 starts the story of Jesus' birth and well...
V1 says that "there came about a decree" (a decree to be counted) For the first time ever, the King wanted a census to be taken, so off everyone goes back to their own towns to be counted. It was purposed for this TIME.
V4 states that Joseph and Mary had to go back to Bethlehem b/c he was of the lineage of David (it was fortold that the King of Glory would be from the line of David) It was purposed for this TIME.
V6 says that the days were completed for her to delivery her son. Imagine having to travel at such an important time as this. (my doctor would not allow me to travel long distance right before the birth of my daughters) It was purposed, proving once again that God is still in control, for this TIME.
V7 tells us that there was no room for them in the inn. Such a busy town, everyone was pre-occupied, to busy to notice this humble birth. It was purposed for this TIME.

This story this year reminds me of TIME...a precious valued commodity. I pray that you take TIME in 2008 to walk the walk, reach out of your comfort zone to someone that makes you uncomfortable. Do not just "go to church"....BE the church." I am building bridges w/the lady upstairs. I am uncomfortable w/the language barrier most of all...but prayfully thru crafts, quilting and with TIME I can earn the right to share Jesus with her.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

It just gets better w/age....

As I try to sleep, a reflux problem hit my throat, so I am up at 11pm drinking 7-up to try and get the last of a great dinner to stay down so I can sleep.

Today, we celebrated 31 years of marriage! I thought last year was a big one but as I ponder on 31, I find myself thinking that "IT JUST GETS BETTER WITH AGE."

I wrote a life letter to my husband as a gift. It took me the better part of 2 wks to get it right. I am known to give every detail, so I shortened 31 yrs down to 3 pages (single space of course) We were so young then, and now after just celebrating 54 yrs of age and 31 yrs w/my best friend, life tends to make you stop and absorb it all. When you are in the midst of raising children, broken cars, finances, jobs, building homes, higher education, sicknesses in do not take the time to 'drink it all in.' So I did that for a couple weeks. And here is my 2 cents on life.......IT'S GREAT, every bad day, every crying baby, every finance problem, every work solution, every troubled teen, everything! It's great because of ONE person-Jesus Christ!!!

I asked the young waitress at the steak house tonight to take our picture for our 31st anniversary, she obliged. She came back later and asked how we did it? She is a mother of 3. (7,4 & 4mos) Steve told her that our secret is keeping God in the middle of our relationship. I am so glad he gave her that piece of advise. He is so right!

I ended my letter to my husband with this: May we continue to climb this life together, getting stronger with each passing year. May we continue to lift each other up for God to use as a vessel for His honor, and may our children continue to grow in His grace and goodness. May our legacy to others be our love for each other and our love for our Savior.

Kenny Chesney's new song titled "Don't Blink" .....Don’t blink, just like that your 6 yrs old and you take a nap, wake up at 25 and your high school sweetheart becomes your wife, don’t blink you just might miss your babies growing up, mine did. Turning into mom’s and dad’s next thing you know your better have of 50 yrs is there in bed, you’re praying God takes you instead. Trust me friend a 100 yrs goes faster than you think…so don’t blink.

Well I am not at 100 yet but 31 years have gone faster than I ever thought.
For those of you in 'blogger-land' who are younger than 20 yrs of marriage, raising babies, etc....please don't blink. Try to absorb every detail of your life together. And if I may advise.....31 yrs down that road you do not remember the fancy cars, homes, clothes or all the high school remember faces, smiles, sweet thoughts, actions of love toward yourself and others. You remember God, and verses that held you together when it seemed like nothing else would. You remember scarifices made out of love and the smallest of surprises that warmed you heart. You remember finger smudges on your glass coffee table of those grandchildren who just visited...and all the hugs and kisses you gave your kids. Believe me, it is not about status, it's about giving!