Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 Things/sayings I absolutely hate....

....I hate to use the h.a.t.e. word. (but sometimes there is no way else to describe things)
...I hate liver
...I hate the fact that people DO NOT place shopping carts ORDERLY in the cart stall in parking lots (I mean, how much time does it actually take? 3 sec.?)
...I hate cold weather (see journal note below)
...I hate the saying "Beat her like a red-headed stepchild" (for I AM one of the formentioned people)
...I hate the saying "Better to ask forgiveness than permission."
...I hate dirty hands and fingernails. (eeeck)
...I hate the saying "When momma's happy everyone's happy."
...I hate hearing husband, mother or father-in-law jokes (b/c my personal experience w/these people are great)
...I hate sit-coms that expound on the incompetent abilities of men.

NOW God hates..."6 things God hates, 7 are detestable to Him" Proverb 6:16
..arrogant eyes (thinking I am better than someone else)
..lying tongue (that was just alittle white lie)
..hands that shed innocent blood (calling someone a fool)
..a heart that plots wicked schemes (just trying to 'get back' at that person)
..feet that run to evil (going head-strong into a situtation where I should not go)
..a lying witness (lying for a friend who did wrong) who stirs up trouble against his brother (stirring the poo to cause conflict in another believers life)

Now to compare my "destestables" against Gods is not even close...mine are things that I can overlook or control as a believer, but God's are life-living styles that cannot be overcomed UNLESS we yield to His calling upon our life. I think I will overlook mine and try not to be so CONSUMED w/why things don't work out the way I like them too.....then depend on God to control me to the point that I stay away from the temptations that "His hate list" makes so attractive to me at times.. I TAG you to do the same! You're it!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1234..The last 2 wks went out the door...

...WOW~ they say time flys when you are having fun...and actually that is correct. The last 2 wks have been fast and fun. Let's see if I can wrap it all up in a pretty package.....
Fri, October 17,2008...Steve spent several hours w/his kindergarten (best friend for life) friend, John. My family would of been celebrating our parents 50th Wedding Anniversary, so to make the day special I emailed the older grandchildren to call their Grandma, got Jim (my brother) to meet my mom and I at our dad's graveside and we released balloons after a time of prayer. My brain pictured 4 balloons slowly drifting into the clouds as peaceful music played,kinda like a Lifetime movie presentation where all is right w/the world.... but you guessed it, NOT! A mighty wind came in and blew those balloons so fast into the atmosphere that I could not get a picture of all 4 balloons together!
Sat, October 18, 2008 we spent having breakfast w/my school friend Barb and her fiancee Glen, then onto a great day w/Steve's dad and Annie for a 4-s0me as we watched Ohio State take on another win!
Sun, October 19, 2008 was shared w/good friends over dinner at Max/Ermma's and a play titled, "Frost/Nixon" being shown in downtown Columbus. It was great to watch the reenactment of that famous interview right after Nixon had been pardoned. After all we were merely kids when the original interview took place and honestly I didn't care about politics then.
Mon, October 20th thru Thurs, 23rd kept us busy with "renter issues" on/our home in TN. Thru the turmoil of that week, we made it w/God's graces and hardly any hair loss. (although Steve did have a major headache on Thur) Locks were re-keyed and carpets cleaned and the house is ready for new renters! Yeah!
Fri, October 24, 2008 took us out to a party w/friends and the notice of COLD weather setting into central Ohio. (remember, I am a tried and true Buckeye and a fair weathered friend when it comes to 40 degrees anything! (burrrr)
Sat, October 25 was a slow day but the evening had us involved w/our youth dept at church. "REVOLT" took over the church for 3 nights in a row. We fed over 170 teens, 30 adults and 15-20 kids every night. It was great! Ryan, our youth pastor brought in a christian rock band from Nashville, "Salient" who were, well AWESOME! 4 finer band members you may never meet! The bass guitar player has played for 17 yrs and he's only 25 yrs young. I asked them what Salient meant and I was told that this word is used to describe an army who just passed over the line into enemy territory...great description of what their goal is w/teens today!
Sat night (after Revolt) took us to a party, but it was a sad one for us Buckeyes, nonetheless, we forge ahead b/c we are faithful fans of The Ohio State Buckeye Football Team!!!!Penn State usually wins by 45 pts per game so holding them to 13 pts was a win to us! So hats off PSU....we'll get you next year! Now we must focus on Michigan!
Mon-Tues October 26-27, 2008 had me sitting on the couch watching 44 degree weather (again) pass by my window, wrapped up in a furry blanket drinking hot tea and crocheting a neck scarf! Perfect day. When Steve got home, he laughed at my interruption of keeping warm when there is not a snowflake on the ground. Then I showed him the other 5 colors of yard I bought...he said " your making more than 1?" To which I replied "yes, if I'm staying warm I'm at least gonna GO OUT STYLIN!" He just grinned and walked away. (he loves it cold)
Wed, October 28, 2008 has our car trunk decorated and opened, full of candy for the annual Awana's trunk or treat night in the parking lot of our church. I will have the trunk decorated up in style, and be wearing my newest creation neck scarf (w/gloves to match-of course) handing out candy as Steve plays putt-putt w/the kids as they come by our car!
So till next time, stay warm (or cool to our friends down south), drink your tea hot or cold, enjoy your friends and family, get alittle loud watching football, be creative, serve others, and make your own "Revolt" in such a way that others see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
Joy for your days~

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ethiopia's Opus....

Our daughter and son-in-law are about halfway thru their adoption of a little girl named Ellagrace from Ethiopia. A friend thru bloggerworld, is also in this process but they have just recently adopted 3 from Ethiopia and are going back for their second process of 3 more children (brothers/sister) I wrote the following on her blog but realized that it needs to go on my blog in honor and in anticipation of Ellagrace. So thanks for reading the words of a Grandmothers heart......(I really cannot wait to hold her in my arms)

Imagine this journey a "Symphony of Gathering" God the conductor reveals the musical masterpiece (the adoption of this darlin from Ethiopia) and then starts putting together the orchestra (the money)....there is plenty of time for practice sessions (the wait) till opening night. (the day when you get your video of this kid-o) Opening night comes in full gala and people are taking their seats, (your family and friends and bloggers) anticipating the first note. (that airplane ride into Atlanta) Then comes the first bar of music (screams of joy, tears of happiness, and organized noise levels) and then the intermission happens to come way to fast. (the first day at home after everyone has left)

Second part of the opus starts with challenging melodies/harmonies. ( the first month of "getting use to's") Finally the ending, dramatic as it may sound, is the best part of the whole masterpiece! The timpani pounds, the trumpets blast, the flutes are soft but fluttering all over the pages of script.(a normal day in your home) You can feel it in your chest, and then the conductor holds that last note for forever!(a family blessed and resting after a busy day bows their heads in thanks and praise to God Almighty)

And it's over! (this journey come to an end, children are given opportunities that were never afforded them in their homeland and eternity is freely given thru a relationship w/God) But is a masterpiece ever over, you ask? Not by any means, b/c others who heard it have to share it with those who have not heard (adoption is available for so many more who love this kind of music) the masterpiece keeps the music alive. (children in Ethiopia who await parents whom will lovingly give them what their birth parents cannot.)Bravo! Bravo!(PRAISE GOD , PRAISE GOD)

Well, I did not intend to write so much but since my daughter is in the middle of adoption from Ethiopia, I feel like it needed to be said...SO, this is titled "Ethiopia's Opus"

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

We honor you....

Today...our second blessing was born.
Today...our gift from God took her first breath (well, actually at 8:48pm today)
Today...our Pollyanna was named Shana Lynn

She was 6.8 and 19 inches tall.
She had a perfectly round porportional face.
She scared the liven daylights out of us.
She calmed our every fear.
She took our hearts and never gave them back.
She made us proud to own the title of parents.
She was born on her Aunt Dawn's birthday.
She owned her first pair of Nikes when she was 6 months old.
She awoke at the first crack of dawn always with a smile on her face.

Uncles and Aunts said she was a 'catalog baby' ... they wanted one just like her.
Grandma PokaDot was the first to hold her.
Great Uncle Rodney was the second family member to hold her.
Grandma Presley made her the angel of their Christmas tree in 78.
Grandma Ogle bought so many clothes for her first visit in Jan 79.
Grandpa's just held her and smiled from ear to ear. (my dad was giddy!)

We starting praying for her salvation the day she was born.
We prayed for wisdom to bend her toward a relationship w/Christ.
We failed many times in doing the right thing for her.
We loved her more with each passing day.
We started praying for a goldy man to be her husband.

Shana, you continue to make us proud that we own the title of parents.
Shana, you continue to wake up w/a smile on that pretty face.
Shana, you continue to follow Christ daily and lead by example to your 3 girls.
Shana, you continue to WOW people w/your vocals and your serving spirit.
Shana, you are a unique individual who loves life, enjoys creating, loves to read ANYTHING, is devoted as a wife and mother and still calls to say "Morning Mama". (don't ever stop)

So we celebrate these 30 yrs w/you today. May God grant you 60 more birthdays that are filled w/happiness, love, sorrow, rewards from your children's hearts, passion from your adorable husband and the continued love from your parents....hey that's us!(maybe not 60 yrs of us b/c that would make me 115-teehee)
May you become closer to your God who has called you for a purpose! Keep reaching for that purpose and never content to be satisfied with anything less. Thank you for following your dreams of adopting! For that is also our blessing to enjoy. When some days make you feel like it's not worth it all...remember what God has called you to and just do it!

When our first daughter (who was going to be named Shana Lynn) died, I thought I would never love again...then God brought you into our lives! Never say never to God...He always proves us wrong! You are and will always be our SUNSHINE! That ray of hope when life was so sorrowful. Our first daughter brought us to God and you were the reason to keep on following Him!

We are thankful that you have been a respectful daughter. Through good and bad times you have always honored us. So now WE HONOR YOU!

We love you, and know that God truely honored us to be the ones picked to become your parents in this life on earth. WOW!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just blogging along and....

....came across this blog

OMGoodness! By happen-chance I walked into this's the actual diary of this girls Grandmother from the 1940's. I didn't read much but what I read was from June-July 1945. She has a boyfriend....this really takes you back in time..and if you are a hopeless romantic (like me) ya'll, just gotta go there!

(Shana, Erin and Bran ....I know you 3 will check this out for sure)

This makes me wonder what my grandchildren will be doing w/my journals I write. I have dedicated each grandchild one book so far. Then I wonder how will they translate my journaling? Will blogging be a thing of the past? I'm sure! Maybe they will communicate like The Jetson's OR better yet Star Wars!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tag...Your It.....

I've Been Tagged...
Okay...I've never done one of these before. I was tagged by Shana to make a list of 7 things that people may not know about me.

1) My mom's relatives are in a couple of chapters of an accurate historical book of the Civil War. (research was done by a friend of mine who lives in Hattiesburg,Ms)

2) I have written 6 short children's books based on experiences of my granddaughters.

3) My mom tells me that I ate a whole jar of Vicks Vapor Rub when I was 2!

4) I have lived in 3 states within a 11 month period of time.

5) The friend I have known the longest, and still stay in touch with is Mike F. (from kindergarten)

6) I secretly have always wanted to be a singer/songwriter.

7) I am a raccoon, when it comes to handwashing! Oh, it drives me up the wall to have anything on my hands! (eeebie-geebies)

Now I pass this onto Bran, Ronnie and Alexis.....go girls, you've been tagged!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Meet Our 4 Grands....


...JennahKay, Lorahbeth, AudreyAnn and Ellagrace....
No, your eyes are not fooling you~ No, I am not going senile~ There are 4, count them, four granddaughters in this picture. Of course you also see Shana and Bill!

The square UPS envelope is the paperwork for Ellagrace! It has been sent off to Washington state and will be in Africa by the first of next week. Now we all wait till we hear the news.....receive the picture of our sweet granddaughter #4....and then wait patiently till we are given permission to share that photo.

I can already imagine those big brown eyes and maple brown skin on the cuties granddaughter around! Ellagrace, we are so anxious to see your face, (hey, that's a rhyme) to hold you in our arms, to love and spoil you just like your sisters are spoiled.

Grandma PokaDot will giggle, Grannie Annie will kiss you and Grandma Presley will hug you to pieces. Auntie Jill will shower you w/cute clothes, Uncle Warren will tease you, I will adore you and Sir will sit quietly w/you on his lap and smile from ear to ear. KK, LB and AA can hardly wait to have you in their care, they will be the best sisters, the exact ones that God designed for you.

So go paperwork, fly to Ethiopia and find our granddaughter. When society tells you that this will not work out. When finances tells you that there is no way. So a big thank you to your momma and daddy, b/c of their prayers and faith in the Lord, God is preparing a home for you to live in. A home where you will be protected, loved, taught to obey, given opportunities and shown WWJD!

And in the meantime, we wait joyfully~