Friday, January 26, 2007

Just one more for today!

Lunch hour was running short and I forgot to add a blog about Jill and Warren. They are doing great. Warren got on full time at a tool company in Texas...yeah-health insurance and benefits!! He is a wonderful answer to prayer for our family. I love him like a son already. Jill is still working at the Childrens Hospital and taking on 4 private patients at a local church, a couples group plus her internship work at the counseling center. But the light is getting closer. She graduates w/her Masters in May! Yeah!!!
We are all praying that Warren has a church position when Jill graduates. He put his career 'on-hold' so she could finish her degree. They just celebrated 6 months of marriage. Yeah, again! These pictures are of Christmas night when we all got together. I LOVED having all my family together. I also added a picture of them at their wedding reception.

Now I am on a roll....

Maybe this has created a monster in me...who knows? At least it's a fun way to communicate w/friends and family. Today we are thankful that JennahKay's doctor visit went well and there is nothing wrong w/her kidneys. Steve and John (Billie's dad) are coming home from a week of stripping a bathroom down to the studs and rebuilding a new one for Shana n Billie. A friends daughters boyfriend is slowly getting better from serious phenomia. Prayers are still being lifted up for him, he has a lot of recovery still ahead.

Thought I would send a couple of of our mothers...don't they look so cute? The other picture is of my neices and nephew (brothers children) making silly faces! You gotta have fun and be silly when you only see them once a year. Now that we live closer, we can see them more. Yeah!
The third pic is a fun time at lunch w/our other nieces. (Hannah and Rylee Jane) And the last is of Steve and I after going thru a huge corn maze last fall.
Lives are busy, and you regret being so busy when you get to spend some quality time w/those you love! Joy to you today!

So I got behind already!

Yes, I confess to getting behind already. But I have a good excuse, coughing attack during my lunch. These pictures are just a sample of what we do with our 'grands' when we visit.
We always cook something! Once we made these sushi/twinkie desserts that was soooo sweet. They really looked like sushi! No bake cookies are always a good time. One time Sir, KK and I made dinner for everyone.
We also do crafts...this picture is of LB making a homemade horn. On one visit I declared the next day to be "PJ Day", we stayed in our PJ's all day and had a tent in the middle of the living room. We told stories and had lunch in the tent. Of course, Sir had to show KK the proper way to go sledding in Ohio.
It is so much fun coming up with things to do w/the girls. It takes work to be long distance grandparents! But tell me, how do you resist those faces??

Go Bucks! Go Vols! (that was for Uncle Warren)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I understand that I must "keep up" w/my journaling. So I promise to do better. January came in w/sickness for me and surgery to repair a large blood clot that presented itself in December to Steve's dad. Surgery went well, PTL, and I am still on the mends. A real praise was Steve's dad wanted to be re-baptised and Steve got the privilege of talking to his dad and baptising him in the hospital. Thought I would post some more pics...that's what I like most on this site. So enjoy my family! I sure do!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Which way did they go?

Did they even show up? Enquiring minds want to know! Oh well, only about 290 days before next season kicks off! All of us support our teams no matter what, as we taught our daughters back in jr high....sometimes your man wins and sometimes he looses. We Buckeye fans woke up the next morning and faced the day, b/c it's just a game! What really matters is Jesus! So I continue to say Go Bucks!