Monday, January 10, 2011

Stuck vs Unstuck....

Acts 2:42-47
Believers devoted themselves to a daily teaching and reading of the Word of God. They made time for fellowship and set aside time to pray regularly. As they did this they were witness to many signs and wonders from God. Selling their possessions as was needed for the good of the entire community they never went without a need met. Daily they got into a habit of worship, eating together with gladness and of a simple mindedness. These believers praised God everyday and everyday God added to their community of believers.

Stuck vs Unstuck....

Sometime we get STUCK, stuck in programs, stuck in the ritual of busyness, stuck in health issues, stuck in managing our own little world thinking that “we have this covered”, God can use His time on someone else. So many times I have felt stuck but never when it traveled parallel with God. Only when I choose (for whatever reason) to take the vertical direction did I find myself stuck.

I am reminded of a story long time ago when I was 6 years old. We lived in a trailer court. (The PC word in 2011 is Mobile Home Park) but nonetheless it was a place where trailer living had you “parked” on a piece of ground and you paid rent to keep your trailer parked there. A rather nice community of people who believed that the “American Dream” had not but one day would occur for them. (I digress a bit)

Stuck vs Unstuck....

I was best friends with Bonnie Gabanny; her dad was paid to manager this trailer court. The neat thing was they lived in the only house on the “court-land” so I enjoyed the spacious life of a house everyday as we played.

The best part was we got to play house with our dolls in vacant trailers. With peanut butter, wonder bread and a plastic knife in tow we enjoyed our imaginations. One day Bonnie’s dad left the large ladder propped up against the maintenance garage so we decided it would be fun to climb to the top of the garage and see what was on top or as we like to think, the wonders of the world. Bonnie went first b/c she was not as afraid as I was to get in trouble. Next it was my turn. Getting up the brave heart to start the climb I got have way up then decided to look down, my first big mistake. My fear froze my actions. I was STUCK!

There are many kinds of stuck-ness w/the God. Pastor Tom described them this way: Fear: (Jer 4:19-20) that overwhelms us. Fatigue: (V21) so very tired of whatever has been consuming us. Foolishness: ( Jer 2:25 & Jer 5:21-22) the ignorance or selfishness we determine to be “our own” and not God’s. So caught up in the world and forgetting that God said “Be in the world and not of it.” Faking it: (Jer 5:23-24) giving God mouth service and not heart service. There are times where we just go through the motions tipping our hat toward God 1 hour a week.

Stuck vs Unstuck....

Well on that ladder I was full of fear and fatigue. I started crying, Bonnie started screaming for her dad and as hero’s always do, Mr. Gabanny came running around the corner. He pranced up that ladder in two shakes, grabbed my waist and the next thing I knew I was standing on green grass. I was UNSTUCK. Yeah me!

Pastor Tom shared how we can get un-stuck. Read Jeremiah 6:16. It says that we should ASK for help (I did) Listen and abide by that very help (or what I wrote in my journal) DO IT. In that minute I find REST.

Ask by looking to the wisdom of others who have gone before you…”the old godly way.” Attain wisdom that comes from God’s word and believers who have already walked that path. Don’t just give lip service but actually do what they/or God tells you to do. And only then will rest find you, find you standing on green grass, feet firmly planted in a safe place.

Stuck vs Unstuck....

Today after worship I found Pastor Tom and told him that I was stuck in Fatigue, so tired of many things that have occupied my heart and my mind. There are personal struggles that allowed its ugly head to have a stronghold over my life. There are tired days of doctors and my mother’s health, days of struggle w/relationships that I so want mended but know it is out of my hands.

I have asked for wisdom from God Himself and wise believers. Just like screaming for help as a child on that ladder, I’m flat tired. Today I started resting. Today I am UNSTUCK. Like the rungs on a ladder, I use them as a measuring devise for my believers walk thru this world. Some days I climb high enough to see what God has to give me and some days I freeze on a rung, standing still for a while only to finally realize that I need help. So I ask, do it, and rest again.

I am so glad God’s grace is pouring over me daily. I am so glad God never gives up on my poor soul; He never tires of rescuing me from me.