Sunday, November 15, 2009

When we say we have everything...

...we need, but Jesus is not at the top of the list. He is deeply offended.Self-sufficienct disracts us from prusuing the things we really need that only He can give us.

IF YOU'D rather have cash than character
IF YOUR credit cards are maxed
IF YOUR righteousness is mininized
IF YOU'VE become smart but not wise....

Then you have been shopping in all the wrong places. Jesus offers commodies that are far better. He knocks at our heart, let Him in and He will give you all that you need.

REVELATION 3:14-22 (The Daily Bread-Oct/Nov09)

As the country song repeats: Looking for love in all the wrong places, looking for love into many faces.......I blessed the day I discovered of what I was dreamin of... JESUS~

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ohio State Buckeyes....

...are going to the Rose Bowl~ Close game today, Iowa played an amazing game, great competition and no one was hurt. We are the Big Ten Champs-5th year in a row! woohoo!
LAURIE..wish we could come out to the game b/c I woul love to see you...

Friday, November 13, 2009

As of Wedneday, November 11, 2009....

we officially became grandparents AGAIN!~ The courts in Etheopia made it legal...our granddaughter is now Ellegrace Hiwot (Hay-wot) Dantzler! Hiwot means life, how awesome, b/c we have been praying for her life for 3 yrs now! I can now share a picture of this little brown eyed gem. She is going to walk into such a loving family and extended family. Her sisters are beside themselves, Steve n I are beside ourselves....everytime I look at her face on my table, I have such a feeling of love, joy and just want to kiss her cute cheeks! I know Mom n Dad get first kisses and I know that I will be overjoyed, tears will cloud her face from me but I will get my turn.

Our natural born children are nothing less than a miracle to us as parents. Having babysat a few adopted children in the past, I have always rocked them to sleep, praying that One Day they would understand how special they are. Now I get to hold my own adopted granddaughter and pray that prayer over her. Our family has now forever changed b/c Shana n Bill decided to take that leap of faith, that tug of their hearts and become obedient to God as He placed everything in order.

More on this sweet child later, like January later....b/c we will be there waiting for that plane to bring her into our lives! Until then we celebrate....Christmas presents to be bought, the bed is in place, she has her own dresser and a most of all a place in our lives!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today I cried...

The Bible says that tears are cleansing to the I cried but it didn't cleanse my soul. After 13 days with acute vertigo I am at the end of that rope that is hanging off of the cliff. My legs are giving out on me, I am dangerous w/a knife and tomato, can't fill the dishwasher w/o doing a 2-step.

Part of me is anguished b/c I am plain tired of feeling like I am in a drunken stooper, not in control of my body, my head still feels like it is a helium balloon that if I left go, it will never come back down to earth.

Another part of me feels so ashamed to be complaining over such a minor thing as vertigo when I know of so many who are struggling w/ more serious illnesses or financial issues. So I continue to cry. Is it desperation b/c I have so much I want to be involved in? I miss my kids at small group, I missed adul small group last night. I haven't enjoyed an evening w/my husband for 13 days now, even the Buckeye game last week was no fun. I really miss not taking care of my mother who has been so ill lately. I have Christmas to buy for before Thanksgiving, and Operation Shoe Boxes to complete before Nov 15th. So I cry!

But I just finished reading Luke 4:1-13, it talks about the temptations of Christ. After 40 days of fasting, satan revealed that He as Christ could turn the very stones into bread.....the answer: "Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word of God."

HUMMMM, satan thinks again. taking Jesus to the highest point to show Him the kingdoms of the world and assures Jesus that all of this will be His if only He would bow to him....the answer: "Worship the Lord your God ,and serve Him only."

Well than , satan thinks again. Just jump off of this temple and surely God's angels will not allow your feet to hit a stone.....the answer: "Do not tempt the Lord your God."

Finally satan in V13 "had finished every temptation , he departed from Him for a time."

So I stopped my crying. I must live by the Word of God DAILY. I will WORSHIP God and SERVE Him only and I want to keep my eyes OPEN to temptations of satan. V13 warns us that he (satan) will return to tempt us.

BTW: my sweet husband came home when he heard my cries, fixed me lunch, and then told me that tomorrow he was taking me out to get my hair washed and styled!!!! Now that dried my tears. Also, I got a phone call from Peggy, a dear friend, who is bringing over fru-fru coffee (that's what Kelly calls it) at 4pm today! I look terrible but coffee w/a friend , who cares what I look like! ( I mean I have enough oil in my hair to fill a frying pan.)

God answers prayers in the most unusual ways. And I am so glad He does! Well I gotta get off of here b/c my turtle caramel coffee w/whip cream is on it's way! Thanks for listening blogworld.

Can this be called Coffee for the Soul?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Growing Up Ogle...

Our pastor asked Steve n I to help lead a discussion w/him and his wife directed toward our youth parents while their teens were in group session called EPIC. One of the things he wanted us to do was to talk to our daughters about what they took away from "Growing Up Ogle."

So Steve emailed them both and within 2 days their responses came back. What we were shocked about was that they both had the same list, maybe worded differently but still the same. I had to make a family crest from these 4 items: Compassion, Integrity, Obedience and Trust. It really wowed us to know that our daughters felt the same way.
They always heard the defination of Integrity: doing what is right even when no one is watching. Did they always practice that, no, but they heard it and saw it in action thru their parents.
Obedience/the Word, they said was something they saw us diving into and praying about and reading it to them when they were in a decision making situtation. Giving our obedience to God first.
Trust was something that was earned in our home....and if was stolen then it took a long time to get it back. We would take many positions on different situtations but lying was a deal breaker.
Compassion was acting out LOVE and the neat thing is to see them w/their children acting out love in service toward others...just like they did as children. Jill n Warren volunteer so much of their time in their community and that does my heart good.
Did we do many thing wrong, yes we did. If we could have do-overs that would be great. I tell my daughter who is a mother that she is a GOOD MOM never GREAT b/c we all have room for improvement. Maybe to you that sounds harsh but it's the truth, we are good moms who love our children unconditionally.


no this is not a real man but it sure looked like it, hair folicals and all

this was titled The Blue Lady

Monet, my favorite artist

the beach in Honduros and Pastor Deago and wife Sandra

Family again! (Can't get to much of a good thing)

Steve, his dad and Annie and a best friend Mary Lou
GIGI buttoning up AA's sweater w/frail hands- my fav photo....

Mothers Day 09 and the guys going into Barnes n Noble with the girls


Dance Recital 09

Pick up our grands! People just looked and looked! WE HAD ALOT OF FUN!

my baby brother and my sister!

Golfing w/Steve's mom! That was so much fun!

Great times w/Family n friends...

Steve, his sister Beth and Neice Aprille...
Old schoolmates of mine Mike/'s been since 1972..omgoodness, we look so good! :)

Patty and I after 24 yrs...we started our husbands into college at the same time n were neighbors....great connections.

Our small group-woohooo! looking up and eating!

The first tomato..Pirates, friends and laughter!

Steve told me that IF the lonely tomato plant on our patio would produce red tomatoes then I could have a garden when we buy a house...well here's proof of the very first one!
I had to be a pirate for larger group in KidsQuest, things I do for my sweetie...I love it! Dinner out w/friends at Cheescake Factory- blessings and a night of laughs w/friends at a John Panette comedy gig. Yes, I saw him outside taking a break and asked to take a pic. He was so nice! Notice the Leggo Store at the cool!

More Candid Shots....

It was Veterns Day/Senior Citizens Day at the Deleware County Fair, Steve got in for free an I had to pay 2$. Not so southern sweet tea, great friends, a friend who's goat took a prize and a ribbon for her sunflower, home of the Little Brown Jug races and watching a good friend triple roll his truck in a dirt race (he had 1st place till that accident)...never again will I watch him do that again. But we had some Fun!

Smile, your on Candid Camera..

Amish Country Mini Vacation 09

Just Forget It....

It is now November and I am still not caught up. In 3 wks Thanksgiving will be here and then Christmas. I refuse to add more stress into an already stressful life called: "It's a Wonderful Life."
So I will start anew. Starting fresh is very stress-less. Starting fresh is freeing! So here I go.

After dealing w/my mother's health thru the months of Sept and Oct, including a wk stay in the hospital, things got better. My mom is slowly healing and is at this very minute (Just got off the phone w/her) much better. I am so thankful to God for answered prayer.

Reading in James 1:3-4, the Bible states, "Knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. But endurance must do it's complete work so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing."

So many times we say we are enduring but are we really? Then to read that endurance must do it's complete work so that we can be mature, complete, lacking in nothing! WOW~ my Lord wants me to lack for nothing. Lack for nothing in every situtation I may find myself in. I felt that way one morning in the hospital at 3am....sitting in the chapel on the CCU floor, reading and listening.

For the past 12 days I have found myself reading and listening again...but this time it is in my own bed struggling through an acute bout of vertigo. Another test? I pray and wait w/endurance for this to be over.

My life is a cup running over w/love. I am so very blessed to be right where I am at this moment in time. I have a loving husband who is faithful n every way. I have grown children who desire to be faithful and walk w/God. I have grandchildren who call me "just b/c they got out of dance class." I wait for the phone call to drive to Atlanta to meet our newest granddaughter, whom we prayed for an loved for over 2 yrs. I have a mother who is healing from a scary situtation. My inlaws are the joy of my heart. I have reconnected w/cousins and close christian friends from over 24 yrs ago. I am watching my husband's dream come true. (more on that later) I have the privlege to learn from teaching my 4th/5th graders at church. It is a wonderful life! SO I WAIT W/ENDURANCE b/c I want the blessing of maturing to completion so I lack nothing this world will place before me.

I hope the same for you.