Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In the News....DC OR BUST

..a lot has happened since that wintry mix & 29 inches in the month of February. Our family got news the middle of Feb. that our newest granddaughter would be flying into Washington DC around the 19th of March. We were so excited but kept praying for the court date of her visa to be approved. The approval came in on March 10th! So we busied ourselves as we made prep for a DC trip. I was already in Georgia helping Jill recover from surgery so I made plans to drive up to DC w/Shana, Bill and the grands. We headed out on a Monday night , after dance rehearsal of course, and spent the first nite in S. Carolina. We arrived into DC on the 17th, but before we got to rest our tired heads on any pillow, we drove another hour to Baltimore, MD.

Have you ever got lost in downtown Baltimore at 8pm? It's a beautiful city and we agreed that we were in love w/the many "out of the way" eatery's plus the bay front nightlife was very romantic. The reason we went to Baltimore was to see the outside structure of CHARM CITY CAKES. You know, Ace of Cakes Chef Duff! It was 8pm when we finally found it, and they were taping a show inside. We just wanted to take a pic of the front door and sign when a producer came outside. We told her how far we had come to see the shop and she asked if the girls would like some stickers? Billie said "SURE." So she went back inside to get some and came out with Geof, Chef Duff's sidekick & best friend. We all love Geof! He came outside and took pictures w/us. We were impressed! We stood outside watching the filming for some time, dark-not a safe part of town, God protected and we made a great memory! Now back across Baltimore and onto DC and our nice soft beds....Day 1 n 2 of trip over!