Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pictures of the White Stuff....Feb 2010

Snow days...

...I do not remember having seen so much snow since I was a child. It is beautiful when it falls at night. I love to stand outside and just listen to 'NOTHING." The perfect view of this white fluff gently falling to earth conjours up songs of Christmas...Silent Night, White Christmas, Noel, you name it. But to watch this amazing event in February, makes no sense to me!

Driving to my mothers one day I noticed how the sun (yes, the sun was out that day) refected on each crystal of snow. Then I thought about how each flake is totally different than the others. Not unlike us as humans.

The field I noticed was like a diamond covered blanket of white....untouched, perfect. Driving along God spoke to me, this was a picture of what He desires w/us, His creation. A relationship that is pure, perfect, good, untouched/untarnished and new. The "each day" kind of new. You know the days. The ones you had a hard time sleeping for, the excitement of what is going to happen when you wake up kind of days. Some of my days w/God are like the week we spent in Disneyworld (Christmas 08) w/our kids and grands...late to bed, early to rise, not wanting to miss out on anything. Then somedays are like going to a dentist...pulling and tugging all the way. Glad I got there and then kick myself b/c I should of gone sooner.

Then He drew me to the sparkle of the field. A reflection of Him in us. Not so we should be seen but rather so others see Him in us. I know that some days the reflection of God is not entirely being seen in me. Days were I feel less than normal, days of anxiety, days of so much work (for Him) that I forget the little actions that could make a huge difference. How many times have I missed opportunities b/c I am to busy "doing?"

I need more of these R's in my life....the funny thing is, they are always before me. ALWAYS! I just need to choose "Whom this day I will serve." Who am I but a speck in this universe, yet God wants to live w/me every day!

(like the song states) "Not b/c of who I am but b/c of what You've done. Not b/c of what I've done but b/c of who You are." I am a flower quickly fading, here today and gone tomorrow, a wave tossed in the ocean, a vapor in the wind. Still You hear me when I 'm calling, Lord You catch me when I'm falling and told me who I am. I am Your's!


...."people come n go so quickly around here." (quote fom Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz) This is how life has been since Jan 12,2010.

I have missed my daily or weekly thoughts on here, why? B/C it helps keep me accountable to myself and it reveals to me where my strong and weak points are in thisbusy life. (You just happened to read in on it all.)

We lost our dad on Jan 31st this year, but are assured in our hearts of his home-going. Homer, Steve's dad's life finally ended in this world and now he is eternally new! It was a hard week but the unit of this family gave support to our mom and to each other, which is another example of God in us, the hope of glory. The graveside service started w/a beautiful snowstorm. And the snow remains one month later. We all are doing well, Annie (mom) is of usual strength, having had to say goodbye in this life to her husband of 34 yrs. And what we know is GOD IS GOOD!