Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reflections on a busy week...

As I sit here at 11pm on Wednesday night of VBS....I really don't know why I am blogging, but here goes!

The week has been great so far! 15 of our 20 4th graders enrolled have came all week. Behavior has been fairly well too so that makes for easier days.

I on the other hand have not had it easy...I started off Monday w/the large group story and 5 minutes into it I started a cough attack. (allergies) It lasted for 5 minutes so Roxanne had to take over my lesson...augh! satan was really trying to distract us. Tuesday, I woke up w/no voice-again! I taught my section just the same but straining my voice to project anything that could be heard. Again, satan tried to distract but we kept our focus! Tuesday, I helped a girl w/her scripture passages and realized that she could not read, even small words like "the or unto." After we read the verse "Suffer the little children" I asked her if she understood what it was comprehension. My heart bleed for her. After I explained the verse, I proceeded to tell her that Jesus was saying that SHE was important. And her eyes lite up! I got the feeling that she was impressed that someone saw her as important. I remember that feeling when I was 21 and heard of Jesus...I understood her. Then my heart bled again for this child. Does anyone know or care that she can not read?

Then today, we shared the ABC's of salvation w/the kids. I was paired w/2 boys and a girl. I shared my witness and then they filled out a short card. No pressure on them. The girl had marked she had prayed to accept Jesus as her Savior. So quietly I took her aside and asked if she could tell me about this. She did. My next question stole my heart. I asked if I or Mr. Steve could call and talk to her parents about this decision and she froze! "I need to change my answer" (repeated twice) I immediately saw fear in this child. This was not my intent! I then calmly soothed her arm and assured her that no one would call her parents. I had her watch me write that on the card, and asked for her trust!

Tonight was VBS Family Nite, and guess who came into our room and gave me the biggest hug! This little girl! As I asked her to introduce me to her parents, she said "This is my caregiver/aunt." I still don't understand fully her fear but I am praying for her. That one day she can look back on this week and realize that a stranger talked to her about Jesus, she became fearful, but she was asked to trust in the stranger...& she did. And maybe, just maybe she will then be at a point where she can trust in Jesus anew!

I really feel that I am alot like both of these little girls. On one hand I can fake life, you know, handle things that come my way w/a "I am in control" manner but really my insides are gnawing about b/c I know I can't do this on my own. I don't feel worthy enough, I don't think my faith is strong enough. But when I stop and see that I am valued in the eyes of God...I feel so much lighter, I don't have to do this life on my own. And there are other people around who will encourage me to stand tall. On the other hand I am so trusting of something that is bigger than me...God! He hears my prayers, He loves me. And when I am communicating to Him, I know I am safe. Then when I have to take what I know and share that w/others, I become scared, fearful to speak. What if I say the wrong thing or misquote a verse. Will people laugh at me? Will they not understand what I know to be true inside? Like Moses, I sometimes feel that ~if I could just have an Aaron around to speak for me....but I have to speak...I must!So I do.

I hope one day both of these little girls come to know and understand that in time, they to will be bold in their faith. That they will be able to read those big words in Numbers...and even thru their fear they will stand strong b/c God is backing them up.

p.s. Yes, I know God goes before us and the Holy Spirit gives us the words to speak. I know more scripture now (at my age) and I am more trusting and prayerful for opportunities to witness. I just couldn't help but reflect on these girls and how their reactions these past few days are just the same as mine and yours on days gone by. I know you know girls big and little going thru the same feelings of loneliness, self esteem, and pray for them, pray for each other that we may be stronger in our walk as believers!

The days ahead in this world-view life that we live in is not getting any easier so we must run this race w/endurance to claim the prize!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last Saturday...

Last Saturday Steve helps a friend pack a truck for their newest destination...North Carolina. We will miss them alot but cannot help to be excited about how God is going to use them. We pray that John's MS stays at bay and his new head master position will honor God.

Last Saturday Shana & the girls drove down for a few days visit while Bill is off to M-fuge w/the teens. Well, Jill brought the girls down early on Saturday b/c Shana was taking wedding pics for a friend. I fix lunch, Steve gets home and pulls out the huge toy box we keep for such times as these. The temp in southern Georgia is already in the high 90's off he goes to bed to relieve a headache. I got it covered w/the girls. We play "Go Fish" at least 3 times, then decide to play "Match Game" w/the same cards (BTW these cards are at least 25 yrs old)

Last Saturday after we tire of cards, I suggest we watch a movie that I taped earlier for them. "You can lay on your pillows on the floor or on the couch," I said. The 2 younger girls beat it to the couch which leaves KK out of room. No problem, I just showed her how I love to watch the big oversized chair and my pillow. Well, this is where all plans for a great day of leisure stops cold in its tracks!

Last Saturday, my little toe collides w/KK's heel and thinking I just stubbed it, no problem, TILL I LOOK DOWN. Don't think this is a stubbed toe! Off I hobble to the bedroom, waking up my dear husband, making a phone call to Jill so she can watch the girls while we go to the hospital. I am laying on the bed while Steve calls Jill..."Jill you need to come down & watch the girls, your mom thinks she broke her toe." (then I turn over in bed) "no, it's broke."

Last Saturday, after 4.5 hrs in the hospital, xrays confirming it was broken, jerk it back in place, tape and get fitted w/an exquisite blue shoe...I go home! I took Sunday off but had to get groceries Monday. And No, I did not ride the scotter in WalMart, but my foot got stepped on twice(Go figure, WalMart crowded!) was swollen tight by the time we got home.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Calling all friends....

Girls....watching Dr Phil a week was on "getting into that beach body"

My ears perked up b/c we have a pool here and I am in desperate need of a suit that "holds you in." (know what I mean?) Carol Wior's patent inner body lining on her bathing suits are great. This was my Mothers Day present! Well, I ordered the suit while Dr Phil was still airing on 5-23-08 and had to call today, to find out about shipment. The customer service lady said that the one I ordered was backordered. (not known to me) So she gave me the halter suit, $6 more, for the same price and it should arrive this Friday. Yeah!


God Talk...good talk...hopefully a better listener!

On the caravan trip to Ohio recently, I was riding w/Billie & the girls. I absolutely love talking about God and His word w/Billie. (he has such passion for the Word)
Still going thru a storm, Bill asked me how we were doing. I replied & then Bill shared some verses w/me. As he shared the storm he was going thru when God gave him the verses, he grabbed his Bible and started looking for the verses...he was steering w/his knees...NO WAY! "Put that Bible down and hold onto the wheel" I said w/a frantic tone! He did-Whew~
After we got back to Georgia, I looked up the verses. 2PETER 2 10-19
Peter is talking about false prophets, people, un-perfect people, just like you & me. (v10) Ones who indulge the flesh desires. People who speak w/o understanding...those who despise authority. (v13) those who count deception as pleasure, even in the daylight hours.
v15) they who have forsaken the right way and gone astray. (v18-19) They speak bombastic empty words & seduce b/c they have fleshly desires. They promise freedom but they are slaves to corruption.

THEN THE LAST PART OF V19...Since people are enslaved to whatever defeats them.
This really hit home to me. Peter is saying, at least to me, that I will be enslaved to WHATEVER is defeating me. WHATEVER is a huge word.
Whatever means....relationships w/family, church, money issues, health, just to name a few. the storms that blow into our lives from time to time holding us down. BUT Peter said that IF we allow that to hold us down we are no longer free!

God gave these verses to Billie when they were in Oklahoma, dealing w/a bad storm w/their pastor. And now I can see how these words sustained him and Shana. And they are helping me now.

The good news....2Peter 3:9..for the Lord is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance. Praise the Lord! Joy!