Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Israel's stability/my stability...Psalm 125 (the 6th step in the Song of Ascent)

V-1 states that those who TRUST in the Lord will be like Mt. Zion-never shaken-forever standing. And just like the mountains surround Jerusalem so God surrounds and protects us forever. He is our Father, we will always be His children.

Do I think of"protection forever" as being in solitude from all out side forces? Protected like a mother hen protects her chicks? As a parent I did protect my daughters, yet they (at times ) were in negating situations, some b/c of their own choosing & sometimes not.

God does not want me to live in solitude. He gives us freedom to choose & when we choose poorly (& we will) He makes available a way out-But do I always recognize the way out? If I keep my relationship w/Him open then the Holy Spirit reveals the way. God knew that we would forever be fighting the "old nature" so I believer the Holy Spirit/ God Himself is forever protecting me.

V-4 is a plea to God to "do what is good" to those who focus on Him. The Israelites quoted this psalm on the 6th step leading to the Temple doors. ...One voice united simply stating that God is our rock, our protector, our stability in a world filled w/evil.

So I answer my question this way...No , God does not want us to live in a protected solitude. We do not develope our faith in a protected shell. We cannot rightfully witness of His salvation if we are inside a shell. The Bible states that we are to be doers not hearers only of His Word. He desires us to live each day under His blessing of grace & His hedge of protection. And when times get tough, we need to call out to Him for guidance, love, wisdom, forgiveness daily. Although I am a sinner saved by grace (God's unmerited favor) I still sin. Not huge sins b/c there is no measure of sin, it is not plural. But some days when I fail in my quiet time or have a wrong attitude or choose not to help someone in need or carry a bad witness, I sin.

That is when I accept my failures, ask forgiveness, pray for wisdom & start a new day. Looking toward the future -forgetting the past.

God my protector- my theme for 2010.....Peace be w/Israel-Peace be w/you and I

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Commercial Break....

...Christmas post for 2009 was not forgotten. I wanted to post some pictures BUT my laptop went "ker-plunk" and now all my pictures are stuck inside and can't come out...so I sit tonight typing on our "old" computer desktop. I was complaining about this ancient thing but I am glad that we still have it and that it works.

I love the convenience of my laptop. I can take it anywhere, type anytime. Being w/o it this past week has been hard. Not having the access to a computer gave me withdrawals...(not really) But the point is: we are so accustom to the portable computer for everything, yes, even the one we talk on, that when they fail us, we complain. (note: Steve's phone even has an app to 'DROP BREAD CRUMBS" so you do not loose your way in the mall parking lot!)

I want a large flat screen monitor for this desktop. I want a newer upgrade laptop....but what I need is to be content w/what I do have. A warm house to sleep in, a desktop that actually works, health, family an so on an so on!

A friend once said "When life gives you lemons hand them back and ask for Chocolate!" I like that quote, but "make lemonade" is a better attitude about ones life.

Announcing 2010...

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ "2009 went so quickly" What happened to this year gone by? What major life changing events took you to where you really didn't think you would be going? What ever happened to "I've got time!" Because now we are starting 2010...omgoodness!

When I was a young child I remember watching this really neat cartoon that premiered on Thursday nights...."The Jetson's" (George, Jane, Judy, Elmo and their dog Elroy) Remember this show came on television in the era before laptops and cell phones the size of your palm. Computers were so 'OUT THERE" back in the 60's. Well, actually computers were these monster machines that took up at least 500-600 sq. ft. of space. This sci-fi cartoon was simply that, way to far fetched for us to even think life could be as simple as the life we lived in the 60-70's.

We bought our first computer for $650 (a Commadore 64) in 1984 when Steve was in college. It was a huge investment and served us well...then the explosion of computer companies emerged. And here we sit, 2010, holding affordable cell phones, I-Pods, and a sundry of tech-no geek machines that can do even more than that monster of a computer back in 1972.

Our grands love the computer world, and enjoy listening to hundreds of songs on their IPods...learn phonics w/their LeapFrog's (yes, we bought them all one) and play bowling w/their parents on their Wii. I wonder what their children will have available to them for fun and learning?

I wonder what our friend Mr Bob in Mississippi thinks about walking into 2010 when he remembers being dropped behind enemy lines in Normandy! I remember Mr. Tyler in NLittleRock, Arkansas, who was born in 1900, got to experience the first flight of the Wright Bros., and also got to watch a man land on the moon. He told me he was amazed at the ability of man but was not surprised at the availability of God to give the ideas in the first place. I remember my DeeDee telling me that their first and only home only cost them $17.00 for 10 yrs then their last few payments rose to $25. In 1953 a baby could be delivered for $28.95 but today the cost is outrageous.

One day when I am old and gray (well.. sandy blond) I too will sit back and tell my great-grands about the time before color TV, cell phones, computers the size of a garage and cars that got 28 miles to the gallon or the fact that I had my babies in the military for only $25.00 each!

Will the future be easier for those kids b/c of technology in let's say, 2040? Probably not, b/c life is a cycle of ups n downs. All given to make us stronger as a person. No matter if we end up like The Jetson's we are still going to need one another to survive this beautiful life.

I pray that 2010 gives you time to give and receive joy....time to give yourself to others unselfishly...time to not worry about the next tech-no geek item that will come around the corner. (usually every 6 mos)....time to roll around on a grassy slope and enjoy "smelling those roses." I pray that 2010 helps you reflect on God's purpose for your life. Focus on Him this year. Although this time next year we will all say the same thing, "where did the time go?", we will be able to say 2010 was a grand year full of life's blessings and sorrows...but we made it thru to only start again fresh!

I am thankful for another opportunity to walk 365 days in the arms of my Savior and hand in hand w/ my husband! I wish the same for you and yours!