Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eyes to see.....

AA is showing off her Valentine dress DeeDee made...b/c there were no cowgirl boots in her size.

What, have you never seen hot pink metalic cowgirl boots before? This was the girls Valentines present from Sir and DeeDee this year.

Kinnera and Katha, our new friends

Mike's friends! These are the nicest guys!

tree climbing fun!

And the tap tap tapping, on my heart.

Life Happens...Part 1

“With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation”…..Psalm 91:16

As much as I love to journal, I can’t believe this is the first time I have really sat down to blog. Life has happen since I last sit down to type and a perfect example of this was just 5 minutes ago. Shana called and said “Mom, go look at the lunar eclipse!” So I ran out of the house w/camera in hand to watch LIFE! How cool is it to watch an amazing thing like this take place! How really cool to watch it w/your daughter!!!! (Steve was already asleep-long day at the office)

January disappeared and February with it. I facilitated the newest Beth Moore Study titled, Psalms of the Ascents in January. It held so much wisdom and really opened our eyes to some things. I also coached a 2nd/3rd grade cheerleading squad for our Upward Basketball program at church. One of my cheerleaders accepted Christ the night I gave the salvation devotion. Steve was asked to speak at Shana and Billie’s church for their Valentine Banquet and I gave my testimony at Upward one Saturday.

Life Happens....Part 2

Our good friend Mike Davis went to be w/God in January and so we drove up to TN for the funeral. Mike was a great friend, always the first to pray for others, always the first to lend a helping hand. Mike met Jesus at our church in TN and was a real inspiration when he was in the midst of the throngs of cancer. Our pastor asked him one day, “Mike, do you ever get angry w/God for this cancer?” Mike said, “How can I when He is so good!” The funeral was a biker funeral b/c Mike loved his Harley! We so enjoyed meeting his buddies from Florida. One of my biggest memories of Mike was when he would ride his scooter in the heat of summer 10 minutes to come to church….now that is faithfulness. We were always so scared that he would have a seizer while put-putting back home by himself…but I guess our faith was not as strong as Mike’s….he knew God was right beside him. He never accepted our rides back home.

I also started teaching my upstairs neighbor to sew and quilt a baby blanket. (The novice I am) Kinnera is Hindu and spends most of her days in the house w/her new baby while her husband works 2 shifts at a convenient store he owns. She seems to be starved for female companionship so God gently nudged me and showed me how I can build a bridge w/her. We completed the project and now we are quilting at leisure. One afternoon after her 5 yr old got home from pre-K, she was explaining to her in Hindi that the sewing machine is not a play toy. As I held the little one sitting on my couch, I thought, wow! This is just what a missionary goes thru in another country…sharing life and Jesus w/the countrymen.
I have decided that I do not like India cuisine and finally told her that I can not get use to the curry and ginger she uses, BUT I have learned to make their flat bread and am going to start making it myself to help w/the calorie consumption in our home. She has another project in mind after this one is finished….I think she loves to sew!

Life Happens....Part 3

2008 has made me serious about loosing the weight I have gained since my back surgeries. So I have started walking 1+ miles per day, drinking more water, changing my portion sizes, drinking green tea and ‘standing on my head’ if that will help!

I was invited to participate in Grandparent Day at KK’s dance studio just 2 days before Valentines Day. The 12 little kindergartener’s were all lined up, w/KK at the #11th position. As they were all asked who their Valentine was, each girl gave a name, but only KK said “My Grandma!” Although she never calls me grandma, I was please she picked me! She knows her stuff and does it just like she was taught…of course being firstborn helps!

After practice, we took some pictures outside on some great tree climbing trees! Note, if Steve was there, he would have fussed at me for climbing the tree, so that is why you see me in it! It was so much fun, and the girls had a blast.

Make all our days’ productive ones, Lord. Show us what our ministry is. Open doors so that we might serve You in new ways. Look kindly on all our efforts so as to always glorify Your Name…..Amen

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Once Upon a Time.....

Once upon a time there were 3 little visitors….as you can see. There was a big visitor who loved watching Franklin the Turtle and kissing on Sir. There was a medium size visitor who came in with an upset stomach from her weary travels and there was a tiny visitor who danced in front of the TV and loved reading Christian nursery rhymes with me.

Now the first visitor is 6 and she has been transformed into quite a well manner girl always using polite words. She wears the prettiest pair of purple glasses and sits quietly unlike the girl she was at age 5. Something happened to her between 5 and 6 years of age, something called ‘growing up.’ She tells me that she loves going to church because “It’s a place where I learn about Jesus and that helps me to do what is right.”

Our second visitor must have eaten way too much for her morning meal b/c she usually bounces into any room! Today she was somber and quiet, not the twinkle toes I remembered from last week. This second visitor although medium in size has a heart as big as Texas. She absolutely loves nail polish, lip gloss and gum! Every time we are together we must do an art project b/c art is her passion but gymnastics is her calling.

The third little visitor, yet only 2.7 yrs on this planet, is still quite small, but you never miss the way she tilts her head and scrunches up her shoulder as she flashes a huge smile. Her smile is contagious and can captivate you in an instant. She loves to dance and play “Shadow” w/the other two visitors. Her passions are left to the unknown as yet, but just give her 2 yrs and she will dazzle you and me.

As they left my place today for their continued adventures, you would never know that they were even here. Well, I did put away the books we read, put the “Ogletine” (Ovaltine) healthy chocolate mix back into the cupboard, dust the cracker crumbs off of my bed. Other than that you would never have known they had been in my presence!

I did not run them off for you see, they were on an adventure which took them to Alabama to play with other visitors their exact same ages…..I prayed for them as they left, to have a safe trip, that no one would get sick and that when they got to their destination they would continue being good visitors.

Do I miss them? You better believe it! Will I get to be in their presence soon? I am quite sure of it. So for now, this story does not end like The Three Little Bears. My cereal was not eaten, my furniture is not broken and it did not scare me to see someone in my bed and no one ran off into the woods!

But I am grateful that I do not have to work and was given the privilege to play with them today. Thank you Jesus!