Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Timing is Everything....

....people say this all the time but do they really mean it? Do you believe that you are in the right spot at this appointed time of life, even if it is a crummy situation? I mean really, sometimes timing is crap-ola. (there is really no other word for it)

Just this week our daughter and family was ALMOST to gymnastics class and got rear-ended bad! The 2 older girls sitting in the back of the van got the brunt of the shock from the suburban. A few years ago we were excited about serving alongside our other daughter and her husband in Georgia but 10 mos later we find ourselves searching for employment. A friend and his wife have gone thru some unsettling life experiences over the past few years, still together and strong but what they have gone thru , no one should have to experience so young.

Yet in each situation ( some in the present some will have to be in hind sight) we can/will see TIMING come into play.

Today I awoke with only 5 hrs sleep, drove to Newark to take my momma for more tests. After 2 hrs we hit McDee's for lunch on the go and I took her back home. I really wanted to stay awhile but my head was hurting and I was getting tired fast. I decided to get her settled and left with a hug, kiss and my cheeseburger. Half way home I called Steve to "pray me home" b/c I was so tired. I could of closed my eyes and fallen asleep driving down the road. As I get to a town w/a larger Kroger store, my mind goes to a Starbucks....maybe they have one in the Kroger store! Well my fire went out when I drove into the parking lot Starbucks and I refuse to have a McDee's coffee in the middle of the day. (their coffee always taste burned)

So I drive to the end of the strip mall to turn around. I noticed an elderly lady by the trunk of her car, wailing her one free arm in the air, packages and sacks all over the pavement. I pulled up and stopped. Her fingers were caught in the trunk of her car and she said the key lock was frozen, she could not open it. I tried to pry it open but to no avail. I noticed she was going into shock so I called 911! She was 73 yrs old and her pupils were so dilated that they were as small as pen points on a page. Long story short, the EMT's came, we got her hand out, no broken bones but very very bruised. So relieved!

Timing WAS everything to her today. I am so very glad that I was tired, didn't fall asleep at the wheel, stopped for a coffee on the left side of the road instead of McDee's on the right side. So glad I didn't find a Starbucks in the Kroger store and drove all the way to the end of that strip mall. I didn't spend more time w/my mom today, b/c I was suppose to be there searching for coffee just for that ladies sake.

So the next time I find myself throwing a pity party over a unusual situtation or mad at the world for something that happened when I was NOT AT FAULT or maybe just living life as it is given to me..I want to remember this lady and the way God planned for me to be there at the right TIME.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

ogledantzlergorman card 2010

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

my favorite things about Christmas....

....are cards from family and friends. Having lived most of our married life away from family AND all the moves we have made thru the military and ministry we have connected and reconnected with so many thru each Christmas season. I have done Christmas newsletters with pictures for about 30 of our 34 yrs of marriage in many different forms. It is hard to correlate a years worth of living down to one page, but after many days of working thru my lunch hours I always managed to edit down to one page what I call "a wonderful life."

I am thinking that since I love this movie and I love to say to others "It really is a wonderful life" that this will be my choice for 2010. favorite thing about receiving Christmas cards are the pictures that are the surprise gem inside each card. Over the years I have placed these pictured treasures into my albums with dates and ages. I love going back each year looking at their faces, remembering the life we spent together. These treasure will not rust away for they are safely tucked into my memory reminding me of those who touched our lives in such a way that we become who we are because of their addition in our lives. Love Hope Joy..these things remind me of faithful family and friends..

Love this Top Ten List...

Now who would not love to get this gem in their mailbox????

My motto is JOY, my favorite verse is John 15:11 "I have told you this so that My Joy will be in you and that your Joy will be complete."

perfect color combination...and up close pictures

this one I dubbed "Lilly" because we have a friend who's child would look so good on this card!

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