Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Decisions about time.....

....I had no idea my blog was so NOT updated.  I do however know that my time has been crazy wild, like a roller coaster since September 2011.  Lucky for anyone reading this, I am NOT going to recap the past 5 months.

It is now 2012! Yeah!  Life is different now b/c we are sharing space with our daughter, husband and 4 beautiful grands! No more quiet morning cups of coffee b/c now you can hear the patter of feet coming down the stairs every morning! Fridays use to be a nice long day but these days  you will hear Steve say, "Kitchen's Open" to which you can  hear the girls reply, "I want scrambled eggs please." Time use to find me reading a good book in the afternoons but now I am enjoying time with my daughter b/c I don't know how long I get to enjoy these days. God will be moving them one day into their own home so until God decides, we are going to enjoy every day He gives us with our family.

Steve and I also made a decision to move me to my mothers condo until! Just until! Her body is deteriorating, her mind is deteriorating, but her spirit continues to live day by day.  I live 5 of 7 days with her in another town and it seems to be doing her good. So as long as God decides I am enjoying every day He gives me with my mom.

So this is all the updating you will find of the last 5 months. Moving onto 2012.

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